Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quality time with Qs

Since I had fever last time and when I cough I sound like I have the croup, I decided to stay home from my part time job today and spend some quality time with my Qs (short for coupons of course). I actually slept until 10 this morning. I was up part of the night feeling bad, so I guess I was catching up. I'm feeling better right now and I have the tv on Lifetime. I'm sorting through my coupon bag and getting organized for the new year. There are loads of coupons expiring today!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

feelin yucky

I'm under the weather and not doin any shopping today-maybe tomorrow I can get to CVS and Walgreens.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lookin at 2010

What a day I had yesterday.
I received a very sad e-mail yesterday from an old friend's husband from high school. My friend had passed away from cancer. I'm no spring chicken, but 53 is just too young! She battled her cancer for 4 years. I'm just so saddened by this news.

After grabbing a deal at Walgreens, I witnessed a robbery at a neighborhood gas station yesterday. I saw 2 young men carrying several large boxes of beer and putting them in a car. As they were getting in the car, the cashier was screaming into the speaker near the gas tank, get the license plates, get the license plates. So I started chanting the license plate number and was able to give the number to the cashier so he could call in the report. I can't tell you the color or type of car, but I know the license plate number!

Then, I made a boat load of King Ranch Chicken and pinto beans for kids and grandkids. I witnessed another robbery-Jeri's convenience store has been "robbed" (ha ha- the kids had a shopping spree-leaving with bags and boxes filled) and my step daughter donated a shelf for the convenience store! We had some serious Wii competitions going on-it was really a great night!

2010 is just a couple of days away and it's time reflect.
1. We would really like to do some serious saving this year. Put some money away for taxes etc.
2. We would like to pay off some of our pesky bills.
3. We need to take better care of our health.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bussssssy week

This last week has been soo busy! I was able to snag 7 tubes of revlon lipstick at CVS!! I didn't have any manu. coupons, so I burned some EBs. It's been a long, long time since I bought some good lipstick for myself. Merry Christmas to ME!

We had a spectular Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We had all our children and grandchildren with us. It's a night we'll never forget. I have lots of food left over and I'm giving away and freezing so we don't waste anything.

I'm posting CVS and Walgreen's deals for this week in a bit.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Walgreen's 15% off coupon

Don't forget to take advantage of this coupon today!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonderful Company Christmas Present

My husband brought home his Christmas present from the non-profit organization he works for-a Christmas dinner! The company had decided that instead of a company party, they would provide a Christmas dinner for each employee.
Inside an HEB re-usable bag was a $25 ham, 5 pounds of potatoes, gravy mix, frozen green beans, large HEB brand cheese product (like Velveeta), bag of tortilla chips, Bratwurst sausage, breakfast sausage, and a 12 pack of HEB brand soda. Isn't that thoughtful?
I have a turkey in the freezer from Thanksgiving, so our Christmas Eve feast is just about complete! We will have about 17 people over Christmas Eve. We are very excited to have all the kids and grandkids with us for Christmas Eve dinner.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Trying to be frugal in Vegas pt. 2

We did not rent a car this trip. We have either walked or ridden the free shuttle to Harrah's. I've put a ton of steps on my Healthmiles pedometer. This will eventually earn me some money.

We ate again for free today. The buffet at Harrah's is really good and with coupons we got in the mail and some vouchers we got at a presentation, we got 2 very nice meals for $0. With my coupon/frugal mentality, I knew with our combo of coupons and vouchers we could probably eat for cheap/free. Today. we ate a late lunch/early dinner (before 3:00) so we could take advantage of the lunch prices.

I packed some coffee, creamer, sweetener, individual lemonade crystal lite and peach tea, and assorted snacks. This has really come in handy for snacking after we get back to our suite. I make us some lemonade and we break open a snack.

Tonight we saw our free show, V. It was great. It was a variety show and we loved it (especially because it was free). We won a little today in the casino, so we will not be going home with $0.

We're leaving early in the morning. I'm glad-less time to lose in the casino. We are both bone tired.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trying to be Frugal in Vegas

We are having a blast in Vegas.....we've eaten every meal for free and have used comps to do some gambling. We will see a free show tomorrow called V. We even went to Walgreens and got some almost free batteries for the camera using a $5 holiday RR. We didn't rent a car this time, so we've done a heck of alot of walking and used a free shuttle from the Wyndham.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dinner this week was a breeze

Since I pre-cooked our chicken and ground beef on Sunday, our dinners were a breeze this week.
We had Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread on Monday.
We had King Ranch Chicken on Tuesday.
We had Chicken Pot Pie on Wednesday.
We had Chili Skillet Bake on Thursday.
Tonight was our dinner on Walgreens night-Red Baron Frozen Pepperoni Pizza.
I still have 1 pkg of cooked ground beef and 2 pks of patties for hamburgers or hamburger steaks left for next week.
It has been sooooo chilly in warm San Antonio this week. It was so nice to have a warm meal every night-with very little stress or energy. I'm catchin' on to this cook ahead stuff.

All is a good deal at Walgreens this week

All laundry detergent is 2/$7 this week and there is a $2 Q from the 12/6 RP. This makes each bottle $1.50. You can use some holiday RRs to pay or even make a little Walgreens money by buying 4 All with the money maker Triaminic deal. I figured if you buy 4 All, 2 Triaminic, a $2 RR item and some cheap fillers= $26 + change, you can get a sweet deal. Use 4 $2 All Qs, use 2 $2 Triaminic Qs, use the $2 healthy savings booklet Q= $16 in Qs, pay with $10 in RRs +change ( don't use any holiday RRs or Triaminic RRs or the same $2RR) and get back $12 in RR---$5RR, $2RR, and a $5 holiday RR. This can also be done with Snuggle fabric softener, if you can find any-or a combo of All and Snuggle!! We can be set with laundry detergent for the year ( if you have plenty of Qs and RRs)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rolling Holiday RR's to regular RR's

I know that if we use the special $5 holiday RR in a transaction totaling $25 that we will not get another $5 holiday RR, so I came up with a little scheme-buy something with the $5 holiday RR that will generate a regular RR. I bought a Just for men at $6.99 and a $ .39 Christmas candy. I used the $5 holiday RR and a $2 Goody RR and a some change and got back a $7 RR for the Just for men. Now I can use this RR to do another $25 deal that will generate a $5 holiday RR.

Today I bought an adorable tree skirt for 33% off-it was still about $10, but I used RRs. I really wanted this tree skirt for the new tree I bought a couple of weeks at Walgreens for 1/2 price!

Walgreens 4 day sale!

I am taking advantage of the 4 day sale-buy $25 and get a $5 holiday RR-$25 before Qs and RRs! Just need to make sure your subtotal is over $25. I actually have more than $100 in RRs counting the $5 holiday RRs!! I bought my DarlinDan a Jupiter Jack on sale for $9.99 with RRs!!
I'm starting to call RRs my Walgreens money!

Monday, December 7, 2009

So how was the weekend?

Why did I wake up with another weekend hangover ;) I asked myself this question when a co-worker asked me how I was doing and how was my weekend..............
1. Made breakfast
2.worked for 3 hours at part time job
3. went to 6 Walgreens and 1 Walmart
4.did 3 loads of laundry
5. made dinner coupons ready for Sunday

1. Shopped at 2 CVS
2. Numerous Walgreens-got 10 Sunday papers for under $2
3. Shopped at Kohl's with Amanda-got NICE cake pans with Kohl'sKAsh
4. made lunch
5. back to CVS with Amanda
5. back to Walgreens
6. Defrosted freezer
7. made dinner-hamburgers
8. boiled chicken breasts for the weeks casserole and soup
9. fried up ground beef-divided it up and put in freezer
10. cleaned up the kitchen
12. cleaned out fridge

Wow-guess I need to get back to work to get some rest!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

How I am getting my Sunday papers for very little OOP today at Walgreens

I decided that I would use my moneymaker Triaminic Thin Strips deal to get my Sunday papers for almost free! Here's what I did- I bought 2 Triaminc Thin Strips, 2 Sunday papers, 2 Chinet 25 pack paper plates, 1 pk. of frozen sausage patties, and a cheap filler, such as $ .39 Christmas items, or $ .59 can of pork and beans (beans and weenies are a blast from the past!).
I paid with 3 x $2 RRs ( I have a boat load of $2 RRs-Goody, Dentek, SC Johson) and $ .37! I got back a $5 RR. ( I lose $1 on RR for each purchase-but will make this up very easily this week)
Buy 2 Triaminic 2/$10
1 frozen brkfast sausage $ .99
2 chinet plates 2.50each = $5.00
1 winterball $ .99
2 SA Express News $2.00 = $4.00
-2/$1 Q for Chinet plate
-2/$3 Triaminic strips Q
-$4 in Wags Q for Triaminic
-$2.01 in ad Q for Chinet
-$ .61 in ad for Winterball
- 3 x $2 RRs
= $ .37OOP
get back $5RR......rinsed and repeated until I got my 10 papers! Done 5 times, I lose $5 in RRs and pay $1.85OOP-a heck of a lot better than $20 cash for 10 Sunday papers!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday shopping and my favs for next week

We had quite a cold spell in good old San Antonio and that put a crimp in my frugaling this week. I went out this afternoon-after we finally got up over 32 degrees and I guess all the Ecotrin on sale at Walgreens had been bought! I had a VERY hard time finding any more Acai (I really wanted to gain some mm RRs on this deal) and some stores were sold out of Goody sale items. My darlin Dan doesn't like me to be out after dark- and it's getting dark soooo early these days, so I had to hurry. Anyway, I did all the damage I could do--and got some more groceries at WAGs too. I am all stocked up on cheese, Quaker Oatmeal pancake mix, frozen pizza (I found a WAGs that still offered them at $1.99), and Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits.

I'm now at my dining room table getting ready for next week. I will be out early tomorrow-CVS is my target.

