Monday, June 29, 2009

We are on vacation!

We are enjoying the Texas Gulf Coast this week with family! We are staying in a 3 bedroom condo on the water. It's extremely hot! We're used to this. San Antonio has very hot summers too. Last year when we spent a week on the coast, it rained almost every day. Wish it would do that this year. San Antonio and Corpus Christi need the rain sooo bad.

It was crazy trying to get away from San Antonio on Friday. We both worked half day and had to get end of month reports/paperwork done. We had both been working non-stop last week. I did the serious packing Thursday night until midnight and got up at 4:30am on Friday t0 get to work as early as I could. As it was, I didn't get home until after 1 Friday afternoon. It took us an hour to load up the truck and off we go!!

We're having a great time! Fishing, swimming, eating, playing games, watching movies.............sleeping late cuz we're staying up be continued

Friday, June 26, 2009

Great deals this week

My favorite deals this week......TARGET-razor deal and tea deal
Walmart-got some tea and the weiners for free!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm behind

I can't believe it's Monday.........Here's what has happened since Friday.
Friday-spent day at SILs.
Saturday-worked and did WAGS deals with less than $5 OOP
Sunday-drugstore game and spent the rest of day with Darlin Dan. He had to work this weekend.
Monday-Went shopping with Amanda after my part time job. We went to CVS and Target.
I don't have OOP totals.

I'm very tired this evening. I made meat loaf after shopping for dinner.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I was able to take advantage of this deal today!

The deal is explained here

This is a great money maker!

Monday, June 15, 2009

More great deals at WAGS

I had an unbelievable day at Walgreens. I started out the morning making a pit stop at a WAGS near my part time job so I could roll my $10RR that was expiring today. Well when I was passing the toy aisle, I saw an employee on a ladder putting up 75% off stickers on some games. I asked the lady if she could get me some games since she was there on the ladder and the games were too high to safely get. I ended up getting 8 games for $1.74 each and 2 games at $3.25! These will make great Christmas presents for nieces and nephews.
I did 5 transactions during my morning run.
I bought a money maker St. Ives body wash with a game and paid with RR's. It was great!
I left with 10 games, 5 body washes, 2 boxes of cakesters, and 3 John Frieda Root Awakening products! I spent under $10 cash OOP because of the money maker body wash.
The afternoon shopping spree at WAGS was another story. Amanda and I went to my former favorite WAGS near my neighborhood. It now has a new manager and that manager happens to have transferred from one of my least favorite WAGS.....because of him! Anyway, today when I spotted him in this WAGS, I gasped and knew we were doomed. Well, we weren't really doomed today. We got all the deals we wanted, except he would only let us buy 1 St Ives body wash. We each had 2 bottles in the basket. Oh well. At first, the cashier said we could only buy 1 John Frieda item. I questioned the manager about that one. I said it was advertised 3 for $15. He said we could do only 1- 3/$15 John Frieda purchase per customer. I was fine with that because that's all I was going to do anyway. The thing about this trip was that the clerk in the cosmetic department was verging on stalking us. She kept asking us if we were ready to check out and looking in our basket. As we were approaching the cashier, she called her and reminded her of the limits. This poor cashier commented, well tell him to come up here and show me what is limit of 1. She apologized to us and said the store has a new manager and he put a limit on the sale items and I made the comment that I had some experience with this particular manager. When I saw him I knew we should expect some problems. Once at his old WAGS he inspected each of my coupons as if they were fake or counterfeit. He made me feel like I was committing coupon fraud! I try very hard to use my coupons appropriately.
Afternoon WAGS-I bought 1 St. Ives, 1 soft chew rolaids, 2 oreo cakesters, 1 soft and dry deodorant, 3 John Frieda Root Awakening products, and 2 clearance spiral notebooks. I paid with a $5 RR and an $8 RR and $2 OOP and got back $13 in RRs!($3 for St. Ives, $2 for rolaids, $3 for cakesters, and $5 for John Frieda products). So all in all, this was a great trip.
We plan to attack Target tomorrow. We are needing Pepsi and ice cream!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Emergency RR's Expiring

