Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My laptop is working

It was the power cord. My son-in-law checked it out and told me the power cord was dead. I ordered a new cord through on Saturday night and it arrived in the mail today! I'm doing cartwheels in my mind ;-)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Money Making Loreal Lip Gloss at Walgreens

Wild for Wags wrote about this deal today! (Click on it to see the deal) This blogger has the deal written out perfectly.
I actually found some of the marked down Loreal Lip gloss! This is a very good deal! So good, I did it twice. I paid $ .22 cash OOP after all my Qs for each transaction!! What is SO amazing is that on each of my receipts, it says I saved $40.95!! So, I'm thinkin I just paid $ .44 cash OOP for $81.90 worth of goodies. I grabbed the Dawn on sale for $ .99 to cover the overage and used The $ .25 man. Q from the recent P&G insert.
OMG-perfect deal!!

Super T shopping

Super Target:Not too much to brag about. 10 ear of corn for $1. The brisket is on sale for $ .99 a lb. I bought 2. The large one is to take on vacation this week and the other one I cut in half and cooked a portion in the pressure cooker. I put this half in the freezer. Now that's a story for another day.
I spent $0 cash OOP because I bought this with my Target GC.($24.46)
I might go back to Super T this week after I do my research on the Target deals!

Monday, June 28, 2010


I decided to do some Walgreens shopping today since the socks weren't printing out the RRs yesterday.

I have 2 favorite transactions

2 Twizzlers @ $1.50 each =$3.00
6 Dentyne gum @ $ .66 each =$ 3.96
1 airplus aloe socks =$3.00
1 blistop=$5.00
1 pack of plastic forks=$ .99
-$3 in Dentyne man. Q
-$ .49 in ad q for forks
- $ 1.98 in ad q for dentyne
paid with $10 in RR and $ .48 cash OOP
GOT BACK $2RR for twizzlers, $3RR for socks, and $5RR for Blistop=$10 in RRs

6 Dentyne gum @ $ .66 each =$ 3.96

1 airplus aloe socks =$3.00
1 Blistex smoothies=$3.00
1 can tuna=$1.19
-$3 in Dentyne man. Q
- $ 1.98 in ad q for dentyne
-$ .64 in ad q for tuna
paid with a $5RR and $ .52 cash OOP
GOT BACK $3RR for socks and $3RR for Blistex=$6 in RRs

So, I spent $1 even cash OOP for $27.10 worth of goodies. I used $15 in RRs and got back $16 in RRs-made $1 in RRs, so my net spent was ...................$0. Bingo-perfect deal!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday CVS 6/28

I had a great time at CVS today. I did 2 transactions with 2 cards at 2 stores. I took advantage of the very cheap Extra laundry detergent $ .50 each after $1 man. Q, free Stayfree pads, free M &Ms, and super cheap Windex, Glade Air freshener and zip loc bags. Oh yeah, and I got the very cheap bottled water.

So this is what I did
Trans #1
6 x Xtra detergent @$1.50 = $9.00
2 Windex @$2.50=$5.00
2 Ziploc bags @ $2.50=$5.00
2 Stayfree @$3.79=$7.58
2 M&Ms @ $.89=$1.78
1 pk of bottled water =$1.89
-$3.79 CVS BOGO Stayfree
$ .89 CVS BOGO M&M
-$6 in Xtra Qs
-$2 in Windex Qs
-$1 in Ziploc Q
-$3.79 BOGO Stayfree Q
-$ .89 BOGO M&M Q
=$18.36 in Qs
total due $11.89
paid with $12 in EBs
got back $5 in EBs
$0 cash OOP and I burned $7 in EBs

Trans #2
3 x Xtra Detergent @$1.50 =$4.50
1 x Windez Antibacterial = $2.50
3 x Glade fab+air= $7.50
2 x M&Ms= $1.78
2 x Stayfree @ $3.79=$7.58
5 x Sunday paper @ $2.00 = $10.00
-$3.79 CVS BOGO Stayfree
$ .89 CVS BOGO M&M
-$3 in Xtra Qs
$1 in Windex Q
$3 in Glade qs
-$3.79 BOGO Stayfree Q
-$ .89 BOGO M&M Q
=$16.36 in Qs
total due = $17.50
paid with $ 12 in EBs and $5.69 on GC
got back $5 in EBs
spent $5.69 on GC and burned $7 in EBs

So I bought $ 64.11 worth of goodies, burned $14 in EBs, $0 cash OOP & $5.69 on GC
I'm ok with burning those EBS. That laundry detergent deal was too good to pass up and I neede my papers!