CVS deals 12/6/-12/12
1. Contour Breeze $14.99 get $5 EB Limit1
10/25/09 RP Q
2. Emergen C $3.99 get $3.99EB Limit 1
3. Merrybrite mini ornaments $1.99 get $1.99 EB Limit2
4. Merrybrite Santa hat $3.99 get $3.99EB Limit2
5.Zantac $8.99 get $8.99EB Limit1
11/15 SS Q $1
6. Essence of Beauty product $4.99 get $4EB Limit2
7. Shave gel $1.99
$1 P & G Q 11/29 and $1/1 Q from CVS flu coupon booklet

Walgreens deals 12/6-12/12
I'm going for the Triaminic thin strips! $5 MM
Buy 2 packs of thin strips 2/$10
use 2 $3/1 Q from 12/6SS (I hope we get this Q)
use $2/1 Q from Walgreens Healthy Savings booklet
pay $0 and get back $5 RR

I plan to get the Chinet paper plates $2.99 BOGO
use 2 $1/1 Q from 11/22SS
$ .99 for 2 after q's

THEN ON 12/9-12/12 I will get these goodies:

1. Just for men Touch of gray $6.99 get $7 RR
2. Neutrogena Men's skincare $4.99 get $5RR
3.Renu multipurpose plus solution $9.99 get $10RR
4.Stayfree $1.99 get $2RR
5.Con Air brushes or Scunchi hair accessories $2 get $2RR
6. Sim u Dent 100 pk $2 get $2RR
and take advantage of the get $5RR wyb $25!

This time next week, I'll be in VEGAS!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Walgreens Acai Deal

This package works for the current Acai deal at Walgreens-and each box has a $3 coupon inside!!
This deal is pay $4 get $4RR-it is already free-use $3 off coupon and make some money!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Walgreens 4 day sale

I went to Walgreens to take advantage of the 4 day sale starting today. I was able to get the Natrol Acai (used $3 off coupon), Goody ouchless hair elastics, Dentek Dental Care, and Soft and Beautiful Relaxer kit. I also did the 3 coke products deal and it is not working properly. The manager had to wrestle with the RR machine and finally just printed out another Goody RR for me. I also bought some printer ink on sale for $14.99-not a bad price. Since I grab so many hot deals from Walgreens, I decided to actually pay for my ink!

Last night I got up the nerve to try the Olay deal-It worked for me, but I know some cashiers/managers/etc. could get strick with this one. Wags is offering a free Olay in Shower Body lotion with purchase of Olay Quench Body lotion this week. There is a BOGO coupon in the P&G insert from Sunday for buy any Olay Body Wash and get a Free Olay body lotion. I bought all 3 items, got the in shower body lotion and Quench body lotion free. I paid $2.99 for the small Olay Body wash-it is on special for $2.99!
It isn't free, but it is a great deal.

Free Aveeno Tote Bag ($8 value)

Free Aveeno Tote Bag ($8 value)
Common Sense with Money has this on her blog. I already signed up for one. It's super easy!

ordering inserts

I've started ordering inserts from Coupons and Things when there is only 1 insert in the Sunday paper. This service is super fast. I ordered my inserts on Monday and got them in the mail on Tuesday!! When there is only 1 insert I feel this is the way to go-it's cheaper than buying 10 or more Sunday papers at $2 each. Thanks DeDe for being sooooooooooo quick!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Supper tonight on Walgreens

We had a Red Baron Pepperoni Pizza on Walgreens tonight! These pizzas were on special Friday for $1.99 and I bought some with some MM RRs. I heart WAGS! By the way, dessert was leftover pumpkin pie I bought at Target with coupons-$1.00(Mrs. Smiths).

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday was great!

I can't believe it's Sunday. This week has flown by. Amanda and I literally shopped til we dropped on Black Friday. I'm happy to report I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping. I heart Target, Kohl's, and Penneys.


Amanda and I got started at 6 AM. Our first stop was Kohl's. We had to stand in a long line to check out, but I was able to use my $10 coupon from my newspaper and I got back $10 in Kohl's cash for next week. Our next stop was Super Target. I got $20 in GC back! We took a break to re-group and eat. Then we went to Penney's. I got to use a $15 coupon!


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at Walgreens. I was determined to use all of my Infusium and candy coupons. I also loaded up on the $ .99 Walitin 10 pack. We take these everyday for seasonal allergies. I had a shopping hangover from Friday and ended up spending around $8 OOP total. I'm still very happy with my bargains and free after RR deals.


I can't believe I spent less than $3 on all this and gained an extra $14 in RRs! I'm back up to $86 in RRs. I bought some coke, Life cereal, oatmeal pancake mix, Walgreens brand frozen snacks, and tuna with my overage from the great deals this week. I did 3 transactions on this trip.
I plan another trip this afternoon to my 2nd favorite Wags close to home. I'm after the great Ecotrin MM deal! Tomorrow I will back to my old routine of stopping before and after work across town close to work.

Jeri's Fav Wags Deal for the week of 11/29

Ecotrin is on sale for $1.99 each after in-ad coupon. Use the $10/3 Advantage brand coupon from the 10/11 RP insert to get you the following deal:
$10.47 when you buy 3 Ecotrin 45ct boxes (Reg price $3.49-$10 when you use one $10/3 coupon from 10/11 RP insert--$4.50 deducted by the in-ad coupon to bring the price of the Ecotrin down to $1.99=$4.03 in overage! Be sure to grap other items to cover this overage-can you say FREE? Hand Man. Q first and then in ad coupon.

Oral B or Zooth Stages Toothbrush 4/$10, Earn a $5 RR when you buy four
Use four $1/1 coupons from 11/1 P&G insert (expire 11/30)THESE BEEP
or use $1/2 coupon from 11/29 P&G inserts)Use one $1/1 coupon from Walgreens Children activity book (will deduct $4)Pay as little as $2 out of pocket and earn a $5 register rewards back

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution $7.99, Earn a $7.99 RR when you buy oneUse $1/1 coupon from 10/25 RP insertFree plus $1 in overage after coupon and register reward

Character Band Aid Bandages 2/$3, Earn a $1 RR when you buy twoUse $2/1 coupon from Walgreens Children activity BookFree plus $1 in overage after coupon and register reward

Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99, Earn a $4 RR wyb oneUse $4/1 coupon from 11/29 P&G insertPay $0.99 for one after coupon and register reward

Oral B floss (55 yd.), 75 or 90 ct. floss picks, 50 ct. pre-cut floss 2/$5, Earna $3 RR when you buy twoUse $1/1 coupon from 11/29 P&G insertFREE after coupons and register reward

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Terrific Target!

I've been sitting on a coupon that Target sent me in the mail -get a $10 gift card when you spend $100. Last weekend, when I visited Target to do some deals, I asked the manager if the $100 total was before or after coupons. She said before coupons and before tax. Then I got another Target coupon book in the mail with a $5 off $50 grocery purchase coupon on it and lots of Target coupons that I could match with Man. coupons. I decided to try to get my $10 gift card and try to get my OOP as low as possible. My pretax total was $99.96 and I got my $10 GC. I also got a $5 GC for the glade deal. I did the Scrubbing Bubbles deal, but the coupon beeped and my cashier wasn't sure how to make it work, so he just gave me $5 off!! I ended up spending $23.60 OOP!! On the bottom of my receipt it said I saved $145. WOW! I used at least 1 coupon for each item I bought, except for the celery, onion, tomatoes, and eggs!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wonderful Walgreens

Great Deals to be had at Walgreens!

I checked my sources, I heart Wags and Common Sense with Money, got my coupons clipped and printed, and out the door I went. I bought all my goodies in 2 transactions and spent $1.65 OOP with $22 in RRs and got back $24 in RRs!! I used lots of Man. Qs and I was able to get my 10 items for the cracker rebate, so I'll be getting a $10 rebate check to boot! Don't you love it when the cashier makes a remark like, I've never seen anybody get so much stuff for under a dollar.
I am officially out of Lubriderm Qs now.

I spent more cash on 3 lbs. of boneless chicken breast!

And this is a good deal-$1.49 a lb.
The best Walgreens deals Jeri sees this week:
Coffee-mate 16oz on sale buy one get one free or 2/$2.49Use two $1/1 printable coupon
Pay $0.49 for two after coupons
Triaminic Cold and Allergy Relief 2/$10, Earn a $5 RR when you buy two
Use $1.50/1 coupon from 10/18 SS insert or $1.50/1 printable coupon
Use $2/1 Walgreens coupon from Healthy Savings Coupon Booklet (will deduct $4) Pay $3 out of pocket and get $5 RR back (MM)
Nabisco Crackers 9.5-16 oz get $3 RR wyb 5/$10
use $1 off 2 Nabisco Triscuit, Wheat Thins, SnackWells 6-pack 100-cal pack diabetes & you magazine holiday 2009/winter 2010
use $1 Nabisco Crackers or Easy Cheese 5-16 oz SS 11/08/09
Oscar Mayer Bacon $2.99
-$.75 Oscar Mayer Bacon, any SS 11/15/09
Vanity Fair plates or bowls $3.79 BOGO
-$3.79 off 2 10-23-09 Vanity Fair Plates or Bowls BOGO from All You Magazine
Lubriderm 6 oz (reg. price $3.79-$4.29) get $2 RR WYB 2 or $8 RR WYB 3
$2 Lubriderm Body Lotion, Cream, or Ointment, any excluding 1 oz or 3.3 oz RP 10/11/09
$1 lubriderm 6-16 oz (Walgreens coupon) from Diabetes and You(MM)
Walgreen's paper napkins 2/$3

Hosting poker night with your stockpile food

We did it again! Poker night with our stockpile! Chicken Posole with our frozen chicken leg quarters I got for $ .25 a lb. A can of hominy from my stockpile (bought last year when a grocery store was selling them dirt cheap). A package of corn tortillas bought a couple of weeks ago with the chicken deal. Smoked almonds from the Walgreen's BOGO deal. Chips, crackers and cheese from Target deals. Cake mix from Target's almost free Duncan Hines cake mix deal. Cheap cake frosting from Walgreens deal. Diet soda from our never ending stash. Plasticware and paper plates/cups bought on sale with RRs! That's how we do it! We even gave a big bag of goodies for the winner of the hand that I dealt.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am a Targeteer

I will admit it- I love Target-only the sale items with coupons of course! I was able to get everything on my list but the I can't believe it's not butter sticks ( that were practically free with Target Q and Man. Q). I bought 8 cans of Del Monte veggies, 8 cans of Campbell's cream soups, 10 lb bag of potatoes for $1.99, 2 packs of Chinet 72 count paper plates (get $5 GC), 1 ritz crackers, 1 trisket, 1 pepperidge farmsw crackers, and 1 ritz crackerfuls, 2 bags of Archer farms potato chips, 4 up and up baby wipes, a bottle of crisco veg. oil, crisco spray, 1 grands can biscuits, and 3 spam singles. Before Q's $45.62-after Qs and $5 GC $18.02. My receipt said I saved $51.79- I guess because just about everything I bought was on Sale! Thanks to Attention Target Shoppers! She posts all the BEST Target steals!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gift of Turkey!

