Thursday, May 28, 2009

I can't believe it's Thursday

Wow! It's Thursday already. The week has flown by.
The week so far, in review.............
went to CVS with Amanda. Spent $0.41 OOP for lots of goodies. Spent $18 in Ebs and received $19 back in EBs.
Thats all the spending on Sunday.
Dinner-we had a great grilled steak dinner!

We took a "Daycation" to Eagle Pass-we were in the mood for some casino action. Darlin Dan took some money from our vacation account and we were on our way-Eagle Pass has a casino on an Indian reservation and this is about 2-2 1/2 hours from S.A. We had a great time. Gambled all day and we had a good winning day. We brought back all our money we took and put it back in the bank!
Since the money we took on our "Daycation" was vacation money saved, I
don't feel bad about trying to spend it.....we only took so much and said we would leave when it was gone.
Lunch- we got a free buffet from the casino with our players card!

I hadn't been to Walgreen's to get the RR deals.
I stopped and got my deals for $ .75 OOP.
The rest on my dwindling GC.
Dinner- we made nachos.

Another Walgreen's pit stop.
I'm rollin the RR's and spending as little OOP as I can.
Spent $1.21 OOP.
Lunch was hot dogs brought to work.
We had Tuna sandwiches for dinner.

I remembered that we will be going to the coast for a week in about a month (June 26). I wanted to get as much food as I could ahead of time this year. Last year, we went to HEB once we got to the beach and we spent a small fortune. I'm looking at my stockpile and studying the sales.
I think I can get almost everything we need. I'm working on a plan!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Oh no! Our hot water heater sprung a big leak!! $214 later, it is no longer leaking. I was totally and completely freaking out. I REALLY didn't want to have to buy a new hot water heater today! I'm glad it could be repaired. We will be shopping around and keeping our eyes open for a great hot water heater deal..

I also needed an oil change for my car .........with oil and air filter! Another $50!

The moral of this story is, because I have been counting just about every penny spent, today's spending didn't hurt so much. Wish we didn't have to, but when ya gotta, ya gotta.

I spent some change at Wags today. I wanted to get a couple more of those sweet lighter deals. So I did my best, with very little OOP.

I stopped at CVS and got the Dial soap deal. This is Darlin Dan's fav soap and I think this is the first time that it has been on sale since I started couponing in October! While I was there, I picked up a BOGO deal for Lay's potato chips and paid for everything with EBs and $0.21.

I stopped at HEB for $7 worth of items needed for tonights poker game. I'm making chicken posole-I have everything for the posole in my stockpile and freezer. I needed some corn tortillas and some produce (onions, celantro,tomatoes, cantalope and a jar of salsa).
I used my HEB GC Darlin Dan won last month. No cash OOP.

Before I started couponing and stockpiling, it wouldn't be unusual for me to go to HEB and spend $100 for poker night.(That includes the paper plates, cups, plastic ware, sodas, chips, etc...) Now, I have everything I need on hand, or I can easily get what I need with coupons, EBs, RRs, GCs.


Friday was much better! I figured out that I could buy some printer ink with some RR's with very little OOP! I was going to have to buy some anyway and now I feel that I used the RR's I got from my goof the other day.
My other WAGs deals were great too. I stocked up on Oscar Mayer hot dogs- The Wags in San ANtonio had these hot dogs on sale instead of Ball Park. I would buy them with a RR deal that was a money maker with coupons, so I spent very little oop! I got 6 packs of hot dogs, 2 doz. eggs (a certains Wags always has eggs for $ .99!),2 bags of doritos, several packs of plastic ware, 2 packs of plastic cups, and the RR deals this week.
I don't have an exact total of how much OOP today-but it's not much.
We're hosting poker tonight and I needed some hosting necessities!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm feeling like a failure