Family Fun with Febreze House Party and Poker

My 1st House party event!
Last night I hosted a Family night at our house featuring Febreze products that House Party sent. Look at all the free goodies House Party sent. They sent me a big box of goodies that filled up the poker table.
If you're interested in possibly hosting a party, go here and check it out! Each guest brought their significant other and we ate, drank, played Wii games, and played poker! Each lady got a goodie bag of FREE Febreze products, thanks to Febreze and House party. They sent a ton of coupons!! I got an Apron that I wore all night!
I want to thank my Darlin Dan for helping me sooooo much! He's the best husband in the whole wide world.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Walgreens 6/27

We've got some deals to go after next week!
Thanks to Frugalsuz, I will be totally ready-
Here's some of the best deals-
1. Dentyne Gum three for $0.98 with in-circular coupon (give second), use $1 coupon (6/13 SS) = FREE Or buy six and use three $1 coupons (regular price is three for $1.98, so $3.96 - three $1 coupons) and then circular coupon = $1.01 profit

2. Blistex Lip Balm Smoothies (3 pack) $2.99, get back $3 RR = FREE
3.Airplus Aloe Infused Socks for Her $3, get back $3 RR = FREE
4.Flexitol Blistop $5, get back $5 RR = FREE
5.Pepsi 12 packs four for $13, get back $5 RR = $2 each
6.Twizzlers (11-16 oz) $1.50, buy two and get back $2 RR = $1 or $0.50 each *Coupon coming in Sunday's paper? (listed in CVS circular)

Four Day Sale Items - 6/30-7/3

1.Green Tea (4 pack, 12 oz) $3.99, use $3 coupon (4/25 SS) or $2 coupon and get back $3 RR = $2.01 - $1.01 profit
2.Noxzema Triple Blade Disposable Razor (4 pack) $3.99, use $2 coupon (5/23 RP) and get back $3 RR = $1.01 profit
3.Crest Extra White Plus Scope Outlast Toothpaste (5.8 oz) $3, use $0.75 coupon (6/6 P&G) and get back $3 RR = $0.75 profit
4.Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tablets (40 pack) $2.99, use $1 coupon (5/2 SS) and get back $2 RR = FREE
5.Sure or Brut Deodorant $1.99, use $1.50 Sure coupon (5/2 SS), $1 Sure coupon (5/2 SS) or $1 Brut coupon (June or July issue All You magazine) and get back $1 RR = $0.50 profit - FREE

Spending time with the Grandkids

Between working my part time job and some summer school (and shopping),  we've  spent some quality time with 2 of the grandkids. Now that's the life!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finding those deals at Walgreens

I finally found the little trial size men's body washes! The problem is, this store only had 3 of the regular size body washes. Oh well.
I received my $2 renu coupons in the mail today and I was itching to use some. The Renu is getting hard to find, so I'm playing scavenger hunt. The Neut. facial bars have restocked in some of the stores and are generating RRs. I was able to do the candy deal!! I found 8 of the king size packages of candies-4 Reeses and 4 kit kats. I used the in-ad coupon, paid $7.02(with RRs of course)  and got a $5RR back.I'm so excited that I was able to continue buying my groceries at Walgreens with my money maker RRs! It is also fantastic that Walgreens now carries Kiolbassa sausage and Chorizo. Darlin Dan loves Chorizo and Egg tacos, so I also added a package of flour tortillas for our breakfast tacos.
Oh no, I spent $5.26 cash OOP today for about $95 worth of goodies.  I goofed on one of my transactions -the cash OOP was $2.32 and I didn't have another RR that I could use to lower my OOP-all my RRs were for the items I was purchasing, so instead of putting something back, I just paid more cash OOP.
I started the day with $57 in RRs and now have $57.50. I used all my money maker RRs on $15.46 in groceries.

Wednesday at Target

This is a slow week at Target. My deals cost me $2 and change on my gift card. I saved $9 in target and manu. coupons. I finally found some free Clean and Clear. The Johnson and Johnson baby body wash is on price cut for $1.97. I used a $1 man. coupon and a $ .75/2  Target coupon. I used my last Nexcare coupon for a cheap box of bandages.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tragedy in the making

Please pray for my Dell mini would not turn on this morning and I've been so depressed and worried about it. It's in intensive care with my son in law, the computer genius. I was an hour later to my part time job this morning, trying to get my beautiful Dell mini to turn on.

