Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walgreens and CVS shopping


Sunday Shopping:
I went out early Sunday and got all the deals I could. It seems that we have lots more deal seekers lately. You have to get out early on Sunday to grab the deals. Today is Tuesday and it is  now very hard to find several of these deals! I followed my best deals post HERE to get ready for my shop. I check online to see what is hot. I found out that the Ritz crackerfuls were MIA and that Walgreens was substituting other crackers, so that is why I bought some Wheat Thins. You might wonder why I bought the Charmin and the Bounty. While checking one of my favorite forums, I found out that these items were sale priced and I had to grab some! (Charmin-$1.59 and Bounty $2.59!!)

I grabbed the deals I posted HERE and walked away spending very little OOP. A $5 EB spit out of the coupon spitter outer for spending on beauty products, so I used that today to buy all of this.

Visiting Walmart on Memorial Day

This was not really the highlight of my day-we spent 2 1/2 hours at Walmart waiting for my oil to be changed! The plus side to this was that I went bargain shopping(imagine that!)-I spent $30 on $66 worth of groceries. Not too bad. I was happy to find some wine tags with coupons for $3 off meat wyb a Bolner's seasoning(I think this is a Texas thing). See my nice briskets? On sale for $1.78 a pound and totalling about $16 each. I paid less than the sum of the 2 briskets for everything!!! I actually did 3 transactions to purchase my goodies so I could use up my $1 off Ivory soap coupons expiring 5/31 and to buy 2 briskets with the $3 off coupons (limit 1 per consumer). I bought the cheapest spices I could find- $0.52(mexican oregano-good in posole!) and $0.72(purchased comino-I use this alot). I used my last moneymaker Similac coupon.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

CVS 5/29

CVS Best deals-for the week of 5/29
Thanks Katy's couponers!

Buy $10, get $3 EB L1
Hershey's and other candies
 $1/1 Hershey's Bliss from 5/1 SS
 $2/2 Hershey's Drops, Minis, Pieces from 5/1 SS
Price after Qs and EB = $.75 each 4 bags

Mennen Speed Stick (excludes Stainguard) 2/$6, get $3 EB L1
 $1/1 speed stick from summer Reinventing Beauty Mag at CVS
AND use $.75/1 speed stick from 5/22 SS
Price after stacked Qs and ECBs = $.50 moneymaker WYB 2

Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor $6.99, get $3 EB L1
 $3/1 Soleil from 5/1 SS
Price after Q and EB = $.99

Crest toothpaste or Oral B Indicator Toothbrush $1.99, get $1 EB L2
$1/2 crest from 5/1 PG (expires 5/31)
 $1/1 crest from 5/1 PG (expires 5/31)
 $1.50/2 Indicator Brushes from 5/1 PG (expires 5/31)
Price after Qs and EBs = as low as free for crest or $.25 each for Oral B

Preparation H 10 ct. Wipes $3.99, get $3.99 EB L1
 $2/1 Preparation H printable
Price after Q and EB = $2 moneymaker

Mars Chocolate Singles 1.08 - 2.15 oz 2/$1, get $1 ECB L1
Price after EB = free

Pantene Pro-V 2/$6.97, get $2 ECB L1
$3/2 Pantene from 5/1 PG (expires 5/31)
Price after Q and EBs = 2/$1.97

Powerade 32 oz, Vitaminwater 20 oz, Smartwater 1 liter, Fuze or Honest Tea 16.9 oz 5/$5, get $2 EB L1
$1/2 Fuze from 4/10 SS
Price after Qs and EBs = $.20 each WYB 5

\Buy $7, get $3 EB L1
Benadryl, Caladryl, Aveeno, Cortaid select products
Cortaid $3.99 - $4.19
 $3/1 from 5/15 RP
Price after Qs and EBs = as low as $1.02 moneymaker

Walgreens 5/29

Here's the best deals at WAGS-

$2RR WYB Illy Coffee, Caffe 6.8 oz, Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino
Buy 1, pay $2 and get $2 RR

