Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Great Robitussin Deal at Wags

I've done the great deal at Wags-Buy 5 $4 Robitussins for $20-$5 in $1 Manu Q's-$10 RR=$5 OOP
RECEIVE...$5 RR + $10 RR +$5 RR...This deal is good until 12/31/08.

I was able to do this deal 4 times- 3 times with Robitussin and 1 time with Dimetapp ( I used every single $1 Robitussin and Dimetapp Q I had-some people are printing out internet $2 Q's and making this deal a bigger money maker). But I decided to roll all of my $10 Conair Hairdryer RR's and all of them BEEPED! Now I have $90 in RR's-need to use them by 1/12/09!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Economy Survival Kit Baskets

  1. I saw somebody's idea on Hot Coupon World and have ended up making 20 of them-everything from my stockpile--except for the wine!

This is what I put on a card attached to the basket

Economy Survival Kit

In this basket you’ll find everything you need to beat the economy blues!

Toothpaste…Because the economy has left a bad taste in your mouth
Pain Relievers…to dull the pain in your wallet
Shampoo …We’re gonna wash this mess right out of our hair
Lotion-to smooth things overMake up…because we all know there’s a cover up going on somewhereScented candle…because the stock market stinks these daysBody wash/Bath soap…so you can relax the stress awayDeodorant…Don’t sweat it—things will get better soon
razors...to help you shave your budgetBand aids--first aid for your bank account
Rolaids---for relief at the gas pumps
BOTTLE OF WINE- to help you forget your troubles

Lots of Love
Danny and Jeri

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WAGS- 4 hairdryers+

I couldn't help it!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Great time and deals at CVS

My gals and I went to CVS this AM at about 8:05. They were out of a few of the freebies already!! We got great deals and ran over to another CVS about 2 miles down the road. We were able to get most everything but the Arm and Hammer Essentials and the joint stuff for $29. Overall, we are VERY happy. The manager at the first CVS was so nice and commented on how nice it was for me to bring my daughters and "tutor" them on Q-poning.
I got quite a stash of ECBs...I just luv CVS.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Perfect Energizer Charger Deal at WAGS

I was able to snag another good deal at Walgreens.
used 5.00 RR
OOP 2.99+ tax on GC
RECEIVE-$5 rebate on WAGS rebate GC and $5 manuf. rebate!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rolling the RRs-can't let them expire!!

I rolled all of my $5 holiday RR's that were expiring tomorrow.
Did the Pantene deal 4x because I ran into some on sale for $2.59! So 2 x 2.59 = 5.18-1.00 man. Q and added the Oral B kids toothbrushes 2/$4-$1 man. Q
4.18 +3.00=7.18-$5RR=2.18 OOP on GC
RECEIVE $5RR for Pantene and $2RR for toothbrushes!!

I also did the Maalox deal 3x
4.99x2=9.98-4.00 in man Q= 5.98-5.00RR=.98 OOP in GC
Receive $5RR for 2 maalox!!

I did the Oscar Mayer deal 1x-bought $15 worth of american cheese and bacon=$15-5.00 RR=$10 OOP on GC-
received $5.00RR

Now I forgot about the Energizer deal-want to try to do it tomorrow-rechargeable energizer charger on sale --$7.99 get WAGS rebate of $5 and also do $5 energizer mail -in rebate !!

I'm hoping to roll these $5 RR next Monday for some free blow dryers-I'll be up early!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Great shopping Day

I had a great shopping day!! It started off with a CVS run with my daughter Amanda. She is a Q-poner in training!! She was very pleased with her buys today! I had to get a prescription filled for my colonoscopy on Tuesday (boo) and we had to pass by the coupon spitter outer on the way to the pharmacy. Amanda scored a get a $25 GC for a NEW or transferred prescription and a $5/15!! My Q's were not exciting at all..... anyway, she suggested that we use her Q for my prescription since she doesn't need any prescribed meds!! Then she wanted me to have the GC!!