Isn't it great to get a turkey from your employer? My part time job is giving every employee a turkey for Thanksgiving. I'm very grateful-no turkey shopping for me!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My goodies

Here are some of my Sunday goodies-no food here-already put away in the cupboard!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Shopping

I was able to get to CVS and Walgreens today! I bought my newspapers and made breakfast and dinner. I feel like I accomplished something.

Another good week at Walgreens! I was able to make some moneymakers and free buys--Lubriderm mm and I found a Razor on clearance that still printed a $3 RR. The Ricola drops are a $ .50 mm w/q in healthy savings booklet. I'm grabbing an Aussie shampoo or conditioner with each transaction-free after RR. I finally found some of those Nexxus mousse's that are free after wags coupon! I'm stocking up on canned gravy, canned fried onions, small boxes of crackers, au gratin potatoes.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Making my chicken stretch the week

Sunday, I boiled 7 leg quarters and deboned them so I could use the chicken in casseroles. Monday I made chicken enchiladas, Tuesday my darlin Dan brought home dinner, Wednesday I made a yummy Mexican Corn soup, (thanks to 4 Hats), Thursday I made Country Casserole, (Thanks to Southern Plate), and Friday we had leftovers from the soup and the casserole.

Coupon Clippers

I wanted to comment on another speedy coupon service I used this week.
COUPON CLIPPERS got my coupons to me right away-even with a postal holiday. I ordered them Sunday night even though I knew they weren't getting mailed out until Tuesday. Well, I didn't remember that Wednesday was a holiday, so I figured I wouldn't be getting my fantastic $7 Osteo Bi-flex Qs before Sat. when the sale ended at Walgreen's. What a surprise, they were in the mailbox to get the rest of my cheap Osteo Bi-flex.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Groceries at Walgreens & Almost free Kleenex

I've continued my frugal grocery shopping at Walgreen's with money maker RR's!
Just today I was able to lay my hands of one of the November Healthy savings booklets with the $1 Walgreens q inside. Pair this with the in-ad q and now we have almost free Kleenex- about $ .09 a box!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ordering inserts

I ordered inserts from Coupons & Things on Sunday and got them today! Wow, that was fast! I'm impressed and will recommend this service to my friends.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I got a check in the mail!

I received my 2nd $10 check from Kellogg's Fuel for school rebate. I was afraid I wasn't going to get this rebate. My 1st check came about a month ago and I sent these rebates at the same time. These came with a $70 coupon off a Dell computer. I won't be using these, we already have all the computers we can use.

Got me some cheap chicken leg quarters!

This week La Michoacana (a small Mexican Meat Market/grocery store here in San Antonio) is having a great sale on chicken leg quarters-$ .25 a lb-sold in 10 lb bags- with a $10 additional purchase. I bought 2 bags yesterday with $10 purchase of produce, tortillas, and pan dulce-my total with the chicken was $16. Last night I put 7 quarters in the crock pot with some water and spices for a couple of hours. I deboned and separated the meat into 3 bags for 3 different meals. I put the rest of my chicken in 3 big freezer bags for later. I'm thinking I should get about 12 meals out of this deal. Not bad!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What to do with my MoneyMaker Walgreens Register Rewards

Walgreens is having some good deals on food and a BOGO deal on Osteo Bi flex this week. I decided to burn some of my MM RR's from my make-up buying marathon. This week I can get a $5 RR everytime I buy a glucose monitor with my manu. coupons for free, so I know that I can replenish some of what I burn.

(The loaf of bread is MIA!)

I was able to "buy" all of this using RR's. The total was around $13! I purchased almost everything with manu. coupons and Walgreens in-ad q's. Total before q's-$22.49. I bought $22.49 worth of groceries with $13 in RR's after q's...................with RR's that were MMs!

Yea Walgreens. Here's my list of groceries: milk, bread, eggs, garlic powder, cake frosting, english muffins, cream cheese, breakfast sausage, 2 warm delights brownie mixes, margarine, coffee and cranberry juice.

My next mission was to grab some BOGO Osteo Bi Flex. This stuff is expensive! We played poker last night and we were talking about how good this is for us old folk with aches and pains. For some reason our inserts in San Antonio did not provide us with the great coupons that some people got. I was able to get $5 internet coupons and snatched up these prizes. At regular price these guys are $19.99 each. So we are looking at about $40 here. These are BOGO and I had 2 $5 internet coupons, so I got them for $9.99 or about $5 each!! Again I used a some MM RR's from last week. I feel this is another great way to use MM RR's and buying something you need on sale with coupons at the lowest possible price.
I'm not finished with Walgreens by any means. As usual, I will do a little every day and try to finish up on Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Super Walmart has cheap Turkeys

I'm gonna check this out this weekend! You can check it out here Living on a Budget!
Thanks to Frugal makes Cents for posting this deal!

Walgreens: Pantene and Comtrex Moneymakers

Walgreens: Pantene and Comtrex Moneymakers

More Walgreens Deals! Thanks to Common Sense with Money! More ways to Roll RRs to get more free Almay Makeup!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Walgreen's deal

Common Sense with Money tipped me off last night and this is a great deal! Read her post Free Almay Pure Blends Make up
It's a money maker! I've also been able to get several free mascaras!
Thanks to Common Sense with Money I've been able to get my RR count back up to over $50!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Delicious stockpile dinner

If you like casseroles with noodles, I found a nice recipe on Southern Plate called Crunchy Beef Casserole.
I had everything in my cupboard and freezer! It was very quick and easy and got 2 thumbs up!
2 Cups Corkscrew Macaroni (Rotini) I used Dreamfield's-low carb!
1 can cream of mushroom soup
3/4 C Shredded Cheddar Cheese
3/4 tsp Seasoned Salt
1 lb Ground Beef
1 can (14 oz) whole or diced tomatoes
3/4 C Green Pepper (optional – I leave it out for the kids)
1 can french fried onions
Check it out at Southern Plate!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Got some cheap Southwest Airline tickets!!

Darlin Dan and I had a sit down discussion about taking advantage of the Southwest Airline 72 hour ticket sale. We decided after much discussion to go to Las Vegas. We were able to get 2 round trip nonstop tickets to Vegas for a total of $442. and change. Merry Christmas to us!! We will be staying at a beautiful place -thanks to our timeshare.

Walgreens Deals

Anybody been able to get moneymaker oatmeal this week? I've been able to do it 1 time. It's hard to find 4 containers of oatmeal at 1 store!!

My sis left on Wednesday. We had a great visit! Now, it's back to frugaling. I've gotten all my free WAGS items for this week. I've used some of my MM RRs on Halloween candy and diet root beer-on sale for $2.50 a 12 pack this week.

I haven't made it to CVS this week. I didn't see anything worth the trip.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Shopping Today-but did some cooking!

My sis is in town and we didn't go "frugaling" today. My daughter, Jessica , was hosting a Cowboys football game cookout and I offered to make the pinto beans and potato salad. I also threw in a banana pudding! We had a great time and the Cowboys won!! Hopefully there will be plenty of time during the week to grab those great deals. Darlin Dan and I were able to run out early this morning and grab my newspapers

I was able to do the Zantac and Theraflu moneymakers yesterday afternoon. I ran to WAGS and found the Zantacs with the $2 coupon on the front! I had to take advantage of that. I picked up some trashbags on sale. some m & m's for Darlin Dan, and some more canned pinto beans on clearance.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Good way to get cheap Pepsi at Walgreens

Darlin Dan is almost out of Diet Pepsi-He is very picky about his diet soda. In order for him to drink a diet drink-it must be diet pepsi or diet rootbeer. I was able to get my diet coke pretty cheap this week burning some EBs at CVS. Walgreens has Pepsi 3/$11 this week or $3.67 a 12 pack. It dawned on me that I could use some Zantac $9 RRs to pay while doing a moneymaker Theraflu deal and it worked!! I also used one of my pesky $1 Halls RRs to make the deal great. I bought 1 12 pack of diet pepsi $3.67, 3 theraflu boxes, $4.99 each, and a Robitussion DM 2go 2pack at $2.49. I used my $3 off Theraflu Q and a $1.50 Q from last sunday's paper plus the WAGS Q that gives you $2 off EACH box and my $9 Zantac RR and my $1 Halls refresh RR. I paid $ .63 OOP and got back an $8 RR for Thera flu and $2.50 RR for Robitussin DM 2go! I didn't even need fillers!! This deal cost me $ .13 cuz I made money on my RRs.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Expired CVS EBs!