$2 RR WYB Ritz Crackerfuls 6 oz Free after RR SUNDAY & MONDAY ONL
Ritz Crackerfuls Filled Crackers, 6oz. $1.50/1 or $1/1  4/17SS

Right Guard Deo and Body Wash, Dry Idea Deo B1G1f FREE
Use BOGO coupon Dry Idea or Right Guard Product (up to $4.48), 5/1RP

$10 RR WYB Applied Nutrition Triple Calcium, 90 ct. $10 FREE AFTER RR

$1/1 Easy-Absorb Triple Calcium (12/31/13) Found in boxes of other Applied Nutrition products including Anti-Aging that was FARR in earlier month

99¢ RR WYB Icy Hot Naturals Pain Relief Cream, .5oz 99¢ FREE AFTER RR
$1/1 any Capzasin, Icy Hot, Sportscreme, Aspercreme, or Flexall (7/31/11) SS 5/1/2011

$1.50 RR WYB BC or Goody's Headache Relief Powders, 6 pack $1.50 FREE AFTER RR

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HEB deals 5/25

Some of the best HEB deals for week of 5/25:

Buy this:
2 Ball Park Beef, Cheese, or White Turkey Franks
-use coupon for $0.75/2Ball Park Franks  5/1 RP
get free w/yellow coupon
HEB Chili
HEB Soft Drink (2 liter)
HEB Ketchup
Borden Shredded Cheese

Buy this:
Oscar Mayer Beef, Cheese, or Fat-Free Franks
-use  $1.00 /2off 2 Oscar Mayer hot dogs  5/15 SS
get free w/yellow coupon
Oscar Mayer Lunchables Fun Pack

Gorton's Fish Sticks, Fillets, or Popcorn Shrimp
-use coupon for $1.00 /2Gorton's Items 2/13SS
or small packages have $0.75 off peelies
get free w/yellow coupons
HEB Family Size Mac and Cheese
Heinz Ketchup

Buy this:
Energizer Max Batteries
-use coupon for $1.00 off Energizer Batteries 5/1 and 5/22SS
Get free w/yellow coupon
HEB Creamy Creations Premium Ice Cream (1/2 Gallon)

Peaches $.97 per lb.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Out of Touch

I don't know if I'll have internet tonight, so I thought I would just write a few quick thoughts. We didn't have cable or the internet last night. But, Monday is our Dancing with the Stars night and it is Darlin Dan's wrestling night and the Bachelorette is starting tonight and................we had to go to plan B after Darlin got off the phone with the cable company and they said they were working on the problem.
          First, we had a VERY quiet spaghetti and meatballs dinner. We chit chatted without the background noise of the news or Wheel of Fortune. Then, we decided to put in a DVD. I clipped coupons while we were watching it. After the movie, I washed dishes and cleaned out the fridge. Darlin Dan went upstairs and played some computer games that didn't need the internet. I joined him after I finished with the kitchen. I checked the DVR and suggested watching the last episode of Gray's Anatomy. I didn't even fast forward through the commercials. After this, it was only about 9:00 and so we watched some saved "Big Bang Theory" episodes. We just love this show. We just chuckle and down right belly laugh throughout the whole show.
        The point is, it  occurred to me that we are VERY addicted to evening TV.  It is that time of the day that we unwind with each other and our most favorite shows.  We pay alot of money for our cable/internet/phone service-and I mean alot! The sad part of the cable situation is that just about everything we watch is on the local channels and we don't even know if we can get reception without cable.  What is wrong with this picture-or lack of a picture is more like it!!
       I made another call to the cable company today and they are coming out this afternoon to check out the problem. They did say other people on our street are having the same problem. I told them that I  missed Dancing with the Stars last night and tonight is the finale! I really need my cable!! Oh no, and the Biggest Loser is on tonight too!!

Walgreens shopping

Cable, internet and phone were out at the casa last night.  Here's a quick look of what I bought at Walgreens:
This is what I did-
1 Scunci pack $2.00
1 Bayer asp $3.49
1 Tone BW $3.99
1 Pure Silk Shave Cream $1.99
1 Proglide Razor $9.89
1 wyler  8 pk peach tea $0.59
-$1 Bayer coupon
-$4 proglide coupon
-$2 in ad q for Bayer
-$1 Q book q for Bayer
-$13 in RRs ($4,$3,$3,$3)
=$0.95 + $0.12 tax
=$1.07 cash OOP
and got back $5RR for proglide, $2RR for scunci, $1.50 for pure silk, $3 for Tone BW.