Well, we both had great deals and when Amanda checked out another $5/15 Q was added on to her receipt!! Of course, I got nothing!!

I decided to do some trading for that lovely GC-Amanda got a Crest Spin Tooth brush, 2 Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergents, and a $5 RR to use at Walgreens this week!

Later this afternoon, I went back to CVS. I wanted to finish my exedrin deal (bought 2 exedrin's in the morning and wanted to gather up 2 more Q's for this deal) and use my $5/30 email Q.

What a great deal-

2 exedrin ($5.39 each) 10.78

3 boxes of fiber one bars(3 x $10) 10.00

3boxes of fiber one caramel delight cereal. (3 x $10) 10.00
= 30.78
used 5/30 Q -5.00
man Qs -6.00
ECBs -18.99
TOTAL OOP CASH..........................................$0.79!!
RECEIVED $20.00 in ECB's

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rollin the RRs with Detergent and Ibuprophen

Wow--I've had a great time doin this deal-
2 arm and hammer's(w/Q) reg price 6.99 each Q1.99
3 50 count ibuprophen(wag's brand w/Q) reg price 3/10.50 Q3/$3
1 filler over .50 or whatever you want for over that amount-they have alot of good deals

use $5 RR from last week
spend under $3 OOP
get $5 RR back

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm looking forward to this week's midweek deal --spend $25-get $5 RR-my plan is to buy some Arm and Hammer laundry detergent and fillers. I also want to get the Loreal Pro Calcium for the rebate-and it's 25% off this week. I have several $5 RR's to roll from last week's midweek deal-I got a whole heap of Walitin last week-realized I could roll those RR's and get great deals.....I was in Q-pon heaven. I plan to get several Arm and Hammer detergents tomorrow!!

I've had great luck using the maybelline BOGO this week with the $4 lipstick/gloss Q-I was able to use 2 $4 Q's at 2 different stores and got the overage to pay for other great deals. My daughter was not as lucky-the WAG's we went to last night would only let her use 1 Q-said she could only use 1 Q b/c it was a BOGO...she was still happy with her deal-but it got me upset-that WAG's always give me problems with Q's---I won't be going back to that WAG's-

On to CVS-I was given a 30% off friend's and family Q last Saturday!
I used it Sunday and practically finished my Christmas shopping! I bought some very nice gifts.
I took my daughter to CVS last night on a Q lesson-she got some great deals and received $13+ in ECB's-I gave her 2 Sunday papers, 2 Reinventing Beauty mags and 2 Diabetes books with Q's...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Perfect Deal at WAGS

I went in to grab the coke deal-buy $15 of products and get $5 RR-they didn't have enough diet coke, so I decided to grab 4 Walitin's that are on sale for $.99 with coupon. Total after coupon$3.96 and out popped a $5 RR.......because total was over $25 before coupon!!!
Yippee-we take Walitin every single day-this will really be put to good use. I've stopped at every Walgreen's I pass every day-will continue to take advantage of this deal until it is over.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I bought undies at WAGS

I decided to do the Hanes deal at Walgreens- I had the $5/$25 Q and needed some new bras.........2 bras came out to 14.96-they are 25% off this week (of course, my luck to be .04 short of $15, so I also got a sportsbra for $4.85 (not exactly sure of the price) more, so I got 3 bras for under $20, used the $5/$25 Q with some other items and got the $5 RR back.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Missing ECB's

I was finally reorganizing my Q's and looking through my ECB's and realized that 2 of my ECB's did not print out on Thursday! I called the CVS # and got my ECB's aded on my EC card-just need to go get them printed out at a store within 48 hours......need to go today anyway, need to use my febreze Q's that expire today for the febreze deal

Friday, November 28, 2008

Took Advantage of CVS Black Friday sales on Thursday

Darlin Dan and I ran to CVS at 8:00 Thursday morning-we got everything on our list and then some-we have $125 in ECB's between us and we are happy!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Free Dr Pepper

Get your free bottle of Dr Pepper

The page is slow to load-probably heavy traffic!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great deal at WAGS