I spent too much money OOP! I could not resist the WaGS coupon 5/25-
I pretty much planned out my purchase to a t and ended up paying $20.92 OOP and was SUPPOSED to get $26 back in RR's.............NOT-the RR machine jammed after $21 worth of RR's spit out! I was given $3.23 back in cash and because I did not realize I did not get a RR for the Benefiber, I lost out completely on that one.
I know that this is still a moneymaker of sorts. But, this challenge is about not spending cash OOP and I failed, miserably.
Since I got back some cash, I had OOP of $17.69. Since, I got back $21 in RRs, I made $3.31 more in RRs than what I spent in cash. Big deal, I still spent cash.
This 5/25 coupon sucks because it forces you to spend cash-unless you have a GC. I decided against using my $79 GC from Lowes. I haven't touched it yet. Maybe I should've and I wouldn't be feeling so down right now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Another day of feeling under the weather. I didn't intend on doing any shopping, but when I saw the $5/25 coupon from WAGS for Wednesday and Thursday, I suddenly remembered I had RR's expiring today. I did some figuring in my head on the way home from work and made a pit stop and came out $1.50 ahead!
I spent $ .73 OOP (used 4 $2 RRs) and got a $4.50 and $5 RR back.

I'm deciding if I want to use the $5/25 coupon. I would probably use of my GC if I do. I'm going to try to get as many RR's back as possible.

Tonight we're watching Americn Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

Darlin Dan took care of dinner tonight.


I did not spend anything on Monday......I was dragging myself to work and back home.

Watched Dancin with the Stars while eating a sandwich and fell asleep during the Bachelorette.

$0 OOP


I woke up feeling a little under the weather. Couldn't get motivated to do the normal Sunday drugstore shopping. We made it over to Verizon after 12 and then went on a field trip to Leslie's pools. We split the cost of the shock for the pool with my daughter.

The $5/50 Target coupon was burning a hole in my pocket and I gathered up the strength to make a Target run. I spent $20 on my GC for $61 worth of groceries.! I used several Target coupons on top of man. coupons. My receipt said I saved $53!

So, Sunday I spent $20 OOP cash for the pool shock, but my daughter wouldn't take it ;(
The phone is from my Darlin Dan ;)
Target on GC


I know I'm behind. I've been playing with my new toy-My Darlin Dan got me a Blackberry for the rest of my birthday/mother's day! I'm sooooooo spooooiiiilllleed. Anyway, we received a letter from verizon that we could get this blackberry at a good price and we grabbed it. I don't need it, but I've always wanted one-from the moment the blackberry's (?) came out. I'm learning all about it and it is so great!

We got some much needed rain! We made a quick stop at Wag's where my Darlin Dan discovered his Curve Crush on clearance for $8. We grabbed it and paid with my gift card that is rapidly disappearing.

We stopped at CVS before poker to break a $20 (ha ,ha). I was able to snag 2 more razors and some bayer crystals AND break the $20 bill!

We actually came out $2.50 ahead at poker!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I had a good Frugal Friday--was able to do a couple more deals at WAGS-using GC and RR's
Darlin Dan and I had lunch together!!! We spent around $10 total for 2 mexican plates, iced tea, and tortillas. When we do go out to eat, we usually eat at small mom and pop mexican food restaurants. We haven't had lunch (during the week) together for a long time.

TARGET--The first Target I went to wouldn't let me use a Target Q and Man. Q for the same product-so I left without buying anything-I told the cashier I was going to the Target that takes all my coupons and then I called the store manager from my car and she said that Target does accept both types of coupons for the same product and that she would talk to her cashiers-I told her that I was very unhappy and that I had a problem at this Target last week trying to buy 2 candles using a coupon for each candle-I was told that I could only use 1 coupon-again she said I was right and that she would talk to her cashiers-I then told her that I didn't know if I was going to shop at her Target anymore because of what happened! Then I went to the Target closer to home and they took all my coupons! I paid $2.75 OOP on GC and saved $13!
I was able to get these Dove Deodorants and body spray combos for dirt cheap with $1.25 man q. and $1 Target q. They are on clearance for about $2.54. I plan to get some more of these!

When I got home, I had a coupon booklet from Super Target! I received a $5/$50 coupon and several Target grocery coupons. Last week I got a different Target coupon booklet.
I'm planning a major Target shopping trip with some of my BIG coupons!! Got any suggestions?

Friday, May 15, 2009


Thursday was a long day-did some WAGs shopping with very little OOP-$0.59 cash for $23.30 worth of goods! Not too shabby. Rolled some of those RR's.

Ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the run-from stockpile of course.