Oh, that's just great! I was going through my CVS EBs and receipts and found 2 expired EBs ($4.99 and $2) tucked into my receipts. Luckily, they expired on 10/13, so I knew MY neibhborhood CVS would still accept them if I got there pronto. I took the CVS flu quiz online so I could use a $5/$25 coupon and got to CVS about 6:00 last night. I was aiming for the coke deal and more sense and sprays (almost free with Qs). These items added up to $23, so I wandered around for a while until I remembered I had printed out a couple of $ .75 Qs for the Trident layers gum and CVS has them on sale for $1 each this week. Bingo- $25 total, now I can check out. The great manager was there last night and had some great coke coupons that made this deal even better! I think these coupons are $2 off 2 12 packs. Anyway, after all Qs - I owed $7.35ish. Wow, I couldn't believe it. After she scanned my EBs, she said something like, you're in the negative 40 something cents. So we threw in a pack of CVS tissues and I then owed 1 cent.
Then, I got $3 EBs back for buying the coke deal. I was sooooo happy. Thank you CVS! Thank you great manager! By the way, this is the 2nd time in 2 days that I owed CVS 1 cent for a transaction!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

CVS, Walgreens and Target, Oh my!

It was wonderful frugal day for the Martinez Family.

It actually started early this morning. Darlin Dan and I were up and out of the house by 7 AM. He needed to gas up his truck and get gas for the lawn mover. I needed to get my newspapers. There are some coupons in todays inserts that are needed for some of the great deals this week.

We also stopped at a neighborhood mexican bakery and picked up a couple of yummy sweet bread to go with our oatmeal and coffee.

After breakfast, it was off to pick up Amanda and get to CVS. We both got our Glade reed diffusers and sense and sprays! We had great coupons and EBs and paid out of our coin purses for our OOP. Thanks to I HEART CVS for the heads up on the best deals. Thanks to CVS, I now have all my items for the Johnson rebates!
I spent pennies today at CVS and rolled my EBs.

Next, we stopped at the nearest Walgreens for the best deals. We both got our Zantac, Theraflu, and Pert Plus. These deals are great this week at WAGS. I even found 3 clearance items for Christmas presents for $2 each. I used these as my fillers this week to even out my coupon and RR count and I still made money in RRs. Again, we paid our OOP out of our coin purse. Thanks to I heart WAGS for the head up on the best deals.

I dropped off Amanda and I was off to Target. I had received a 10% off coupon in the mail that w2as expiring today and I had decided to stock up on a few groceries. I did alot of research and got all my coupons together. I printed out Target coupons and Internet printable coupons. I read Attention Target Shoppers and Hot Coupon World. I was freaked when my total was $80. After 10% off and all coupons, I paid $26 OOP. My receipt said I saved $81- I guess that includes all the sales items I got. After I got home and showed Darlin Dan, we decided I would make another trip since the 10% coupon was good for the whole day. I printed out a couple more Target coupons and spent $7 OOP for over $50 worth of goodies. My receipt said I saved $75.

So, my Targeting for today- I spent $33 for $131 worth of groceries. It is really hard here in San Antonio to do much better..............we don't have any stores that do double coupons.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I had a great WAGS week!

I can't believe I spent $6.99 cash OOP this week at Walgreens........................for $!74.21 worth of Ragu, Mayo, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Chewy Bars, Renuzit, Campbells Cream Soups, Band Aids,l Halloween cups, peroxide, boxes of pwdered diet tea packets, vasoline lotion, chapstick, emergen C, Robi 2 go, Halls refresh, etc.

I ended up burning $10 of my RR stash, so I'm down to $42 in RRs. Tomorrow starts another great week of moneymakers at Wags!! I should be back up to over $50 in RRs by tomorrow afternoon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free Band Aids at Walgreens

I was able to do the free Band aid deal at Walgreens!
Thanks to Common Sense with money:
She blogged about the deal and it works! I gave the Walgreens activity book coupon first w/ other man. coupons and then showed the in ad coupon. I got 3 boxes of FREE character band aids.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dollar General Deal

I stopped by Dollar General and spotted the liquid Snuggle fabric softener for $3!
They also had the Purina Friskies Natural Sensations cat treats! I can use my Qs for free cat treats.

So I got 1 bottle of Chili powder (completely out!), 1 baby card(needed this), 1 snuggle, and 1 cat treat for ......$1.04.

I'm a happy camper!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We did it

We finally did it. We cancelled that darn gym membership that we never use and we've been paying for every month. Yea!

Got my cheap RAGU and Hellman's at WALGREENS

I was able to do the deal! I had to ask a manager if they had more Ragu in the back! They had plenty..........
Here's what I did
7 Ragu
1 Hellman's
1 Refresh Hall's hard candy drops
1 $ .29 peroxide
used $1/2 Ragu (home mailer)
2 $ .30 off 1 Ragu (had more Qs decided not use use them so I could use more RRs w/o fillers) RP 9/13
1 $1 of 1 Hellman's (home mailer, can find more Qs at RP 8/2
1 $ .75 off Refresh
used $5 RR from ben gay and 3 $2 RR's from P & G producet
=1.11 OOP
and I got back $8 RR for Ragu deal and $1 for Refresh
so what if I burned $2 in RR's....remember the moneymaker Thera flu a couple of weeks ago? This is a great opportunity to get 7 Ragus and 1 Hellmans for very close to free!
Thanks Walgreens!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great Friend

I have a great friend. She saves me all her inserts!!!!!! I saw her on Friday and she gave me a whole heap!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday shopping!

Today I went to 3 Walgreens, 1 Big Lots, and 1 Family Dollar. I spent $10 oop-$7.90 at Big Lots. I got some great deals!
At Big Lots I bought 1 $3 calendar, 1 $5.50 bottle of S.F. caramel syrup, and 1 bottle of $1.20 almond flavoring. I used another 20% off Q.
At Family Dollar I spent $ .43 on 1 $3 box of snuggle laundry dryer sheets and 1 bottle of $1.40 Dawn renewel dish soap. I had a $3 Q for the snuggle and $1 family dollar Q for the Dawn!
I did 5 transactions at 3 different Walgreens. I still didn't use all my Qs for ben gay, playtex gloves, purell, or visine........I wasn't able to shop as much as I like this week....too busy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Lots 20% off Coupon

I finally got around to Big Lots. I found some good buys. I got a big 2010 calendar planner for work-regular $3, a small planner reg. $2, 3 bottles of sugar free flavored syrups for coffee and baking reg. $5.50 each (usually $6.99 at World Market), and a Tiger Woods Golf Game for the Wii reg. $18.88. I paid $33 out of pocket (with tax) and saved $8 and some change w/the 20% off. Not too bad! They had several Wii games to choose from-this one is for Darlin Dan, the golfin man!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FREE Snuggle fabric softener dryer sheets at Family Dollar!!


There's a great coupon for Snuggle fabric softener out right now. In the 10/4 Red Plum insert there's a $3 man. Q! At Family Dollar, they sale Snuggle dryer sheets for $3!!Can you say free? The fabric softener liquid is $3.75. Look what I bought for $ .81!
I stopped at another Family Dollar and they would let me use just 1 man. coupon for the Snuggle, but this store had the small bottle of Dawn hand renewal soap for $1.40 and they have a store Q for $1 off. Look at what I bought for $ .43!! I try not to argue w/cashiers about the number of Qs I can use, I just say I don't want the other item. This cashier was really nice and got a kick out of my big purchase. I just took my great bargains and smiled all the way to my car! You know tomorrow is another day. I try to get 10 newspapers every Sunday when there are inserts - so I still have 5 snuggle qs to use.

Free or nearly free Visine at Walgreens

Visine is cheap this week at Walgreens! Visine starts at $3.99 each.
There is a $2 off in ad Q this week and there are $2 off any Visine Qs in 8/2S2, 4/26RP, and 9/27S.
I've done the deal 2x and I'm getting free Visine!
Make sure you give the Man. Q first! Some Wags will not let you use man. q if you give the in ad Q first.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Free magazine subscription at Walgreens

Sunday, this coupon popped out of the magic coupon machine at WAGS-it says I get 1 year of Marie Claire magazine free! I purchased 2 Rimmell mascaras yesterday-although I didn't pay a penny for them, I got this great Q! I'm filling it out and mailing it manana!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

WAGS and CVS great deals!

This is trip #1 to CVS and Walgreens.
I spent $ .02 OOP at CVS and used my $3/$15 Q I got in my email and did the Colgate Total Toothpaste deal, the Nestle products deal -buy $10 and get $5 EBs(3 lean cuisines and 1 Ozarka Water), and the tone soap deal, 1Sunday paper and 4 of Crystal Light on the go singles and use the $2/2 man. Q.
I spent $2.10 at WAGs. I used $12.50 in RRs and got $13 back along with a coupon for a FREE 1 year subscription to Marie Claire! I bought 2 bengays, 1 MVP fusion razor, 1 purell, 1 disposable playtex gloves, 2 rimmell mascara(got both free! They are BOGO this week at WAGS and I had BOGO Q from All You!), 1 chicken noodle soup and 2 sale Hersheys chocolate bars............

Trip #2 to CVS. My husband has a CVS card and he also got a $3/$15 Q that HAD to be used. I did another Nestles deal, this time getting 3 sugar free vanilla ice creams!, 1 tone soap, 1 colgate toothpaste, and 4 Crystal light on the go. I paid $3 OOP and rolled my EBs. I'm a happy camper. We got our ice cream!

I'll be scouting out Big Lots this week-20% off coupon, good all week .
Go here to print your coupon!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1 great hour at WAGS

I set out this morning to get the rest of my shampoo, toothbrushes, coffee, and almonds, thinking this was going to take me a couple of hours going from WAGS to WAGs. Well, I was wrong.
Wow- I spent $2.22 OOP in 7 transactions for $95 worth of this weeks deals!! I was able to do this at 1 store in 1 hour...................
I got my coffee and smoky almonds w/Qs and RRs. I used all my Herbal Essence and Oral B toothbrush Qs. This was a very successful trip, even though I burned $8 in RRs. It was totally worth it. I was able to pick up a couple of clearance items for Christmas! I even got Darlin Dan some golf balls! You can get just about everything at WAGS!