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Walgreening

Sorry about the picture. Kinda blurry. I had some extra time to shop today and I had to go grab the Cheap Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. I don't know if the $1RR will print all week and this is such a great deal $ .25 a bottle.
Today's cash OOP $3.02
for about $97.75 worth of goodies
I started with $56.50 in RRs and now have $57 in RRs.
Missing in the picture 2 diet Walgreens sodas and 1 small bag of fritos (lunch)  ;-}

Sunday at CVS

It's another slow week at CVS. I will be on the look out this week for deals on the internet!! This picture is what I bought with my CVS card and Darlin's CVS card. Not much, huh. 4 newspapers not included in the picture, still in car. I got my free toothpaste after man. Q and EBs, and my $ .99 CVS brand pain reliever after EBs.

The most exciting thing that happened at CVS was that the coupon spitter outer gifted me a $4/$20 coupon. I promptly used that to pay for my 4 newspapers, 2 toothpastes, 1 pain reliever, and 3 clearance baby items. Darlin Dan needed a baby gift for work and I had been doing my usual frugal prep. This turned out great!

I'm not upset that CVS is having a light week. I'm all about grabbing the best deal, so when the getting is good at one store and not the other, it just gives me more time to concentrate on what is the BEST deal that week. I hope that makes sense. It can be mind boggling and exhausting when Walgreens, CVS, and Super T are all having great deals.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Walgreens 6/20

I did some speed shopping today. Since today is Father's Day, I didn't want to spend very much time shopping. I bought all of this in 6 transactions. I spent $5.40 cash OOP for $116.62 worth of goodies. I started my day with $64 in RRs 6 $10 Neutrogena RRs and 1 $6 Nivea Body wash. I now have $56.50 in RRs. I burned $7.50 in RRs...not bad considering I bought 5 deodorants ( one is missing from the picture, my daughter's sign. other needed some), 3 men's body washes, 1 Ajax dishwashing liquid, 5 Herbal essense shampoos, 5 Renu, 2 jars of peanuts, 1 can of cashews, 1 can ham, 1 highlighter, and 5 newspapers (not in picture-still in my car!)

I have a ton more shopping to do-but tomorrow is another day!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

6/20 Deals

Here's what I'm going after this week- Thanks to Coupon Mom and Wild for Wags

Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength Toothpaste 4 oz–FREE– after $2 Extra Bucks Reward and 6/6 S cpn–limit 1

Huggies Snug & Dry or Little Movers Diapers 56-96ct–$8.49– after $10 Extra Bucks Reward and newspaper cpn (printable is save $3 on Snug and dry, final price $6.99) –limit 1
Met Rx single bar–$.35– after buy one get one 50% off (prices start at $1.79) and 5/23 RP cpn
Powerbar Pure & Simple 35g–FREE– after $.99 Extra Bucks Reward–limit 2
Sally Hansen Nail Color–$.?– after buy one get one 50% off and two 6/13 RP cpns
Bausch & Lomb Renu Sensitive Solution 12 oz, FREE after $7.49 Register Rewards and use $1.00 Off 1 cpn from 3/7 S
Clairol Herbal Essences Hair Care 6-14 oz, FREE with 5/16 RP cpn and Buy 1 Get $2 Register Rewards
Old Spice Body Wash 10-18 oz, FREE after $4.49 Register Rewards and use Buy 1 Get 1 Free cpn from 6/6 PG
Gillette Body Wash 10-18 oz, FREE after $4.49 Register Rewards and use Buy 1 Get 1 Free cpn from 6/6 PG

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where did Thursday go?

OMG- I lost a day! Where did Thursday go? Oh well, I cooked us some good old Tex Mex food and I finally got in the pool!! I guess I got too relaxed and didn't even report on my deals.

Walgreens-I finally found some of those $ .49 Hallmark greeting cards. I bought 5 and got a $4RR back-moneymaker! I was able to use ALL my Nivea Qs and I've bought more groceries with my MM RRs (eggs, cream cheese, bread, more milk). I bought cat food and Listerine with my overage. I now have $67 in RRs.

Something strange happened today. The Neutragena deal using the facial bars did not work! The manager could not explain it, she just printed out an RR  for me! Guess I won't be doing this one again.