I ran to WAG's when I discovered that I had $26 of RR's expiring today.
My picture does not include 4 Sunday papers. I also bought 4 body washes, 6 Ragu's, 2 peanut butters, 2 rolaids, 2 OFF clip ons, 1 right guard deodorant, 4 reusable shopping bags, and 1 box of envelopes.
Everything was on sale and bought with coup0ns (of course).
I did pretty good- I bought $68.77 worth of goodies-but spent $ 5.50 cash OOP! (Just my 4 Sunday papers should've cost me $8!) I rolled $34 of RR's to $27 of RR's that expire in 2 weeks. I still have one $10 RR that expires tomorrow. I used $26.19 in manufact. coupons and $4.83 in Walgreen's in-ad coupons. I didn't pay any tax today. 3 of my receipts had a negative number for the tax!
Right now I'm holding $49 in RR's.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This picture was taken from our bedroom balcony.
Darlin Dan and I did this job by ourselves. We did it-and just in the nick of time. San Antonio will probably go to stage 2 water restriction sometime this weekend-that is what the urgency was about-once the city goes to stage 2 water restriction, we have to have 30% of the water trucked in at a much more expensive rate.
We started the draining process Thursday afternoon at 4:30. We were able to rent a pump at Home Depot for $36 for 24 hours.
By 10:30 pm we were in the pool taking the last 1-2 inches out by hand-very exhausting and filthy work! We hooked up our spot light and worked for 3 hours. At least it was somewhat cool in the middle of the night. We immediately began refilling, because above ground pools can not sit empty. It ruins the liner. The water ran from 1:30 am to 4:00 pm Friday. All the necessary start up chemicals have been added. We are totally and completly exhausted. Our bodies are screaming bloody murder!!
We did save a ton of money by doing this horrible job ourselves. My daughter got a quote of $500 for this type of job. We spent $35 on the pump, $36 for liquid conditioner and $10 for 2 bottles of muriatic acid. The water bill will be at least double- but we would still have to pay that if we had hired someone to do this.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Doesn't my phone take good pictures?
$0 cash OOP
I decided to try some Target deals this evening. We started pumping out the water in the pool and Darlin Dan had to go back to work for a few hours, so off I went. I had a plan and everything worked!
This was $41 worth before coupons- $9.50 after coupons-paid with GC and got a $5 GC back!!($4.50 net after GC) My receipt said I said $51.18?

Thanks to Attention Target Shoppers
Common Sense with Money

Soft Soap Ensemble Value Packs - $6.00 ea. (buy 2)
I BOUGHT 2 PUMPS BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE PACKS-on end of row-make sure it rings up $6-go to scanner- Use $2.00/1 printable (I COULD ONLY PRINT 1)- Use 2- $2.00/1 Target printable couponsFinal = $4.00 OOP (MY OOP WAS $6)Get $5.00 FREE Target GCAnother $2.00/1 coupon

I bought gallon bags of Ziploc Expandable Bottom for $2.49. This is what I got:
$9.96 four boxes of 28 count bags- $4.98 when I use two BOGO coupons from 5/3 SS inserts (coupons self adjusted)-$1 when I use one $1/2 manufacturer coupons from 5/10SS inserts-$4 when I used four $1/1 Target coupons (my local Target allows using more than one Target coupon per transaction)
I also noticed that Ziploc containers sell for $2.29.(THEY WERE A LITTLE MORE AT OUR TARGET, BUT I STILL GOT IT) If you buy two and use the coupon for $1.50/2 from 5/10 SS inserts and two $1/1 Target coupons and you will pay only $0.54 each.

The other deal is PACE PICANTE SAUCE-they have some 15 ounce bottles on clearance for $1.64
Use Target coupon $.50/1 and man coupon $ .75/2 4/26SS
Buy 2 = 3.28- .50-.50- .75= $1.53 for 2 bottles $ .77 each!!