Friday, October 2, 2009

WAGS for week of 10/4

Great deals:
1.playtex gloves $.99 w/ in-ad coupon-$1 Playtex disposable gloves on any SS 6/28/09
2.BenGay Cream 4 oz or Patches 4-5 ct get $5 RR wyb 2/$10-$2 Bengay, any rp 10/04/09
3.Purell Hand Sanitizer 8 oz (with or without aloe vera) $2.99 get $2 RR-$.50 Purell Product, any except 1 oz SS 8/2/09
4.Campbell’s chicken noodle or tomato soup 2/$1 w/ in-ad Q
Along w/the monthly RR deals

WAGS readerboard

I was able to get some cheap Maxwell House Coffee today. Readerboard adv. $2.49-sure enough it is! I'm using an internet printable and some RRs that I got w/mm deals this week to get me some super cheap coffee!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Rice deal at HEB in Texas

I read on Jane's 4 girls about a great Texmati deal at HEB. HEB is offering a $3 off coupon for 28oz-48oz size. The 28oz is $3.19! 1 box of rice for $ .19 after Q-almost 2 pounds of rice. I was able to get 5 boxes today. Unfortunately the Q expires on 9/29. Thanks for the tip!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wags deals-Getting paid to shop today at WAGS

I was able to snag all the great deals today-but 1. The fusion razor RR was not printing out today, so I did not do that one.
I did this in 3 transactions and I spent $2.25 cash OOP- for about $35 worth of goodies.
I used $22.50 in RRs and got back $29 in RRs! I used $8.00 in man. qs and $1.20 in Wags qs

I went to CVS to get the free shampoo(Fruitopia and Viologie w/ coupon from Reinventing Beauty Magazine) and MM lotion and got a big surprise!
They had some great clearance items I snatched up-75% off dinner plate set ($2.25) towel set ($3) 3 sets of 4 plastic glasses ( $ .50) 3 small lamps ($1.25 each). My oldest daughter is moving out this week and needed plates, towels and glasses!! I'm planning to give the lamps as presents after I send in the $2 rebate!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Walgreens Deals starting 9/27/09

Another great week at WAGs

1.Oral-B Advantage 1-2-3 Toothbrush $3, Receive $3 RR wyb oneUse $0.75/1 coupon from 9/27 P&G free after RR or MM
2.Herbal Essence Hair Care $2.99, Receive $2 RR Use $1/1 coupon from 8/23 or 9/13 RP -free after coupon and register reward
3.Dentek Tooth Picks ($2), Receive $2 RR wyb one free after register reward
4.Theraflu 8.3oz Liquid 2/$8, Earn a $4 RR wyb two Use $2/1 coupon from Walgreens Healthy booklet (one coupon will deduct $4)FREE after coupons and register reward
5.Venus Embrace or Breeze $7.99, Earn a $4 RR wyb oneUse $2/1 coupon from 9/27 P&G Pay $1.99 for one after coupon and register reward
6.Hershey’s Harvest Kisses 2/$5, Earn a $1 RR wyb twoUse $1/1 coupon from 9/13 SS insertPay $1 per bag after coupons and register reward
7.Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99, Receive $2.99 RR

8.Robitussin DM To Go 2pk; $2.49, Receive $2.49 wyb one
9.Gillette Fusion MVP Manual or Power Razor System $8.99, Earn a $6 RR wyb one Use $4/1 coupon from 9/27 P&G insert FREE plus $1.01 in overage after coupon and register reward
10.Halls Refresh Sugar Free (20ct; $1), Receive $1 RR Use $0.75/1 coupon from 9/27 insert or $0.50/1 from October all You Magazine free plus up to $0.75 in overage after coupon and register reward
11.Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion (6.8oz; $6.99), Receive $6.99 RR wyb one Use $1.50/1 coupon from 8/2 RP insert free plus $1.50 in overage after coupon and register reward
12.Emergen-C Booster ($3.49), Receive $3.49 RR wyb one

Best fillers
Hunts tomato sauce $ .39 w/in ad Q
Butterball chicken broth 2/$1 w/in ad Q

Friday, September 25, 2009

Great Target Deals

I've been to Target 2 times this week. I saw on Attention Target Shoppers that we can get free cat food!
Fancy Feast Appetizers! Look on her blog for details. I've got a boat load of coupons, so I'm off and running with this one.

When I got to Target I saw that ground beef is on sale. The first trip I got regular ground beef for $1.50 a pound. The next trip they didn't have regular, but 85% lean is $1.79 a pound. Not bad!

I grabbed some cheap cheese with the $1/2 Target coupon. I needed some shredded cheese, so I bought 1 pack of shredded cheese for $1.70 and 1 string cheese for $ .40 = $2.10 - $1.00 Q = $1.10 for my cheese. Not too bad. You can also do the deal by getting 2 string cheese for $ .80 use the Q and get them FREE.

I plan to visit Target again manana!


I did not realize that this $5 coupon at Walgreens for Sally Hanson rolls! Just buy 3 more OF THE SAME TYPE polishes and you get another $5 coupon! I did it! It works-the first time I tried I bought 2 of one type and 1 of another type of polish-used a $5 coupon and got back a $3 coupon. So.....I tried again, this time buying 3 of the same type of polish-used a $5 coupons and got back another $5 Q!! Too bad I didn't realize this until today-I read it on I heart wags and thought she was mistaken-but of course I had to try it. At least, we still have Saturday!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Walgreens Favorites for Week of Sept. 20-26

It's time to plan for next week-
The week starts tomorrow!
Here's the deals at Walgreens for Sept. 20-26
1.Roots of Nature 4-10oz $6 get $6RR
2. Thermacare Heat Wraps Trial size $2.49 get $2.49RR
3.Oral B indicator toothbrush 2/$4 get $2RR
use oral B BOGO Q RP 8/23
Crest 6.4 oz 2/$4 get $2RR
use $.75 crest toothpaste 4.2oz+ PG8/30/09(not free but $ .50 for 2)
4.Aussie Shampoo or conditioner or styling prod. $2.99 get $2RR
use $2/2 Q 9/13RP2(not free-$ .99 each after RR)
5.Formula 409 32 oz. 2/$5 get $2RR
use 2- $1 Q 409 product any RP 8/30/09(not free- $ .50 each after RR)
6. Reese's pumpkin candy in ad Q 2/$1
use Man Q first $ .55 8/23ss, then use in ad Q (free after Qs)
7.Air freshener air wick e-motion $6.99
use $6 man Q from 8/30SS (will cost $ .99 after Q)

I'm always needing a good filler to help with the RR/coupon count. Wags has some good ones this week.
Campbell's soup cream of mushroom or chicken $ .89(in ad Q)
Royal Gelatin 5/$1(in ad Q)can just buy 1 for $.20
Halloween pencils 8/$1(in ad Q)can just buy 1 for $.13
Halloween tumblers 8/$1can just buy 1 for $ .13
W bar soap 3/$1(in ad Q) can just buy 1 for $ .34
Hydrogen peroxide 3/$1(in ad Q) can just buy 1 for $ .34
Arizona Tea bottle or can 2/$1(in ad Q)
Mushrooms or mandarin oranges 2/$1(in ad Q)

What a Walgreens Week

Oops-I did it again!
I'm back to my insane Wags shopping-
This week I spent $15.72(shame shame)
I purchased $262.30 worth in 24 transactions.
Since I live a big city, we have Walgreens virtually everywhere and I have a number of Wags that I visit weekly. Some are close to work and some are close to home. I've been to a Wags everyday this week.
I've been able to purchase
6 ultra carefree
6 murine ear drops
17 cans of soup
12 bags of true north crisps
17 cans of mighty dog food
14 candles
10 cans of tuna
1 container of baby wipes
18 one a day drink mixes
5 big roll toilet paper
4 triaminic cough syrup
4 triaminic nasal strips
4 boxes of band aids
2 canned hams
2 hersheys chocolate bars
1 3 ring binder
1 shower curtain rod
5 clearance toys for Christmas
1 birthday card!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WAGS Great deals-update

I've been able to take advantage of a couple of money makers at WAGS! Together with the other items that are great deals, this has become an awesome week!

1. Thanks to I heart Wags Triaminic night time cold & cough upc 3 0043634404 5 and allergy strips upc 3 0043638314 3 have been generating 2 $5 rr instead of the $5 advertised!!!

2.Thanks to Common sense with money The two-count packs of One a Day 2O Multivitamin Drink Mix (0.99 each)$2.97 when you buy three packsPay $2.97 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 RR back

I might be trying this one when I can get to my massive coupon stash-

Sally Hansen RR moneymaker: some of the items in these RR deal are on Megasaver sale 40% off already. Some nail polishes are as low as $2.29 each.
Buy 3 Sally Hansen Hard as Nails at $2.29 eachUse 3 $1/1 coupons from 8/2 Red Plum insertPay $3.87 plus tax out of pocket and get $5 Register Rewards (good on your purchase of more Sally Hansen products)Thanks Coupon Cravings!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Walgreens deals!