I scored some great deals at Walgreens-the men's hair color and the Vasoline intensive care lotion deals
Just for men 7.00
man. coup - 2.00
total $5.00 plus tax

4 Vasoline Intensive Care lotion @2.69 = 10.76
4 $1.50 man coupons -6.00
(So I got 4 lotions for 1.76 or .44 each!)

I also got the Turtle candy today-on sale for 2/$5
and I used the $1.50 man. Coupon for each box of candy=
$1 per box of candy-
So far I have 8 boxes of Turtle candy for $1 each. (Great Christmas gifts!)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We've had a great week making great deals!!

Darlin Dan went with me on Sunday! We had such a great time. Darlin Dan was so excited when he gave the cashier at CVS 28 cents for $52 worth of merchandise, while getting back $30 back in ECBs. The battery deal is such a perfect deal if you have the $5/2 CVS coupon. I was able to get 4 of them on Saturday. The cashier had them behind the counter and she would've given me more, but I honestly didn't think I would use more (stupid me). Anyway, our Sunday super shopping- OOP $19 for $220 worth of merchandise and we have about $70 ECBs between us.

I'm still waiting for my Walgreen's GC................I have a couple of deals to make on Friday/Saturday!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Got the $5 off 2 Duracell packs at CVS

Was able to find some of those precious and valuable Q's today-had to ask the cashier-they had them behind the counter!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Where oh Where Can My Wags GC be?

I'm still waitin for my WAGS GC!! Hope I get it before black friday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got 5/30 Q today for CVS

In my e-mail today, I got a Q for CVS---5/30 through the weekend. I'm gonna save it and use it on Sunday for the battery deal.

Got my St. Ives Body Washes at CVS

Got my St. Ives Body Washes
3 St Ives Body Washes 11.97
used ECB 11.99
Cash OOP 0

Received $9 ECB for ST. Ives Body washes

Great deal at Walgreen's

Made it to Walgreen's today $4.85 cash OOP for $45 (regular price) worth of good stuff!

4 progresso soups $5.00 (sale w/WAGS Q)
1 reach dental floss $ .99(sale w/WAGS Q)
3 sudacare $11.97(sale)
1Soleil razor $6,99
3 boxes of Xmas cards $3.99(b1g2)
4 man Q for soup - 4.40
3 sudacare Q -6.00
1 dental floss Q -1.00
1 razor Q -3.00
1 Walgreens ESQ for razor -3.00
1 RR -7.00
OOP cash 4.40 + tax
RECEIVED $5.00 RR for Sudacare!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Had to use 5/25 coupon today!

I saved my 5/25 CVS coupon for Sunday's sells. I wasn't able to get to CVS until the afternoon, so I missed out on a coupon of the deals I wanted. Here's what I got:
1 Loreal Advanced Rev 11.99 (get 11.99 ECB's) reg price 16.69
1 Glacier Water 1.59 (get 1.59 ECB's) 1.79
1 Palmolive Liq 1.49 (get 1.00 ECB's) 1.69
1 Garnier Fructise Shampo 2.99 (get 2.00 ECB's) 3.99
1 CVS wrinkle decreaser 15.99 (get 5.00 ECB's) 15.99
1 Sunday paper 1.50 1.50
35.55 40.25
CVS Q 2/10 off wr cream -2.00
5/25 Q -5.00
Shampoo Q -1.00
ECB's -1.00
(total16.48) -3.49
tax .78
Cash OOP 11.86


I did grab that CVS wrinkle decreaser cream on impulse-it did get me $5 ECB and I could use the 2/10 CVS Q I got out of the magic machine. I needed to get my total purchase to $25 and this CVS was out of St. Ives body wash and the Listerine Cool Agent, so my total was off.

I started with $16.48 of ECB's. Now have $21.58 of ECB's. Wanted to have a lower cash OOP, but I'm happy overall with the deal. Still learnin this game..............