This store didn't have any complete or Reach crystal toothbrushes.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

CVS 5/22

Purex Ultra Concentrate 24-33 load $1.98
Use $1/1 from 5/1 RP
Price after Q = $.98

Spend $10, get $3 limit 1
Lipton select products $2.50
Skippy, Ragu or Bertolli select products 3/$5
Hellman’s mayo 22-30 oz. $3
Use $.40/1 Lipton from 5/22 RP
Use $1.25/3 Ragu from 5/22 RP
Use $.25/1 Hellman’s from 5/22 RP
Use $1/1 Hellman’s printable (thanks Amit19!)
Price after Qs and ECBs = as low as $.75 for Ragu, $1.35 for Lipton, $1.17 for Skippy or Bertolli, $1.25 for Hellman’s

Trident Vitality or Stride Spark 9 - 14 ct. $.99, get $.99 limit 1
Price after ECB = FREE

Milk $3.19, get $1 ECB limit 2
(milk prices are regional)
Price after ECB = $2.19

Revlon Nail $4.99, get $4 ECB, limit 6
Use $1/1 Revlon nail from 4/10 SS
Price after Q and ECB = FREE (.01 moneymaker)*
*There is a $2/1 Revlon cosmetics Q in the 5/8 SS

Friday, May 20, 2011

Walgreens 5/22

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution (12 oz) $7.99,  get $8RR
use $1 coupon (this Sunday's paper)  = $1.01 profit

Carefree Pantiliners $0.99 with in-circular coupon, use $1 coupon
 (*Give first, 5/8 SS) = FREE/$0.01 profit

Scunchi No Damage Hair Elastics $2, get back $2 RR = FREE

Pure Silk Shave Cream $1.99, get back $1.50 RR = $0.49

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $2.99, BOGO sale, use $1 off 2 coupon (5/15 SS) = $1.99 for two packs

Tone body wash -- on sale for $3.99 get $3RR

Cantu Hair Care $4.99, get $4 RR

HEB shopping

I've been busy shopping at HEB............
some good deals this week-
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce $1- free after $1 Q

Smartwater $1 -$0.25 after $0.75 tearpad Q

Whiskas Catfood $0.55 use BOGO Q and get a $1 OYNO Q at some stores

Yellow coupon deal
Buy Gorton's Fish $4.98-alot of  the bags have $0.75 off peelies on them
get ketchup and mac and cheese free

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I found some Moneymaker Toothbrushes at Walgreens!!

YES! I grabbed me some MM Reach toothbrushes! I just love getting paid $4 in my WAGS RR's for buying 4 toothbrushes. I've only found them in 2 of 5 Wags I've visited this week, so this is a YMMV!
Here's how it went:
4 Reach toothbrushes marked down to $0.99 each = $3.96
1 Dole fruit crisp $1
-$1 coupon for Reach toothbrush 4/17SS
-$1 coupon for Reach toothbrush 4/17SS

-$1 coupon for Reach toothbrush 4/17SS

-$1 coupon for Reach toothbrush 4/17SS
-$0.75 coupon for Dole fruit crisp
=$ 0. 21 cash OOP
I got back a $4RR for the 4 Reach toothbrushes