Here are my favs this week....
1. True North Snacks $3 get $3RR
use $1 man. Q from 2/8SS
2. Murine Ear Drop Kit $6 get $6RR
3. Bandaids $2.49 buy 2 get $3RR
use 2 $ .50 Qs
4.Progresso Soups 4/$5 has in ad coupon but mine range up $1.25 each w/o Q
use Q from 9/13GM insert-.50/2
5. Carefree pantiliners-monthly deal $1.99 get $2RR
use $1 man. Q
6. Geisha chunk light tuna $ .59 w/in ad coupon-great filler-my darlin dan luvs tuna
7. Mighty Dog can food $3/3
use free coupon-is expiring this week!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I can't believe it-I have a staph infection and have been pretty much laid up in bed since Friday night. I'm really hoping the be back to my insane couponing manana. This is for the birds!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Drugstore Game Totals

Here's what I did at Wags and CVS this month

Total bought before Qs ---$900

Cash OOP after Qs/EBs/RRs----$122

Increased my RRs from $24 to $ actual cost to me $101 (because I did burn some EBs this month). My OOP would've been a bit lower, but I bought a $25 AMC GC for Christmas and had to pay cash, no EBs. I bought this cuz I got $5 EBs back, so it actually only cost me $20.

Good Walgreens Deals

I've been able to score some good RR deals this week at WAGS.

1. Razors-free after RR

2. Colgate toothbrush-MM after q and RR

3. reach floss-free after q and RR

4. Rembrandt toothpaste-MM after q and RR

5. Carefree pantiliners-MM after q and RR

6. 2 glade 2 oz candles-MM after Qs and RR

7. 2 velvetta noodle cups-MM after Qs and RR

Thanks to all the great bloggers who post the great deals!

Some great sites to look at:

I love these sites cuz they post where to find the Qs!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back from Vegas

We're back! We had a great time. I haven't had time to do anything but sleep and work since we got back Tuesday night at midnight.

My to do list......
1. Take my breakfast and lunch to work
2. Take my drinks to work
3. Cut down on fast food-eat sandwiches for dinner if we have to
4. Continue using frugal couponing/sale purchases for as close to free or money maker items for
groceries and stockpile items
5. continue to put money in savings for upcoming bills (property taxes)
6. continue to cut out some more of our extras-this one is hard, but we are determined

Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy Week-Good deals at Wags

My week has been incredibly busy. This has been the busiest start of a school year I have ever seen. Needless to say, this has put a damper on my compulsive couponing this week. I was able to get my CVS deals on Sunday. Amanda and I made a trip to CVS and Walgreens.

This week at Wags- free Soft Soap Body wash and cheap Conair hair brushes. I was also able to take advantage of the Velvetta cups deal-another freebie after Qs and RRs.

CVS was free school supplies, ear phones and cheap milk!

We are off to Vegas in the early morning for a nice 3 night vacation. This trip has been planned since December. Just can't wait. My compulsive couponing will have to wait til Wednesday of next week!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guitar Hero Legends of Rock for the Wii on Sale at CVS

This week 8/16, CVS is offering Guitar Hero for the Wii for $39. I went tonight to pick it up. My closest CVS starts the new week's sale on Saturday afternoon. Darlin Dan and I made a trip to CVS this evening because I really wanted to take advantage of this sale. I snagged a $6 off of $36 earlier this week and I wanted to use this q. We were able to buy one and we've been trying to figure it out all evening!!

This was a little splurge, but I think I got a good deal.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday at CVS

So Wednesday, while I was still recovering from my coupon shopping hangover, I stopped at CVS because I HAD to use the $5/25 Q they sent me by email and it was good for Wednesday only. I kinda had a game plan and I was thrilled that I did not spend ANY money. I did burn $3 in ECBs but that's okay. I spent $9 in EBs and got back $6 in EBs. I bought some more diet coke, 1 razor, and 2 candles.

My 1 stop at WAGS- 2 neosporin, 1 toothpaste, and 1 WAGS children's activity book--cash OOP $ .29, used various man. Qs, a $6 RR and got back $3 and $4 RR.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Compulsive Couponaholic

I confess! I had a moment that lasted half a day...............I went on a coupon shopping frenzy that spanned 7 Walgreens. I spent $8 OOP- all out of my coin purse. I love paying for my goodies with change out of my coin purse! I love it when the cashier says something like, " that will be $ .50 ma'am." I bought $125 worth of the best WAGS sales items. I now have $50 in RRs.
I have decided I am a COMPULSIVE COUPONAHOLIC! Today I had a massive coupon hangover and I made only 1 stop at Wags and 1 stop at CVS.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday-disappointing visit to Staples

This was my first visit to Staples. We have only 2 stores in San Antonio. The closest one is not very close, probably 6-7 miles. Well, Amanda and I made the trip this afternoon. We were disappointed that the big sale items we were looking for were gone-the label maker and pencil sharpener. We were going to try the easy rebates they have. Oh well. A salesperson at the store said they sold out in 1 hour yesterday morning. That's just great :( We left with 6 spiral notebooks-they were 1 cent each-don't ask me why but we both paid 5 cents for 6 spirals. Not even any tax?

Great Sunday Shopping-

Amanda and I set out early Sunday morning for CVS and Walgreens. We decided that we need to put Wags on our Sunday run cuz Manda let some RRs expire......heaven forbid!!!

CVS-Can you believe I spent $ .10 OOP for $32 worth? OMG! My CVS had $2/2 Qs for coke, so it made the sodas a very sweeeet deal! 4/$6. I got the free after EB makeup,free sharpies after Q, cheap razor, free pain reliever-my free gift from CVS. I did burn a few EBs, but it was worth it.
WAGS-I spent $1.20 for $20 worth. I used a $10 RR and a $2 RR and got back a $6, $3, and a $4 RR! I bought 1 toothpaste, 1 floss, 1 toothbrush, 1 listerine, 2 neosporins, 2 $ .19 pens. Yippee!!
So, my Sunday OOP was sooo low- $1.30 for $52 worth of goodies and thatis what motivates me to keep on hounding!
Later, I found some clearance toothbrushes at WAGS that work with the $6 RR deal (toothbrush, floss, listerine)
Some bloggers had posted about the deal--and it works!! I have a boatload of the $1 off 1 toothbrush Qs and I plan to be making some money on this!!
You buy 3 of the clearance Reach medium toothbrushes at $1.09 each and use 3 $1 Q for reach toothbrushes-OOP is $ .27 and get back a $6 RR!!! Can you say money maker?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

WAGS-paying more in tax than on my purchases

I drank my last diet pepsi last night!! OMG-time to restock. The deal at WAGS isn't the greatest, but it will have to do. 3/11 get $2RR. I decided to burn some RRs to get my soda fix. I was re-scanning the WAGS ad when I noticed the Vaseline lotion as part of a RR deal!! I'm down to 3 bottles and I give this stuff away like crazy. So, I started out Sat. morning on a quest for more lotion and sodas. I spent $5.64 OOP for 4 transactions.............subtotal-$2.26 and tax was $2.91-what's up with that?
I bought $65.61 worth of goodies! I used $21.35 in man. Qs and $42 in RRs. I rolled my RRs- I have $33.50 in RRs to play with.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Trip to Target

I made a trip to Target today. I wanted to be able to send in the Kelloggs Fuel for School Rebate. I bought 6 boxes of pop tarts and 4 boxes of Morning Star products for the rebate. I added 1 box of Cinnabons-they were on sale and I had a good Q. I also got 3 apples and paid $ .35 for them after the $1 Q. Then I added 9 cans of Mighty Dog dog food that is a money maker and made this deal sweeter. I paid $7 and change on my Lowe's gift card that I got when we got our new dryer. I will submit the rebate for a $10 check and a $70 Q for a Dell computer-I don't see me using this since we recently purchased new Dell computers! However, this deal is sweet-I paid $7 on a GC I got as a rebate and will receive a $10 check rebate!!
I had contemplated doing the deal at WAGS and using the 5/25 Q they have. I decided I just didn't want to spend $20+ OOP. I couldn't make a deal sound good to myself, so I decided to do the deal at Target where I could use 2 Q's for each box of pop tarts and morning star meat products. I knew at Target, I could use the Mighty Dog food Qs to help with the OOP since it is a money maker.
I have read on various blogs that this rebate can be done up to 4 times with different rebate forms from different sources ( 2 I know of is one on the Kelloggs web site and one from last Sunday's inserts). I will probably do this only once.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This week

I've shopped at Wags everyday this week! I've been rolling those RR's!! I've been snagging the free after RR toothbrushes and Vitamin Shampoo. I've done the MM suave deod. deal 3x. I've now got a great stockpile of Nutrigrain bars-after Qs and RRs-each box is $.75. Darlin Dan likes to have these for breakfast on the go!

I was able to grab FREE smart source coupons today-the neighborhood paper had both ss coupons from Sundays paper.

I grabbed a rebate form for Vitamin Shampoo this morning. I found one hanging on a vitamin shampoo bottle!!

Now I gotta get ready for next weeks great deals!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Oh my goodness-I spent $6.20 OOP for $171.81 worth of good deals. I had such a great shopping spree......

I did my research on the coupon blogs -mainly I heart CVS and I heart WAGS(I don't know what I would do if these great blogs weren't around)--and went for the very best deals. I visited 3 CVS's and 2 WAGS by myself today. Amanda is out of town this weekend. They decided to have a little get away before she starts her new teaching position in 2 weeks.
I did splurge on a soda at Walgreens cuz I was soooo thirsty and Darlin Dan requested a tea from CVS. My OOP would've been less than $5 without these purchases!!
At CVS I grabbed all the free school supplies(stretchy book covers,sticky notes, glue sticks, scissors, 1 subject notebooks,rulers, protractor, compass, aqnd pencils) after EBs I could find. A money maker this week is the blink eye drops-free after EBs-a $3 Q came out in the paper this week, making this a $3 MM!! The stayfree is free after Qs and EBs as is the Electrasol-wyb 5 at $4.50 and use 5 $2.50 qs- you get $10 Ebs. You get $1 EB wyb a gall. of milk. I went for the new Softsoap nutri serums bodywash-it ws $4.69 and got a $4 EB-since the Blink was a MM I felt paying $.69 for the bodywash was ok.
At WAGS- I bought the free after RRs this week- Gum toothbrushes and Vitamin Shampoo. I was able to score a moneymaker at WAGS this week. The suave deodorant! I bought 8 at $1.42 and used 8 $.50 Qs-then got $10 RR. This made this deal a $2.50 moneymaker!! The natural instincts hair dye is $6.99 and get $2 RR. Well, a $4 Q came out in todays paper-so this makes this deal $.99! I bought 1 paper at Wags -I needed 1 more Blink Q.