CVS-I went to CVS yesterday to try to do the sunglasses deal with a twist. If you buy 2 of the sunglasses straps for $3.99 each you get $10EBs. Well, it didn't work for me and I paid with EBs and wanted to return them, so they gave me the refund on a GC!!
Today, I grabbed the eyecloth protectors and the deal worked!! I found this deal on Common Sense with Money.

Super T- The pampers wipes have gone up to $2.39. They were still marked $1.97 on the shelf so they changed the price for me. I've used all my pampers wipes coupons now.

Now to get ready for next week!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Total for Wednesday

So, all together, I bought $110.85 in goodies. I paid $4.40 cash OOP and I put $8 on a Target GC. I received 2 $10 Target GC for transfering 2 prescriptions! It was a very good day.

The Jeri Special at Wags

As I've mentioned before, I love to buy groceries at Walgreens with my moneymaker RRs. I usually go after grocery items that are on sale, a deal, or just something I need. This saves me from spending cold hard cash at a grocery store.
Okay, I went crazy at Walgreens today. I visited 3 Walgreens and bought $78.85 worth of goodies for $4.40 cash OOP. I decided to try to get some groceries I wanted with RRs. As I am able to grab a moneymaker deal, I also grab some groceries that are either on sale, or that I need. I did the PF Changs, Bertolli, Helman's deal (burned some RRs, but wanted to try the frozen entrees). I bought some Oscar Mayer lunch meat with a manu. coupon and RR, while buying the moneymaker Men's Nivea bodywash.  I also bought some milk with the neutrogena soaps and schick razor, paying with $12 in RRs and the $5 man. Q for razor, and $ .27, and got back a $10RR and a $4RR.

I plan to get eggs, cream cheese, and bread later this week (all with my RRs from the Nivea bodywash deal!)

Shopping at Super T

I finally got to Super T today. It's Wednesday, for the love of God, I can't believe I couldn't get to Super T until now. For it being summer, it's been very hectic!!  I wanted to use the $10 gift card coupon when you transfer a prescription (from a couple of weeks ago). It was very painless and I walked away with 2 $10 gift cards!!
I grabbed the best deals of the week with coupons of course. (except for the Target brand claritin on sale for $1.97 for 15)
Aren't my anniversary flowers purty? I just love daisies.
I bought $32 worth and I spent $8 on my Target gift cards after manufacturers and Target coupons. I think I found all the deals posted on Totally Target.
I included my prescription sack and the gift cards,just cuz.  The gift cards have no numbers on them ;)
I was able to get some more pampers wipes coupons, so I got some free wipes. 

The Deals:
Nexcare Strawberry Shortcake Bandages 20 ct $1.47
$1/1 Nexcare Products 6-06-10 SS
= .47 cents each after coupon

Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator $3.49 (Regular Price)
-$2/1 Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator Target Q PRINT x7/17
-$1/1 Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator, any – 06-06-10 SS x7/2
= .49 cents after Target coupon & a $1/1 Manuf. Coupon

Ziploc Asst 2-5 ct Containers $2.27 (Price Cut Until 6/19)

$1/1 Ziploc Containers or Bags Target Q PRINT x7/17
-$1.50/2;. 05-16-10 SS x7/10
.52 cents each after Target Coupon and $1.50/2 MQ.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunday at CVS 6/13

This is what I bought this week at CVS. I spent $ .05 cash OOP and about $1.20 on my gift card on my 2nd transaction. It is a slow week at CVS. (I hear  this is good toothpaste. I will be trying it soon.)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday at Walgreens 6/13

This was my first Walgreens run. I was in a rush because we were expecting company and I needed to get home. I did the Nivea deal while they were ringing up BOGO, I found the Neutragena lip gloss deal! I grabbed some moneymaker toothbrushes.
After our company left, this is what I bought with my moneymaker RRs:

I decided to "spend" some RRs this week instead of using my gift card to buy my Sunday papers. I'm making money everytime I buy the Nivea bodywash, so I thought I would use $18 in RRs for my papers-that's just 3 Nivea deals!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday shopping

I did get some great shopping today, but I'm too tired to write about it tonight. Tomorrow is another day!!