I got the Oscar Mayer weiners with my free coupon.
The joint juice also free with coupons.
The windex was bought so I could send in for rebate! $2.99- $ .40Q
Fabuloso is a family fav and I had a Target coupon that was about to expire.$1.72 -$ .50Q
Soft soap ensembles $6 get a $5 GC so $1 net
Ziplock expandable bags-free after Qs
Ziplock containers-$2.59-coupons $ .84 per package


I'm so disgusted because we have to drain the pool, and do it fast because we are getting to stage 2 water restriction in our area. (Details later! )
We've been fighting with getting our pool under control and we were almost there and we got some much needed rain for a couple of days a week or so ago. After the rain, the pool got very green and we haven't been able to get rid of it. Now, we discovered a dead creature in the pool and we're all freaked out and have decided to start over. What a mess and hassle and expense.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scored a $4 rebate coupon for Soft soap ensembles at HEB!

I'm excited about this rebate because I plan to try to do the Target deal that was blogged about here,

I've already bought some of this at CVS 2 weeks ago!

Trip to HEB

We achieved our goal tonight! Our total was $30.69 before coupons, $19.11 after coupons, paid with $3.40 left on HEB GC, and $15 GC from OLAY deal and $ .71 OOP!!

we bought 2 of the 3 lb. packages of Eckrich smoked sausage $4.99 each(good price, regular price usually 6.99 or 7.99)
2 packages of mission low carb tortillas $2.89 each (cheaper at Target!)
2 carb smart ice creams $3.49 each (cheaper at Walmart)
2 Kraft dressings $1.59
1 french's mustard $ .89
1 smucker's sugar free hot fudge ice cream topping $1.99
1 magic shell chocolate fudge topping $1.89
Coupons used...
2 $ .55 off for sausage
2 $ .50 off tortillas
2 $1.00 off ice creams
2 $1.50 off salad dressing
1 $ .50 off mustard
2 FREE ice cream toppings HEB coupons!!

So some of this went right into the vacation box #2!
We'll take 1 pkg of the sausage on vacation too.
We'll eat the ice cream and tortillas now.

Tuesday at Walgreens

Amanda and I went to WAGS today.
Wags OOP $ .59 for $19 worth-receipt said I saved $33-everything I bought was on sale or clearance or a RR deal.
I got 2 bottles of All detergent on sale for $4.49 each
1 bottle of Snuggle $4.49
1 4oz baby powder $1.99(free after Qs and RR)
1 small notebook $ .50 (very pretty and on clearance)
2 regular size notebooks $ .75 each(these are so pretty and on clearance)
1 handheld slot game $1.59(for Darlin Dan)
I used 1 coupon for snuggle $ .50
1 coup0on for All $1/2
1 coupon for baby powder $1
1 $9 RR
1 $3 RR
2 $2 RR
$5 RR for All/Snuggle deal
$1 RR for baby powder
I did burn $10 in RRs-but these were RRs I got with moneymaker deals from the last 2 weeks. If I don't roll or burn these within 2 weeks they expire! Next week is going to be a major RR rolling week.
Amanda also did the All/Snuggle deal and she also did the chips ahoy cookie deal-buy 2 packages for $5 and get $3 RR back! $1 a bag! Now Amanda has a $5 RR for next week from the All deal.
I made fideo for dinner tonight- a homemade mexican style noodle dish that is a family favorite. I used some no yolk thin noodles I bought for $ .25 a bag, a can of tomato sauce from the WAGS conagra deal and hamburger meat that had been browned and frozen ahead of time. It's seasoned with garlic powder and cumin powder. Serve with beans and tortillas. Now I didn't have time to make pinto beans today, so I cheated and used ranch style beans. Our tortillas are mission brand that are lower carb. There is a coupon for them now.
We're about to go to HEB to snag the Ekrich sausage sale-it's the last day of the sale and I wanted to get some for vacation and our freezer.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jeri's Best Drugstore Deals for Week of June 7

CVS Best Deals

Bayer contour meter $14.99 get $5 eb Limit 1-$14.99 free Bayer Breeze2 or Contour Meter (up to $30) SS 3/22/09 or RP 2/1/09

Gillette Fusion, Venus Embrace or Spa Breeze (excludes disposables) $7.99 get $4 EB LIMIT 1-$4 Gillette Fusion Manual or Power Razor P&G 6/7

Dawn Dish Liquid 10.3 oz 2/$2 get $1 EB wyb 2 LIMIT 1-$.25 Dawn, any size P&G 6/7

Kellogg's Special K, Frosted Flakes, Mini-Wheats Cereal or Special K or Nutri Grain Bars bogo -$1.50 Frosted Flakes coupon ,use 2, RP 6/7

Walgreen's Best Deals

all detergent / snuggle fabric softener 26 or 32 loads $4.49 get $5 rr wyb 3-$.50 snuggle liquid fabric softener, any 5/17/09 RP

Johnson's Baby Powder 1.5oz $2/2
get $1 RR
$1/1 RP 4/26

Cover Girl Cosmetics B1 G 1/2 off $1 6/7 PG

Today's CVS receipt

Here's my receipt from today. Just playing with the camera on my phone!