How To Impress Your Husband

This wasn't my best shop by any means and  I even spent about $14 on a GC for this, but this purchase inspired my Darlin Dan to state-"so you actually only paid for the hot wing appetizers?"
Darlin Dan accompanied me to HEB yesterday evening because we "NEEDED"  ice cream, and some of HEB yellow coupon deals were expiring on 5/17, so I cooked this plan-why not buy the Tyson Anyteasers and get the Breyer's ice cream free? I had a manufacturer's coupon for the anyteasers and I had Darlin pick out what he wanted! By the way, we picked up some other great deals with man. coupons and HEB yellow coupons.
Here's what we bought:
2 Tyson's anyteasers $6.98 each
2 Breyer's Ice Cream $3.48 each
2 Garnier Fructis $2.96 each
3 Neut. bars $1.97 each
2 packs of milano cookies $2.65 each
2 containers of Nesquik $2.65 each (I think)
1 bottle of BBQ sauce $1 each
1 bottle of Similac sens. $3.84 each
=$48.17 + $0.07tx=$48.24 before coupons
-$1 coupon for anyteasers
-$1 coupon for anyteasers
-$3.48 free Breyers wyb anyteasers
-$3.48 free Breyers wyb anyteasers
-$1 coupon for Garnier Fructis
-$1 coupon for Garnier Fructis
-$2.96 HEB "B" YQ for Garnier Fructis
-$2 Neutr. coupon
-$2 Neutr. coupon
-$2 Neutr. coupon
-$1 Milano melts cookies coupon
-$0.50 any pepperidge farms cookie coupon
-$2.65 free Nesquik wyb milano cookies
-$2.65 free Nesquik wyb milano cookies
-$1 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce coupon
-$5 Similac coupon


Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm very happy to report that I bought $40.31 worth of groceries and paid $7.82 cash OOP after coupons!! According to my calculations, that is a savings of 81%.
Thanks to Slickdeals and Katy's couponers for the deals!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walgreens shopping

We went to Walgreens this afternoon, looking for the deals. Here's what we got-5 of the Dole fruit crisp bowls, 2 Brut deodorants, 1 Dove deodorants,
3 magic scotch tapes, 1 razor, and 1 small bag of m+m's. I ended up spending about $3 cash OOP for $30 something worth of goodies. I spent $8 in RRs and got $8 in RRs back.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walgreens 5/15

free or close deals for week of 5/15

Soft Soap Body Wash 15-18 oz 2/$6 get 4RR

buy two, pay $6 and get $4 RR back. $1 each.

Gillette Body Wash (16 oz) three for $10 - get back $3 RR. Gillette Deodorant - $4.99 each, BOGO 50% sale. Buy four body washes and four deodorants, use four $2 body wash coupons (coming in Sunday's paper), four FREE deodorant (WYB body wash) coupons (5/1 P&G) and get back $3 RR = $2.65 profit

Scotch Tape $1.99, B1G2 free with in-circular coupon, use three $1 coupons = $1.01 profit

Dove Men+Care Deodorant (2.7/3 oz) $3.99, use $1 coupon and get back $3 RR FREE/$0.01 profit

Colgate Pro Clinical White Toothpaste (4 oz) $3, buy two and use two $1 coupons (5/15 SS) and get back $4 RR (WYB 2) = FREE

Dole Fruit Crisp $1, use $0.75 coupon (4/3 SS) = $0.25

Buy two Garnier hair hare, get $5 RR.

Garnier fructis shampoo or conditioner 13 oz or styler starts from 2/$7
Garnier Fructis $1/1 style product 5/1RP
Garnier Fructis $1/1 shampoo, conditioner, treatment 5/1RP
So buy two for $7, pay $5 after two $1 coupon, get $5 RR

Brut 2-2.5 oz deodorant 2/$3
Brut Product $1 4/10SS
Buy 1, pay 50 cents after in ad and insert coupon

Nova Max Plus Glucose Monitor $10 get 10RR Free after RR

CVS 5/15

free or close for week of 5/15

$2 ECB wyb Speedstick Stainguard deodorant 2.3-2.7oz $2.99 L1

-$0.50 /1 Speed Stick or Lady Speed Deodorant, 5/1SS
-$1 CVS coupon (Reinventing Beauty Magazine found in stores)
= $0.51 profit

Buy (2) Neutrogena Sunblock stick (0.47 oz) @ $7.99 = 15.98
Use (2) $2.00/1 printable coupons Pay $11.98 after two $2 coupon and get $10.00 ECB.
or Use $1/1  Neutrogena Suncare Item 5/8 SS
=$0. 99  each or $1.99 each

