Friday, January 30, 2009

Rollin the $10 RR

I had a $10 RR from Skippy and Ragu, expiring on the 1st. I wanted to roll it so bad. I went to the WAGS nearest to work today. I wanted to get some printer ink refills for $5! Well, the Pepsi 12 packs had little coupons stuck on then $1 off 2 12 packs-a WAGS coupon. I realized I could do the pepsi deal again with these coupons-there was a pepsi ad on the leader board -5/$15. So I bought 7 12 packs-diet mountain dew and diet pepsi. At first they all rang up as $4.49 and I asked the nice cashier about it. She asked the AM and she confirmed the sale. So, she price modified my sodas-before coupons-$21 + tax -$3 in Walgreens sticky coupons =$18 - $10 RR from Skippy/Ragu = $8 + tax OOP cash. BINGO out popped a $10 RR. It worked!

So got 7 12 packs of diet soda for $8 + tax. That's 84 cans of soda for $8. That's about 10 cents a can. NOT BAD! Can sodas out of the soda machine at work are 75 cents each.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm back

I've been on a wonderful 5 night cruise to Mexico! I got back yesterday afternoon and went shopping this morning with Amanda.........we got some good deals at CVS, but didn't get anything at Walgreens.

CVS-good deals
Sunday and Monday--Russell Stover box of candyreg. 8.99) $3,99 -$1 coupon= $2.99( I got sugar free since Darlin Dan and I are low carbing)
Free sugar free Mentos Gum! on sale for 2/$1.69 -$1 coupon for each pack

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Coupon Capers

The gals went for some Sunday shopping.
1st stop CVS-
They had several clearance items today-90% off!! I burned a whole heap of EB's and spent .87 OOP. I received $4 EB's back for Blade energy drinks. I bought 4 bottle of 24/7 sun blocks for about $1 each, CVS kid's sun block for .87(great for us Texans with swimming pools), CVS spray aloe vera spray for about .50, over 30 Christmas wine bags for .19 each(we bottle our own wine for Christmas), 2 4-packs of blade energy drinks, benedril stick for about .50, 4 bottles of that diet tea that my darlin Dan is addicted to(cashier let me use the expired B1G1 free coupon), 3 boxes of welch's yogurt covered fruit snack for about .30 each, band-aids for about .25, 2 Sally Hanson nail polish for virtually free with the RIB coupon, 4 Sunday newspapers, and some other stuff I can't remember- total was $40 something before coupons.

2nd stop WAGS-
My plan was to get get 7 12pks of pepsi products-but this WAGS didn't have sierra mist and I wanted to get an assortment of sodas, so we went to plan B.

Amanda and I decided to share our purchases today-so many B1G1 free items and a SIL had given me the idea of doing deals with a partner--so I thought this would be a good time to try it out.
I burned 2 $5 RR's-on purpose-I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think I have too many RR's. We are going on a cruise in a week, and I have been fretting over rolling over my RR's so they won't expire while we're gone. I have 2 $10RR's. I plan to do the pepsi deal-I've heard I can buy 7 12pks-$21-$10 RR= $11 OOP and get back $10 RR. I've been thinking of trying the $20 of pepsi/frito lay products-get back $10RR. I have several $5 and $4 RR's- thinking of the hair color deal-just to roll the RR's and donate the color to the nursing home.
Back to today-we were able to use 2 coupons for B1G1 free deals today without any beeps! Amanda was so impressed. We paid $15 OOP(I gave Amanda $7-she paid with her ATM card) and saved $64! We were able to get 2 pks of equal(free with Q's), 4 oust spray(dirt cheap with Q's-maybe .15 each), 2 glade sprays(very cheap with Q's-like .30 each), 2 oatmeals (.79 each after Q's) 4 cans of the Harvest soup ($4 after Q-s, great cheap lunch!), 4 tubes of the Aim toothpaste ( .24 each after Q's), 2 boxes of trash bags on sale for $2.99 each (for Wags Jan rebate!), 2 clorox wipes (1.79 for 2 after Q's), Amanda got some clearance make up(not sure of the price) with Q's and I got a box of Dramamine (for the cruise), 1 pair of $1 black socks-for a filler. Considering the Dramamine was $4.99 and NO COUPON, I think we did awesome. We split this in 2 transactions and used 2 $5 RR's-could've split again and saved more OOP.
Spent about $7, used 2 $5 RR's and will get $1 back on WAGS rebate.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rollin the $5 RRs with Benefiber. $10 with Centrum Vitamins

I've been able to roll ALL of my $5 and $10 RRs this week at WAGs. I'm down to 2 $10 RR's-so I did the Centrum Vitamin deal-
buy 3 $7 Centrum Vitamins = $21
use 3 $3 M.Q. -$9
use 1 $10 RR -$10
OOP $2

I have several $5 RR's- I did the benefiber deal several times-need the fiber!
buy 2 Benefiber-(little bottles of powder with 20 servings--2/$10
use 2 $2 M.Q. -$4
use $5 RR -$5
OOP $1
Receive $5 RR

Other deals I took advantage of this week--
Viactiv is $3 off this week-about $5.49
Wags has a $3 Q in their ESR book -$3.00
MQ $1 -$1.00
Total OOP about $1.49--I'm now taking a couple of Viactiv a day!

Free Garnier Fructis Shampoo/conditioner/styler with ESR book Q and MQ!!

Sugar Free Russell Stover Candy---love this one
buy 4 bags at $2.19 each. $8.76
use WAGS Q from sale insert (B1G1)-$4.38
use MQ B2G1 -$2.19
Receive 4 bags of Sugar Free candy for $2.19

Electrasol Dishwasher Detergent on sale for 3.79
use MQ -$2.50
=$1.29 and can get WAGs rebate to boot.
Still looking for some clearance Sunsilk shampoo..........never have too much free shampoo.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


2009-It's time to get organized!!
There are so many things that I would like to accomplish this year. 2 goals for me this year-decrease procrastination and increase organization..................