I'm back from MIA

My step granddaughter graduated from high school this weekend. We attended the ceremony in Corpus Christi. It was nice to get away and see my stepdaughter, Veronica and Nia, the graduate. We had a great visit and will see them again in 3 weeks when we go back for a whole week!
Back to the challenge-

Tried to find more Ecotrins at WAGS since they were a $2 money maker. Darlin Dan took me hounding Friday night to 3 different WAGS and we couldn't find any--I ended up blowing some RR's on clearance items-

I actually had to work today-it was our last day for the school year-on a Saturday!

We left for Corpus Christi around noon. This overnight trip cost us about $130-room, gas, and food included. Room $65, Gas $30, 3 meals-$35 (we're super cheap when it comes to eating out).
We actually found Ecotrins in Corpus Christi! We did 2 deals- $4 money maker!

Attended graduation ceremony and a BBQ after.

We bought 10 Corpus Christi Sunday newspapers- at $1.50 each- $.50 cheaper than at home.
However, this was not such a perfect deal, much to my dismay. Corpus Christi inserts, do NOT have all the coupons we get in San Antonio. When I got home, I compared the inserts, and discovered they had fewer coupons in the inserts. Boo Hoo. I'm assuming that maybe the amount of coupons are issued according to the population?

No other shopping today. Visiting and traveling home.

We cut the yard when we got home!

Weird day- NO SCHOOL!

I worked my part time job for 4 hours.

I bought 5 more San Antonio Sunday papers and gave 2 to Amanda. ($10 OOP)

Went CVSing with Amanda and spent $ .77 OOP!!
I took this picture with my new phone-not bad!

I spent $12 ECBs and got back back $10 ECBs!
All this for $ .77!!
2 boxes of Frosted Flakes (for our week at the coast)
2 grape jellies (for vacation)
2 Dawn liquid dish detergent(will take one on vacation)
1 Contour meter-Amanda donated one of her coupons!
1 Fusion gamer razors with bonus trial items
2 boxes of Hefty bags

Tomorrow we are going to WAGS!!

My vacation box is full and I'm starting a second box!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Nothing exciting here...I haven't been able to get to Wags.Work, work, work.
Maybe tomorrow.

Sweet Jessica made dinner last night. I went home and went right for the bed. My stomach decided to act up!

Sweet Amanda scattered some fertilizer on the lawn yesterday. It looked like a storm, but it never happened. I was able to water down the yard this morning before I left for work. I wasn't up to it last night.

I was able to score 12 smart source inserts from the freebie neighborhood paper today!


Too busy to think about shopping!
$o OOP

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy Week

Since this is the last week of school, I'm overloaded with paperwork.

I'm spending lots of time on the computer, completing reports................this is how I've done up to today.

Thursday-I can't remember!

Did a couple of Wags deals with very little OOP- I was rollin my RR's with the freebies.

Went to Super Target and spent $13 OOP-my receipt said I savid $40+.
I used lotssss of coupons and got a $5 GC back. I'm working on my vacation stockpile!

We did our usual CVS run-nothing spectacular this week. Did spend a little cash $6(oops)

Back to Super Target-another $6 OOP-saved $34 and got $10 GC!
We BBQd hamburgers and hotdogs-everything from the stockpile!
Wags- I was able to do the Bayer Monitor 4x and ecotrin deal 4x with coupons=$48 RR MONEY MAKER!!

Wags-finished my bayer monitor coupons-2 more monitors and 2 more ecotrins=$24 RR Money Maker!
Chicho Bros. Produce=I bought $13 worth of produce.

$0 OOP no time today to do anything but work on these crazy reports.