Got my 10 free smart source inserts for the week- from a neighborhood paper that comes out every Thursday.

Made a HEB run-I get disappointed everytime I go to HEB cuz I can't get the great deals-oh well...spent $14 on GC Darlin Dan won and saved $9 in coupons. Got some chicken breast on sale for $1 a pound and a "combo loco" I wasn't crazy about, and if I had studied next weeks WAGs sales ahead of time, I might not have bothered with this. Ball Park Franks are BOGO next week at WAGs and the man. coupon for $1/2 is good until Sunday. I paid $3.38 a pack and used my $1/2 Q and got a pack of cheese, sarah lee buns, and a can of store brand chili free. So, reg price would've been $11.86, and I paid $5.78.
So, Sunday if I get the BOGO franks at WAGs, I think they will be $3.28 BOGO-$1/2 Q= $2.28-can use a $2 RR and pay pennies OOP-which is a better deal?? I'm thinkin I don't need the extra freebies from HEB, but if it is a better deal I'll do it again. Decisions.........

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another great deal at Target

I read on Attention Target Shoppers,, about the swiffer deal and I did it today!!
I bought 4 swiffer refill pads for $4.04 each - $ .75 Q each(need to buy $20 worth of products and I bought $8 worth last week during WAGS deal)Paid with GC and got $10 in GC back and will send for $10 rebate!
Read her post cuz she makes better sense than I do-it's been a long day!
No cash OOP at Target.

Did a couple of WAG's deals-hadn't been able to get my hands on the freebie's until today............another great frugal shopping day at WAG's' all OOP on GC.

$0 cash OOP
I was adding up my WAG's receipts for May and I've bought about $250 worth of stuff for $9.50 cash OOP---I'm ok with that!

I literally threw some frozen chicken in the crockpot this morning-we ate some yummy chicken sandwiches for dinner (surprise!).
We worked on the pool for a couple of minutes and turned on American Idol.

I'm really loving this challenge-it makes me weigh each purchase.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today was another very busy day. Stopped at Wags after work, but they didn't have the deals I wanted, so I left without buying anything.

Jessica made pasta for dinner and we worked out before American Idol.

$0 OOP today...............but I plan to do some major frugal hounding manana!!

Monday May 12

$0 OOP today
I was too busy to even think about spending any money..............we had tuna sandwiches for dinner and Dancin with the Stars for entertainment........We added some Wii Fit workouts.

Sunday, May 10, 2009



I'll get to CVS later in the day.

The girls are making breakfast for me and we'll plant up some of my pots I have in the front yard with pretty plants they got for me yesterday.

I'm in a blue mood. Thinkin of my mom..............


Saturday.............I'm another year older today ................enough said.


I was able to do this great deal 2x. I bought 4 fiber one pastry boxes, 2 glade3 soy candles, 2 mayo, 2 small chex mix, 2 packs of Target sponges, 3 joint juices, 1 toothbrush. To pay for this, I used my 2 $5 GC that I received from my last Target trip and $1.39 on my other Target GC. I received 2 more $5 GCs! No cash OOP!
At CVS, I did spend some cash though. Birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary and Graduation.....$14 (and this is with a coupon for one free card up to $3). OUCH. Then, I turned around and got $18 worth of freebies and rolled my ECBs!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I had one of those days and at work! And I ended up getting stung by some angry wasps and that really got me going.

Anyway, I did some heavy duty frugal shopping at WAGS, HEB, and Target. Everything I bought had a coupon! I paid with my G.C.s and so I'm a happy camper.

I bought eggs for $.99 a dozen at WAGS............with other deals as a filler.I'm thoroughly stocked with tomato sauce from doing the conagra deal! With Overage at Target, I bought tortillas! I got some very dirt cheap(although dirt isn't that cheap anymore)deals-free joint juice, apples,bliss candy bars. Almost free snack bars, mayo, pasta. At HEB, I was able to get some ice cream with Q's!! I had to pick up coffee creamer, and wouldn't you know, HEB had a Q for $1 off the biggest bottle of their store brand!!

