Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walgreens and CVS shopping


Sunday Shopping:
I went out early Sunday and got all the deals I could. It seems that we have lots more deal seekers lately. You have to get out early on Sunday to grab the deals. Today is Tuesday and it is  now very hard to find several of these deals! I followed my best deals post HERE to get ready for my shop. I check online to see what is hot. I found out that the Ritz crackerfuls were MIA and that Walgreens was substituting other crackers, so that is why I bought some Wheat Thins. You might wonder why I bought the Charmin and the Bounty. While checking one of my favorite forums, I found out that these items were sale priced and I had to grab some! (Charmin-$1.59 and Bounty $2.59!!)

I grabbed the deals I posted HERE and walked away spending very little OOP. A $5 EB spit out of the coupon spitter outer for spending on beauty products, so I used that today to buy all of this.


Sunny Simple Life said...

$1.59 for 9 rolls of Charmin? That is awesome. Which store?

jeri said...

It was at Walgreens-I checked 2 Wags yesterday and they weren't ringing up that price ;(