Transation #2 (diff card)

1 Loreal Advanced Rev 11.99 (get 11.99 ECB's) reg price 16.69
1 Garnier Fructise Styler 2.99 (get 2.00 ECB's) 3.99
1 Palmolive Liq 1.49 (get 1.00 ECB's) 1.69
1 skin effects acne cr 9.99 9.99
1 skin effects cleanser free 6.99
26.46 39.35
5/25 Q - 5.00
Garnier Q - 1.00
Skin Effects Q - 2.00
ECBS - 6.98
tax .93
Total cash OOP 12.41

RECEIVED...ECB's...... 14.99

Bought $79.60 worth of merchandise (regular price) for $24.27 cash and have plenty of ECB's for next week! (21.58, 14.99)

Friday, November 7, 2008

WAGS Good Deal

Good deals
I read on someone's blog about the Goody (hair accessories) ouchless coupon on the internet and how you could combine it with the walgreen's coupon in the December rebate book.......I got a very nice hair brush for .99! (stocking stuffer)
I also read about the Soleil razor deal-I had already cashed in on the other razor deal at wags and had some Soleil $3 coupons. Wags has $3 coupon in the December rebate book................ $.99!!(nice stocking stuffer)
I then took advantage of the sale price of Tag spray for men-$2.99 and I had a $1 coupoon-a good stocking stuffer for 1.99!
I really went for some 9V batteries-Walgreen's has a b1g1 store coupon-searched high and low and finally found those suckers....got 4 9V batteries-1.98(necessities)
Didn't use any RR's have another week before they expire.

So here's the totals
-12.98 coupons
+.48 tax
=6.43 OOP

Not a perfect deal, but got some very nice items to tuck away for X-mas!I'm impatiently waiting for my $73 GC-my first WAGS rebate!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Disappointed in Walmart

Walmart would not accept my internet coupons this evening, and they overcharged me on some ice cream!!
Spent $34 after Q's-good deal on ground beef!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Took Darlin Dan to CVS for Coupon lesson

My hubby joined me tonight at CVS. We did a little coupon training.
We made 2 transactions and had a wonderful cashier.
#1 Darlin Dan
pro health crest toothpaste 3.49
clairol root touch up (for me) 4.95
total 8.44
-.75 Q for toothpaste - .75
-2.00 Q for Clairol - 2.00
ECB - 5.00
Received ECB + 3.49

2 olay body washes 12.00
2 2.00 Q's - -4.00
ECBs Used -3.00

Received ECB +5.00
(& got 2.00 off Infinity pads-this makes another freebie---this week $4.99
-2.00 Cvs ECQ
-2.00 Man Q
Receive 1.00 ECB)
I have made a coupon believer out of Darlin Dan.........we "bought" $20.46 (regular price $29.38)worth of merchandise for .69 cash.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Free baby carrots at Target

The centsible sawyer at http://thecentsiblesawyer.blogspot.com/ has a post about free carrots at Target, just need to print the coupon!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Caught the Perfect Deal at Target

I chased and caught the perfect deal at Target!!!

2 transactions

#1 4 scented oil candles-apple cinnamon @ 2.50 each

2 B1G1 free coupons=

$5.00 OOP

Receive $5.00 Target GC


2 scented oil candles (last two in store) @ 2.50 each

2 scented oil candle refills @ 2.50 each

1 B1G1 free coupon for candles

1 1.50 off for 2 refills =

6.08 OOP

Receive $5.00 Target GC and bonus of $5.00 off Grocery Purchase of $50 or more at Target!!

Kinda good deal at Target

So I was chasing the perfect deal at Target.........The one where you buy 4 glade holiday products and get a $5.00 Target gift card. These products are on sale for $2.50 and I could smell a perfect deal.