Kraft Mayo 30 oz or Miracle Whip Dressing 22 oz or Heinz Ketch up $2
-$1/1 Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing 22 oz+ 5/15SS
=$1 Mayo

$1 ECB wyb Dial or Tone bar soap 2-3pk $1.88 L 1
=$0.88 after EB

Irish Spring Bar Soap 2 pk or Softsoap Liquid Soap 7.5 oz $0.88 Limit 6

Nature Valley or General Mills Granola Bars 6-12 ct, Cereal Bars or Fiber One Chewy Bars 5 ct 2/$4

Use $0.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars 5/1/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/25/2011)
Use $0.75/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars 3/27/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/21/2011)
Use $1/1 Fiber One Chewy Bars or 90 Calorie Chewy Bars 4/3/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/28/2011)
Use $0.50/2 Fiber One Bars 5/1/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/25/2011)
Pay as low as $1 each after coupon

Friday, May 13, 2011

Something Weird...........

Why did my last blog post disappear??

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I continue to celebrate the birthday! Look at some goodies I got yesterday!! I have wonderful friends!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hope that Mother's Day was great for all Mom's!!!!
I celebrated Mother's Day & my BD (boo!) together. Had a wonderfully terrific day with my Darlin Dan and my 2 great daughters and son-in-law and son-in-law to be!
Isn't my cake adorable?
Darlin Dan wanted to give me an Ipad-I resisted that very expensive gadget and consented to a much more affordable Cruz tablet-It's very cute!
This was cool! Thanks Swag Bucks!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

CVS 5/8-5/14

Aussie or Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner 10.1-13.5 oz or Styler 6-14 oz 2/$5.97, Earn 2 ECBs Limit 1

Use $0.50/1 Herbal Essences or Aussuie Product 5/1/2011 P&G Insert (exp 5/31/2011)
Pay $1.48 each after coupons and ECBs wyb 2

Carefree Body Shape Pantiliners 20-22 ct $0.99

Use $1/1 Carefree Product 5/8/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/30/2011)
Use $0.50/1 Carefree Product 3/27/2011 RP insert (exp 6/30/2011)
As low as FREE after coupon

Ducan hines Brownies 12/$10 ($0.84 ea)
$1/2 Q from 4/10SS

Milk $2.99, get $1 ECB limit 2

Price after ECB = $1.99

Glade/Windex/Fantastic/ Ziploc select items Buy $12, get $4 ECBs
Buy 1 Glade Lasting Impressions or Sense and Spray @ 7
Buy 2 Windex @ 6
use $3/1 Glade from 4/3 SS or Sept. All You
use (2) $1/1 Windex from 3/6 SS
Price after Qs = $4 for 2 Windex and a Glade

Trident or Stride Gum 3/$3

use $1/2 from 4/3 SS
Price after Q = $.50 each WYB 2

Walgreens 5/8-5/14

Get $4 RR WYB Colgate Total Gum Defense or Advanced Toothpaste 4oz. 2/$6

-.75/1 ; $1/1 Colgate Toothpaste, any 4.0 oz + – 05-01-11 SS x5/21
-$1/1 Colgate Total Toothpaste 4oz+, Diabetes & You Spring 2011 x5/30

Get $5 RR WYB Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor System $9.89
-$4/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual or Power Razor – 05-01-11 PG x5/31

Carefree Pantiliners 20 or 22 ct. $.99
-.50/1 Carefree Product, Any – 03-27-11 RP x6/30
-FREE Carefree Pantyliners 18-22 ct or $1 off any other size 5-8-11 SS x6/30

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Body Wash 16 oz. B1 @ $5.99 G1 FREE
-B1G1 Clean & Clear Body Wash, any (ets) – 03-27-11 SS – valid up to $5.99 x5/15