I will be buying more sunday papers tomorrow-5 inserts!!

We're grillin some stockpiled steaks this evening-I can't wait!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

So Glad it's the weekend

I was able to take advantage of the 15% off Q at WAGs yesterday. I combined the special they were running for the propane gas exchange for the gas grill with the Q. I was able to snag the propane gas for $13 something. It's regular $19.99 at WAGS. I was happy with this price. I'm wanting some grilled steaks tomorrow evening!!

I've been working on organizing my stockpile. Darlin Dan brought me home a nice shelf and this inspired me to work on my stash.

This is maybe half of my stockpile..............and this does not include food! My guest room is starting to look like a convenience store. I've been thinking about my food stockpile. My cupboards are completely out of hand.

We spent our 2nd weekend in a row working on our backyard. We trimmed a tree and Danny used the leaf blower to clean the deck. I finished off our backyard cleaning by vacuuming the pool.

I plan to spend some quality time with my Qs this evening. I need to get ready for next week, plus alot of Qs expired yesterday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I heart Super T

I am a Targeteer. I admit it. Super T and I are BFFs. I so love being able to use Target Qs and Man. Qs / Internet Qs. I had a great trip yesterday. I spent $10 OOP for $40 worth of groceries. The only thing I bought that wasn't on sale and I didn't use a coupon for, was the Swiffer Wet Jet liquid. I thought I needed some and when I got home, I realized I still had about 1/2 of a bottle! Oh well, I know that I will use this-just trying to decided if I should return this and hope for a sale soon.
Paper towels for a quarter after Qs
WW smart ones for $ .60 after Qs (great for quick meals on the run)
Free dog food (even my cat likes this canned dog food-she knows it's free)
Pasta for $ .22 after Qs (I've been hanging on to these Qs-this pasta has 3x fiber- I use a ton of spaghetti-for traditional style, chicken spaghetti, and lo mein.)
pop tarts for $ .50 after Qs (taking these to share at work)
Soy sauce for under $1 after Qs (completely out)
Alexia snacks $1.20 after Qs (my splurge-the onion strips are YUMMY)
Swiffer wet jet liquid $3.89-reg. price and NO Qs
My receipt said I saved $36!! I didn't touch my Target GC-want to use when the next great gift card deal comes out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grinding my own beef

I've been grinding my own beef lately. I really like how this is working out. I still have a stockpile of super cheap stew meat from Target. This meat was practically given to me a few months back when Target had a $2 off Q for beef. Since I really wasn't using this beef for anything besides carne guisada, I decided to try to grind it up in my food processor. I don't need a meat grinder at all. It is so super fast and easy. We are getting quality ground beef for pennies.
Darlin Dan wishes our ground beef had more fat in in now!

I feel super frugal when grinding my own meat that I bought for pennies!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Amanda and I made it to CVS bright and early Sunday morning. We snagged every single freebie this week. We are taking advantage of the free after EBs school supplies. Now that my Amanda will be teaching next year, she is really stocking up!! We both plan on donating some of our freebies.

Today I started my wheelin and dealin at WAGS-I plan to get some very cheap Starbucks Frappucccinos, Weight Watchers Candy for me, and Mars candy to give away, sheet protectors at b1g2free, and scotch bubble mailers. If I can find my $2 listerine coupons, I will do that deal also.

New account at Chase

I had read on a blog about a coupon that you can take to Chase Bank and when you open a checking account you get $100................well, I almost did that deal last month until I actually got a letter in the mail from a new Chase Bank in our neighborhood that was offering $125 to open a new account! I just needed to open the account with at least $100 deposit and leave the account open for 6 months. I decided to do this on Friday. This will be my new deal account! In 10 days they will deposit $125 in my new account! I will have $225 in my account for my wheelin and dealin. Don't you love doubling your money-this isn't even a gamble-it's a sure thing. I also plan to deposit my rebate checks in this account. I already have 2 small checks to deposit.
In order not to pay a $6 a month fee for the account, I just need to use the debit card 5 times in a month. That's no problem! Since this my new deal account, I will most likely be using this card several times a week. (When Wags has super duper deals, I usually visit them every day.) The very sweet Banker that helped me, explained about always pressing the credit key when using the debit card and I will receive points towards gift cards. This is right up my alley.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally, A Good WAGS week

I've been able to roll all of my RR's this week-WAGS actually has a couple of deals worth going after!!
They have some:
G2 pens for $1 get $1 RR
Excedrin BOGO this week-so pay $6.99 and get $5RR when you buy 2-so this is especially good- there are some good man. coupons out there and you can use 2!
Tylenol extra strength-$4.99 get $3 RR. There are some good man. coupons and internet printable coupons for this.
Chinet paper plates BOGO this week $2.99 and use 2 $1 man. coupons-makes this $ .50 a pack.
They have some great school supply sales going on-10 pack of pens for $ .19, highlighters $.09. etc.

I realized I had a boat load of coupons for the Quattro razors they have on sale this week-for some reason, I thought I had used all my Qs already-I was confusing the Fusion Qs with the Quattro Qs. So, I've done this deal 4 times!

We haven't gone out to eat at all this week or during the last weekend. We watched DVDs and played computer games for entertainment.

Friday, July 17, 2009

CVS only this week

I had a fantastic week at cvs. I haven't even stepped inside a Walgreens.
I spent $.09 on 2 separate transactions at CVS and got tons of stuff. Aren't coupons great?

I'm thinking about going to Target-depends on my mood. I've had the crude for over a week and I'm doing good just to go to work and back home. The crude has limited my hounding and scrounging (?) for perfect deals.

I am also a BIG fan of Big Brother-it's taking up alot of my time! I've been a crocheting fool lately. It is very soothing........My part time job has turned into a almost full time job this summer and it keeps me hopping.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Wow-what a week! TGIF!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
WAGs has been torture this week. I'm burning most of my hard earned RRs because they just don't have very many great deals this week. I'm very sad about this. CVS has been great!

Our electricity bill arrived today and it is SMOKING high-good thing I'm on a plan where our bill is one set amount for a whole year. I have about 1K saved up on this plan to cover the highest bills. This is only July and the bill is sky high-We've had 20 days over 100 degrees so far this summer. That's horrible.

Our water bill arrived and it is double its usual amount. I'm okay with that because we had to refill the pool last month and we missed stage 2 water retriction by a hair. Now stage 3 is being threatened-that means watering your grass every 2 weeks!!

My part time job has become an almost full time job this summer. I'm not complaining too much because the pay is great. I'm hoping to put some away for some big bills-although something usually comes up and we need the money for one reason or another.

I haven't been to Target since before our vacation. I keep checking blogs and can't really see anything that makes me want to go out in this heat and run to Target.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I did this deal yesterday and spent pennies! I did use $10 in EBs and got back $13.47 in EBs!!

CVS TONIGHT DARLIN DAN and I went shopping-our cable and internet services went down after a much needed rain storm.

This is a perfect deal! I bought 8 febreze noticables and 1 pack of drinking water on sale for $2.99. I used 8 $4 man. coupons and $14 in EBs. My cash OOP was $1.02 and I got back $25 in EBs!! CVS paid me to shop!! I was hoping I could do this deal. I had been to 3 other CVS's before going back to the closest to home.

WAGs is a pain this week. I am trying to figure out how to spend my remaining RRs. I have been able to do 2 RR deals so far- the dove deal and the Listerine/reach toothbrush/floss deal. I am taking advantage of the great Starbucks ice cream deal. I have plenty of $2 man. coupons for this deal. The ice cream is really good! I eat a small spoonful and then feel very guilty.

Tonight I made my own ground beef! I used a package of my dirt cheap Target meat and cut it up before putting in my mini food processor. I did a few small batches-I didn't want to overwork my mini. It came out great!! I know this was cheaper than buying hamburger meat in the store. (I bought a ton of Target meat when they had the $2 coupon for their steaks and roasts. )

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're back home and CVS was great today!

The Martinez on the Beach at Padre Island

We're back home from a great vacation. It was wonderful to be relaxing for 7 days on the coast of Texas! We have already reserved us a condo for next year! We fished, swam, played games, read, watched movies, crocheted, cooked, ate, drank, slept late and stayed up late. We had from 10 to 15 people with us the whole time.

My vacation stockpile was put to very good use!! It saved us soooo much money this way. We gave most of the leftovers to my step daughter who lives in Corpus Christi. I did bring my sodas, coffee, creamer, and a few unopened boxes of cereal home.

Now I'm back to couponing and saving my pennies. CVS had some great deals today. I spent $ .16 on all of this.......

What a welcome back to town!
I bought 2 Dawn dishwashing liquid $1 each(used 2 .25 Qs and got $1EB back)
2 head and shoulders shampoo $4.99 each (used BOGO Q and got $4EB back)
3 invisible tapes $1.49 each (got $4.47 EB back)
3 packs of pencils $ .99 each (got $2.97 EB back)
2 febreze noticables $6.50 each (used 2 $4 Qs and got $5EB back)
1 CVS pantiliners $ .89 (got $ .89 EB back)
1 .33 caramel (filler)

I used my 5/25 coupon I received in an email earlier this week. I used $14 EBs and got back about $18 EBs-so this was actually a perfect deal! Since the limits are higher this week for the febreze noticable deal and the head and shoulders deal, I plan to do them again after I buy more Sunday papers tomorrow!

I will be hitting Walgreens very hard this week. I have over $30 in RRs expiring this week!

Monday, June 29, 2009

We are on vacation!