I wanted the glade candle holders on sale for 2.50 (I could use a buy 1 get 1 free coupon) and could make a perfect deal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
However, easier said than done, I guess these puppies are almost sold out. I did get 2 plug ins and 2 candle refills and 1 candle(had to throw it in since I found 1 in all my searches)

I used a b1g1 coupon for the plug ins and a $1.50 off coupon for the refills.
Paid OOP about $8.00 and got a $5.oo Target GC. I could've deleted the candle and saved $2.50 plus tax, and my deal would've been close to perfect! Just couldn't resist the candle (and it had more coupons inside the box!).

Will try 1 more Target today!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Perfect Deal At CVS

I got a $5/$30 coupon in my e-mail today from CVS!
I scored a very good deal this evening:

1. 1 Crest spin toothbrush 4.99
2. 1 Wellpatch arthritis 5.99
3. 2 Advil PM 2x .99 1.98
4. 1 Colgate Maxfresh t.paste 2.99
5. Peanut Crunches (true north) 3.49
6. 2 Similasan eyedrops 2x9.00 18.00
7. 2 halls c.drops2x150 3.00

Total= $40.44
-5/30 Q
-.50 Halls C drops Q
-.50 Halls C drops Q
-1.00 Advil PM Q
-1.00 Advill PM Q
-1.00 true north nuts Q
-1.00 colgate max fresh Q
-3.00 similasan eye drops Q
-3.00 similasan eye drops Q
-2.00 crest spin brush Q
-4.00 ECB
-3.00 ECB
-1.00 ECB
=14.44 OOP CASH
So 8 ECB's + 14.44 cash =22.44 Total OOP
$2 for True North Snacks
$5.99 Well Patch
$2 Colgate
$2 Crest Spin brush
$10 Cold and Flue Products
$21.99 in ECB's
SO..........I paid .45 for 40.44 worth of merchandise

Smart Source Coupons in Thursday Newspaper

Here, in San Antonio, Texas, I've noticed that they include Smart Source Coupons on Thursdays-we get home delivery and I'm not sure if you get them if you go buy a newspaper at a store-I'll check it out

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Perfect Freebie

Free Splenda Mist Full Size Sample
Facebook members can get a free full size sample of Splenda Mist No Calorie Sweetener with your choice of bottle style. This is for US residents, 21 years and older. Supplies are limited so hurry!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Deals at CVS

Trans #1
4 soy joy bars 4.00
1 Bic Comf 3 4.99
2 Palmolive liq BOGO 1.69
Reinv. B. Magazine .99
1 crest strips trial 5.99
= 17.66
Q for Palmol - .25
- .25
Q for shavors - 2.00
Q for B2G1 soy j - 1.00
crest strips - 5.00 (she only took off 5-didn't catch that!)
used ECBs -1.69
- 4.00
Total OOP on gc $1.47

RECEIVED ECB's for Soy Joys 4.00
Shavers 4.00


I was able to score all the magazines I wanted to get. Here's the most current All You, CVS's Reinventing Beauty and free Diabetes booklet from the pharmacy.

It was a great Sunday! I scored every deal I wanted, except the $1.99 Advil PM at CVS. I went to 3 CVS's with no luck. I've decided that I can live without this deal, I made so many good deals today.

Wag's-used RR's (have quite a few now)
2 Alum Foils 1.19
3 chicken n 1.39
soup 1.39
2 Listerine 5.49
2 newpapers 1.60
= 20.56
WagQ for soup-2.23
MQ - .40
WagQfor foil -1.38
MQ for List - .75
- .50
Used RR's -8.00
Cash OOP $ 1.25
Received RR for Listerine $5.50

Saturday, October 25, 2008

2 Things I've learned about WAGS --that will help you make a more perfect deal

2 things I've learned this week at WAGS:

1. have the same number of items as coupons-I started being much more diligent with this and it has worked!
2. If you want more than one item that gives RR's-try to split the transactions--the RR deal - Buy $10 in selected Kraft products, get $3 RR (9/26 to 10/25) would only work if it was the only RR deal in the transaction (learned the hard way-but took my items back and did it separately-and it worked like a charm)