Darlin Dan worked until 8:30 last night, so I was able to get all my running around done. When he got home, we had our diet A & W root beer floats with sugar free ice cream!! He's down 21 lbs and I'm down 9lbs.!! We watched Gray's Anatomy and I went downstairs to make the floats and missed a very important part of the show. I kept saying, what happened? Note to self, make floats before show starts!

Cash OOP $0
OOP was ALL on GCs!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I was sooo busy that I didn't even think of spending money, except to pick up fast food...............but I didn't. Darlin Dan and I had breakfast for supper. I was too tired to make anything else.

Nothing OOP today.

I drank an energy drink after dinner and worked on my house. My sis is coming to visit Friday night!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday (Day22) Week #4

Week 3 OOP grand total..............$13.91


Took breakfast and lunch to work

1 Wags deal 28 cents OOP

Tonights entertainment
Dancing with the Stars and American Idol

Monday (day 21)

Week #3 Total OOP $10.75

Monday #21
I spent some OOP today-I forgot that my WAGs GC reloaded.
I did some Walgreens deals and spent $2.70 cash OOP for 4 purchases worth $48.48.

AT CVS I spent $ .46 cash OOP for $10.50 purchase--rolled those ECBs.

I took breakfast and lunch to work.

Went to Beading Buddies-a beading group I belong to. Had dinner there-and my friend Barb surprised me with a birthday cake and present!! AND she saved me all her COUPONS!!!

Danny picked up his dinner using a gift certificate!! Way to go, Darlin Dan!

Total cash OOP today......$3.16.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Day 20

Week 3

Today was a great day! I made us breakfast before Darlin Dan's golf game.
Darlin Dan had a golf tournament and I went shopping.............Amanda and I visited CVS and WAGs. We did our deals and we were able to snag a free Aveeno travel kit when we bought 3 Aveeno products-we were able to buy 3 small lotions each-on sale for $2.63 and we had $1 man. coupons. We paid with RR's and under a buck OOP!!

My trip to Target was terrific. I saved $31 and spent $13 on a GC. So, no cash OOP. I got 2 $5 GCs also! Target has some great deals going on. I got some free apples, fiber one bars(got $5 GC with purchase of 4 boxes) Quaker snack bites, and salsa. Very cheap mayo, pond's facial wipes(got $5 GC with purchase of 2 30 ct packs), cheddar cheese, and juice. No coupons for tortillas, murray's cookies, and ice cream.

Yesterday, Darlin Dan and I got a fantastic deal at Kohl's. We used our $30 in Kohl's Kash to buy him some OOP $1.32!

We did go to the bread store. We bought 4 loaves of bread for a total OOP of $4.38. At HEB and Target, this bread is $2.89 a loaf! These 4 loaves will probably last us 2 weeks.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


This month I bought $592.60 worth of merchandise at WAGS. I spent
$39.98 cash OOP. I used $221.41 in coupons and $279.50 in RR's. I spent $54.49 on my Wags GC.

AT CVS, I bought $286.41 worth of merchandise. I spent $22.96 cash OOP and $25 on GC. I used $123.73 in coupons and $106.50 in ECB's.

Total of Drugstore Game for April 2009
Bought $879.01
Spent OOP cash $62.94

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Day #18

Week#3 Total OOP........................$4.05

Friday Day #18

It's Friday!!

Breakfast and Lunch brown bagged.

Dinner Tuna Sandwiches........................I've lost 2.9 lbs on our "sandwich" menu this week.
I made a great discovery money maker at WAGS today................the wintergreen flavor of Rembrandt toothpaste rings up for $1.89 and you still get $6 RR!! I snagged the 4 tubes this WAGS had...can you say money maker??? This toothpaste is mine! I have stained teeth from medication I took as a child and I use any whitening product that I can get my hands on. I'm hoping to visit a few WAGS tomorrow, just to see if they have any more of the money maker flavor.
I was able to snag SEVERAL Smart Source inserts from this last Sunday's paper. A neighborhood paper that comes out on Thursdays has the inserts, and I visit various convenience stores and snag a few from each.
I will have to visit the bread store tomorrow. With all the sandwiches we've eaten for lunch and dinner, we have depleted my freezer stockpile of "Light" bread that we eat-it's lower carb.
Time to get to a grocery store for tortillas and salsa!
Today's OOP.........$1.40