We are enjoying the Texas Gulf Coast this week with family! We are staying in a 3 bedroom condo on the water. It's extremely hot! We're used to this. San Antonio has very hot summers too. Last year when we spent a week on the coast, it rained almost every day. Wish it would do that this year. San Antonio and Corpus Christi need the rain sooo bad.

It was crazy trying to get away from San Antonio on Friday. We both worked half day and had to get end of month reports/paperwork done. We had both been working non-stop last week. I did the serious packing Thursday night until midnight and got up at 4:30am on Friday t0 get to work as early as I could. As it was, I didn't get home until after 1 Friday afternoon. It took us an hour to load up the truck and off we go!!

We're having a great time! Fishing, swimming, eating, playing games, watching movies.............sleeping late cuz we're staying up be continued

Friday, June 26, 2009

Great deals this week

My favorite deals this week......TARGET-razor deal and tea deal
Walmart-got some tea and the weiners for free!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm behind

I can't believe it's Monday.........Here's what has happened since Friday.
Friday-spent day at SILs.
Saturday-worked and did WAGS deals with less than $5 OOP
Sunday-drugstore game and spent the rest of day with Darlin Dan. He had to work this weekend.
Monday-Went shopping with Amanda after my part time job. We went to CVS and Target.
I don't have OOP totals.

I'm very tired this evening. I made meat loaf after shopping for dinner.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I was able to take advantage of this deal today!

The deal is explained here

This is a great money maker!

Monday, June 15, 2009

More great deals at WAGS

I had an unbelievable day at Walgreens. I started out the morning making a pit stop at a WAGS near my part time job so I could roll my $10RR that was expiring today. Well when I was passing the toy aisle, I saw an employee on a ladder putting up 75% off stickers on some games. I asked the lady if she could get me some games since she was there on the ladder and the games were too high to safely get. I ended up getting 8 games for $1.74 each and 2 games at $3.25! These will make great Christmas presents for nieces and nephews.
I did 5 transactions during my morning run.
I bought a money maker St. Ives body wash with a game and paid with RR's. It was great!
I left with 10 games, 5 body washes, 2 boxes of cakesters, and 3 John Frieda Root Awakening products! I spent under $10 cash OOP because of the money maker body wash.
The afternoon shopping spree at WAGS was another story. Amanda and I went to my former favorite WAGS near my neighborhood. It now has a new manager and that manager happens to have transferred from one of my least favorite WAGS.....because of him! Anyway, today when I spotted him in this WAGS, I gasped and knew we were doomed. Well, we weren't really doomed today. We got all the deals we wanted, except he would only let us buy 1 St Ives body wash. We each had 2 bottles in the basket. Oh well. At first, the cashier said we could only buy 1 John Frieda item. I questioned the manager about that one. I said it was advertised 3 for $15. He said we could do only 1- 3/$15 John Frieda purchase per customer. I was fine with that because that's all I was going to do anyway. The thing about this trip was that the clerk in the cosmetic department was verging on stalking us. She kept asking us if we were ready to check out and looking in our basket. As we were approaching the cashier, she called her and reminded her of the limits. This poor cashier commented, well tell him to come up here and show me what is limit of 1. She apologized to us and said the store has a new manager and he put a limit on the sale items and I made the comment that I had some experience with this particular manager. When I saw him I knew we should expect some problems. Once at his old WAGS he inspected each of my coupons as if they were fake or counterfeit. He made me feel like I was committing coupon fraud! I try very hard to use my coupons appropriately.
Afternoon WAGS-I bought 1 St. Ives, 1 soft chew rolaids, 2 oreo cakesters, 1 soft and dry deodorant, 3 John Frieda Root Awakening products, and 2 clearance spiral notebooks. I paid with a $5 RR and an $8 RR and $2 OOP and got back $13 in RRs!($3 for St. Ives, $2 for rolaids, $3 for cakesters, and $5 for John Frieda products). So all in all, this was a great trip.
We plan to attack Target tomorrow. We are needing Pepsi and ice cream!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Emergency RR's Expiring

I ran to WAG's when I discovered that I had $26 of RR's expiring today.
My picture does not include 4 Sunday papers. I also bought 4 body washes, 6 Ragu's, 2 peanut butters, 2 rolaids, 2 OFF clip ons, 1 right guard deodorant, 4 reusable shopping bags, and 1 box of envelopes.
Everything was on sale and bought with coup0ns (of course).
I did pretty good- I bought $68.77 worth of goodies-but spent $ 5.50 cash OOP! (Just my 4 Sunday papers should've cost me $8!) I rolled $34 of RR's to $27 of RR's that expire in 2 weeks. I still have one $10 RR that expires tomorrow. I used $26.19 in manufact. coupons and $4.83 in Walgreen's in-ad coupons. I didn't pay any tax today. 3 of my receipts had a negative number for the tax!
Right now I'm holding $49 in RR's.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This picture was taken from our bedroom balcony.
Darlin Dan and I did this job by ourselves. We did it-and just in the nick of time. San Antonio will probably go to stage 2 water restriction sometime this weekend-that is what the urgency was about-once the city goes to stage 2 water restriction, we have to have 30% of the water trucked in at a much more expensive rate.
We started the draining process Thursday afternoon at 4:30. We were able to rent a pump at Home Depot for $36 for 24 hours.
By 10:30 pm we were in the pool taking the last 1-2 inches out by hand-very exhausting and filthy work! We hooked up our spot light and worked for 3 hours. At least it was somewhat cool in the middle of the night. We immediately began refilling, because above ground pools can not sit empty. It ruins the liner. The water ran from 1:30 am to 4:00 pm Friday. All the necessary start up chemicals have been added. We are totally and completly exhausted. Our bodies are screaming bloody murder!!
We did save a ton of money by doing this horrible job ourselves. My daughter got a quote of $500 for this type of job. We spent $35 on the pump, $36 for liquid conditioner and $10 for 2 bottles of muriatic acid. The water bill will be at least double- but we would still have to pay that if we had hired someone to do this.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Doesn't my phone take good pictures?
$0 cash OOP
I decided to try some Target deals this evening. We started pumping out the water in the pool and Darlin Dan had to go back to work for a few hours, so off I went. I had a plan and everything worked!
This was $41 worth before coupons- $9.50 after coupons-paid with GC and got a $5 GC back!!($4.50 net after GC) My receipt said I said $51.18?

Thanks to Attention Target Shoppers
Common Sense with Money

Soft Soap Ensemble Value Packs - $6.00 ea. (buy 2)
I BOUGHT 2 PUMPS BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE PACKS-on end of row-make sure it rings up $6-go to scanner- Use $2.00/1 printable (I COULD ONLY PRINT 1)- Use 2- $2.00/1 Target printable couponsFinal = $4.00 OOP (MY OOP WAS $6)Get $5.00 FREE Target GCAnother $2.00/1 coupon

I bought gallon bags of Ziploc Expandable Bottom for $2.49. This is what I got:
$9.96 four boxes of 28 count bags- $4.98 when I use two BOGO coupons from 5/3 SS inserts (coupons self adjusted)-$1 when I use one $1/2 manufacturer coupons from 5/10SS inserts-$4 when I used four $1/1 Target coupons (my local Target allows using more than one Target coupon per transaction)
I also noticed that Ziploc containers sell for $2.29.(THEY WERE A LITTLE MORE AT OUR TARGET, BUT I STILL GOT IT) If you buy two and use the coupon for $1.50/2 from 5/10 SS inserts and two $1/1 Target coupons and you will pay only $0.54 each.

The other deal is PACE PICANTE SAUCE-they have some 15 ounce bottles on clearance for $1.64
Use Target coupon $.50/1 and man coupon $ .75/2 4/26SS
Buy 2 = 3.28- .50-.50- .75= $1.53 for 2 bottles $ .77 each!!

I got the Oscar Mayer weiners with my free coupon.
The joint juice also free with coupons.
The windex was bought so I could send in for rebate! $2.99- $ .40Q
Fabuloso is a family fav and I had a Target coupon that was about to expire.$1.72 -$ .50Q
Soft soap ensembles $6 get a $5 GC so $1 net
Ziplock expandable bags-free after Qs
Ziplock containers-$2.59-coupons $ .84 per package


I'm so disgusted because we have to drain the pool, and do it fast because we are getting to stage 2 water restriction in our area. (Details later! )
We've been fighting with getting our pool under control and we were almost there and we got some much needed rain for a couple of days a week or so ago. After the rain, the pool got very green and we haven't been able to get rid of it. Now, we discovered a dead creature in the pool and we're all freaked out and have decided to start over. What a mess and hassle and expense.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scored a $4 rebate coupon for Soft soap ensembles at HEB!

I'm excited about this rebate because I plan to try to do the Target deal that was blogged about here,

I've already bought some of this at CVS 2 weeks ago!

Trip to HEB

We achieved our goal tonight! Our total was $30.69 before coupons, $19.11 after coupons, paid with $3.40 left on HEB GC, and $15 GC from OLAY deal and $ .71 OOP!!

we bought 2 of the 3 lb. packages of Eckrich smoked sausage $4.99 each(good price, regular price usually 6.99 or 7.99)
2 packages of mission low carb tortillas $2.89 each (cheaper at Target!)
2 carb smart ice creams $3.49 each (cheaper at Walmart)
2 Kraft dressings $1.59
1 french's mustard $ .89
1 smucker's sugar free hot fudge ice cream topping $1.99
1 magic shell chocolate fudge topping $1.89
Coupons used...
2 $ .55 off for sausage
2 $ .50 off tortillas
2 $1.00 off ice creams
2 $1.50 off salad dressing
1 $ .50 off mustard
2 FREE ice cream toppings HEB coupons!!

So some of this went right into the vacation box #2!
We'll take 1 pkg of the sausage on vacation too.
We'll eat the ice cream and tortillas now.