Friday, October 24, 2008

WAGS $5/20 Coupon almost perfect deals

went to Wags to use the $5/20Q.
Here's what I did
Loreal Wrinkle Conc 16.49
Loreal Revit 0
Lypsyl 2.99
ST Ives Cleanser 4.99
= 24.47
5/20Q - 5.00
MQ for St.Ives -2.00
MQ for Loreal -1.00
= 16.47+1.34 tax=17.81
16.49 for Oct. rebate
2.99 for Oct. rebate
$4.50 RR=23.98

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Very Good Deals at WAGS

1. 3 Strawberry Kiwi 16c Benefiber $7.99........23.97
2. 1 Lypsel lip moist. (for Oct. rebate)...............2.99
3. 4 halloween tumblers.......................................1.00
total 27.97
Qs....... RR $4.00
3($5.00Oct WAGS Q $15.00
3($2.00) Man for Benefiber $6.00
=2.96 OOP CASH

RECEIVED $8.00 RR for Benefiber
Plus I bought another item for OCT rebate and 4 cute Halloween tumblers to give as gifts

Very Good Deals at WAGS

1. 1 Air Wick Air Freshener $5.99
2.St Ives Cleanser $4.99
3. Oral B Toothbrush $4.49
= 15.47
Qs-$4.00 Air Freshener
$2.00 St Ives
$8.00 RR
Cash OOP $1.59
RECEIVED-$$4.50 RR for toothbrush
$4.50 RR for St. Ives

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wow! $7 coupon off in the Trial Crest Whitestrips box

Thanks to this blog...http://savvysavingmomma.blogspot.com/ I discovered that I have another coupon for $7 off Crest Whitestrips!!! It was in the box of Trial Whitestrips I just snatched at CVS.

Close to Perfect Deal at CVS

I finally found one of these trial size Crest Whitestrips! I had 1 $7.00 off coupon for any Crest Whitestrips and was able to use it on this trial size, price $5.99. I got this FREE-OOP $0...................the reason why this wasn't perfect-on some of the blogs people were able to actually able to get the entire $7 off if they bought another Proctor and Gamble product. That didn't work for me.

Anyway, FREE is a good thing!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Almost Perfect Deal at WAGS

Almost perfect deal #1

Thanks to a tip I read at http://iheartwags.com/ I made this great deal. I bought 3Benefiber kiwi strawberry stick 16 ct packs = 23.97

used October esc for $5 off =$15.00

used 2 $2.00 off coupons (wouldn't let me use 3!)

used $3.00 RR

cash OOp=1.97

received an $8.00 RR
$3.03.........profit (could have been $5.03-messed up with the use of $3.00RR-still learning

Almost perfect deal #2

Another deal from I heart Wags-
I bought 3 maalox chewables 35 count for 3.99 = $11.97
used 3 $2.00 coupons
received $8.00 RR!
OOP cash $5.97 (wouldn't let me use a $5.00 RR)
$2.03 profit
Overall a great day.....paid to go shop at WAGS!

Monday, October 20, 2008


This is my new blog for playing the coupon game. I am so addicted!! This is like a scavenger hunt-looking for the best deals using the best coupons!! I'm shopping at Walgreen's and CVS-using lots of help from the coupon bloggers!!

jeri kay's 1st perfect deal

I had my 1st perfect deal today.....................CVS 10/20/2008.
Here's what I bought:
3 exedrin at 1.99 each
1 Gum Tech Plus 2pk toothbrush(on clearance) 1.25
used 3 $2.00 off coupons for exedrin
used $1 ECB and .22 in cash

received $3.99 ECB for the toothbrushes!!

Here's my 2nd perfect deal---(2 in 1 day!)
1 Listerine White Pen 9.99
2 Welch's Light Grape Juice 1.17 each
used 2 $1.00 off coupons for grade juice
1 $3.00 off Listerine White pen
used $3.00 and $3.99 ECB and .34 in cash

received $$5.00 ECB for Whitening Pen and $3.00 ECB for Juice!!

Total for today..spent 7.99 in ECB's and .56 in cash!
received $11.99 in ECB's