Get $2 RR WYB Listerine 8.45- 17 oz., 2 pack Reach Advanced Design Toothbrushes or Total Care Floss 30 yds 2/$6
-$2 off (2) Reach single toothbrushes or (1) multi-pack toothbrushes 5-8-11 SS x8/8
-$2.50/2 Listerine Total Care, 1L+ and/or Reach Toothbrush, any and/or Reach Floss, any and/or Reach Access Flosser, any (Items can’t be duplicated) – 04-17-11 SS x12/31
-$1/1 Reach by Design Toothbrush, 1ct or 2 ct – 04-17-11 SS x12/31
-$1/1 ;$1.50/2 Listerine 500 mL +, Reach Toothbrush or Floss – 01-09-11 SS x12/31

Palmolive Dish Liquid 10 oz. $.89 (w/in ad Q)
-.25/1 Palmolive Dish Soap, 10 oz (Wags Coupon) – 04-17-11 SS x5/14

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 16 oz. B1 @ $2.99 G1 FREE
-$1/2, .75/1 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners, any – 04-17-11 SS x5/17

Get $3 RR WYB Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers 2/$18

-$1.50/1 ; $2.50/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants — 05-01-11 PG x5/31
-$2/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants – P&G BrandSaver x5/31
-$2/1 Pampers Cruisers, Swaddlers, or Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers (Big packs or Jumbo Packs)- (5521) Infant Care Book

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I finally did my WAGs shopping! I bought all of this and spent $0.36 cash OOP-I used $10 in RRs and got back $9 in RRs. Not bad!
Transaction run down:
1 fixodent $3.99
1 proglide razor $9.89
1 pk noxema razors $3.99
2 Rt. Gd. BW $4.29 each =$8.58 bogo this week-so $4.29
2 comets $0.50 w/in ad Q=$1.00
1 toilet bowl thingy w/in ad Q=$0.39
-$3 fixodent Q
-$4 proglide Q
-$2 noxema Q
-$4.29 Rt. Gd. BOGO Q
-$10 in RRs (2 $5RRs)
=$0.26 cash OOP
got back a $5RR-proglide razor, $3RR-noxema razors, and a $1RR-fixodent..............................

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HEB deals 5/4-5/10

Here are some good deals at HEB for the week of 5/4:

Small Naval Oranges-5/$1

Yellow Onions- $0.47 lb.

Las Palmas Enchilada Sauce 10 oz. red or green $1 ea.- w/in store coupon $1/2-
 $0.50 each

Buy Tyson Premium Chunk Chicken -canned 12/5 oz or 7 oz pouch
Get Dukes Mayo-18 oz. squeeze bottle and HEB Chicken Salad Seasoning Free

Tony Chachere's rice mixes $1.18 each use BOGO YQ=get 2 for $1.18
good ongoing deals w/manufact. coupons
Rhodes 12 ct frozen rolls $1.30 use $1 Q from 4/10RP

Nivea BW $3 use $3 Q from 4/17RP

Bic razors $2.97 use $3 Q from 4/10SS

Monday, May 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

South Padre Island, May 2011
We're home from our weekend get away to South Padre Island. Can you believe that I haven't shopped since Saturday? That it's May 2nd and I haven't stepped inside WAGS, CVS, Super T, or HEB?  However, 100% of my time was spent with my Darlin Dan, totally and completely enjoying our little weekend get away. We walked the beach by day and watched a 10K run on the beach by night. We ate some spectacular seafood and explored a little farmers market. I spent the entire 5 hour car ride reading  "She's Come Undone" out loud. Have you ever read out loud for 5 hours straight? My voice is a little hoarse!
Gotta love watching a sunrise at the beach! Isn't this just beautiful?
When we got back home, we got welcomed with 50 degree weather. Very, very unusual for San Antonio in May.
So tomorrow it's back to work and shopping. It's great to take a mini vacation from life, but there's no place like home.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I learned at CVS

I went to CVS yesterday morning before we left for the beach. I grabbed some of the toothbrushes and blink eyedrops that were Eb deals for the week. The nice manager was there and informed me that  starting this week, the sales run from Sunday to FRIDAY.  The deals and sales will not work on Saturday. I had not heard this before! She showed me the sales flyer for this week, and sure enough it is circled through Friday. I haven't seen my local newspaper yet. I saw an ad scan on Amits blog and it doesn't have Friday circled on the calendar. I'm thinking this is a regional thing.