Wonderful Weekend


We started our Saturday by having a light breakfast at Shipley's donuts-$4 cash OOP.
Then we went to the Riverwalk. We had a great time on the Riverwalk boat ride. It was so informative and the scenery was beautiful. The boat ride was $8 a person. I paid for this using the gift card my Darlin had given to me a few weeks ago. $0 cash OOP.
The we had lunch at Rita's on the River. We used another gift certificate. Out of pocket $14 plus $6 tip=$20 cash OOP for a $40 lunch.......this was way too much food!!
After lunch, we went to a matinee movie at River Center Mall, $6 each, paid with Gift Card. $0cash OOP.
While at the movies, Darlin took a tumble! He missed a step and fell. His knee started bothering him, so we decided to rest the remainder of the evening. We did finally get hungry again about 8pm and had some delicious hamburgers and onion rings at the hotel. We spent $30 cash OOP. I couldn't have my Darlin hurt his knee any more than it already was.YUM! We were offered free dessert for our anniversary!!
Saturday cash OOP $54.

Look what we passed on our walks downtown:

Story to be continued..............approached downtown to go see a timeshare presentation for a $75 American Express gift card.........

Deals for the week of 6/13

Walgreens-6/13(Thanks Coupon Mom and Wild for Wags)

1.Reach Total Care Toothbrush or Reach Total Care Floss should be FREE with In Ad $3.00 Off Coupon and 5/16 RP cpn
2.Nivea For Men Active 3 Body Wash 16.9 oz, FREE after $5.99 Register Rewards and use 5/2 RP cpn for $3.00 Off 1
3.Schick Hydro Razor, FREE after Buy 1 Get $4 Register Rewards and 6/13 S cpn
4.Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, $.89 after Buy 1 Get $5 Register Rewards and 6/6 PG cpn
5.Get $10 RR WYB (3) Neutrogena Skin or Sun Care 25% OFF


(no coupon needed, makes a great filler!)
6.Listerine Whitening Plus Restoring, 16oz $3 OFF (w/in ad Q)

-$2/1 Listerine whitening rinse PRINT (use 44714)
-$1/1 Listerine Whitening rinse PRINT

Best Fillers in the ad-
1. candy-$ .39
If your Walgreens carries the 3/$1 chips, I like to get these. I think they are $ .35 each or 3/$1

CVS- 6/13 (thanks to coupon mom)
1.Colgate Pro Clinical Toothpaste 4 oz–$.99– after $2 Extra Bucks Reward and 6/13 S coupon–limit 2 rewards

2.Cover Girl Wetslicks AmazeMint Lip Color–$.99– after $3 Extra Bucks Reward and 6/6 PG cpn–limit 1 reward
3.Gillette Body Wash 10-18oz–FREE– after $4 Extra Care Bucks ( 6/6 PG cpn is buy one get one free , get two free)–limit 1 Old Spice/Gillette rewards
 or Old Spice Body Wash 10-18 oz–FREE– after $4 Extra Care Bucks (6/6 PG cpn is buy body wash and get a FREE body Wash, get two free using coupon)–limit 1 Old Spice/Gillette rewards
4.Gillette ProGlide Power or Manual Razor–$.97– after $5 Extra Bucks Reward and 6/6 PG cpn—limit 1 reward
5.Schick Hydro 2 or Hydro 5 Razor System 1ct–FREE– after $4 Extra Bucks Reward and 6/13 S cpn–limit 1 reward
6.Powerbar pure & simple energy bar–FREE–after $.99 Extra Bucks Reward–limit 3 thru 7/3 –monthly deal

Friday, June 11, 2010

Anniversary Adventure

Darlin Dan and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary this weekend in downtown San Antonio.  We decided to enjoy our own beautiful city by staying downtown at the Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk. We were able to get a beautiful room using our timeshare points and a little cash. We are spending Friday night and Saturday on the Riverwalk.

We started our anniversary adventure by taking the city bus into downtown San Antonio. When I discovered it was going to cost us about $48 to park our car downtown for 2 days, I  almost flipped. Darlin Dan is fond of public transportation, so riding the Via city bus is no problem for him. We left our house about 4 pm and got to our hotel about 5:30.  It cost us $1.40 each to ride the bus.

We went to the Comedy Club tonight. I was able to get a $25 gift certificate from for $2!! We ended up paying $5 cash for the total(2 $15 tickets), not bad!!  It was great. They had a total of 4 comedians and it lasted from 8:30 to 10:15.  It was very worth the $7 we spent for the tickets!

Look what we passed while we were walking to the River Center Mall... The ALAMO!

We ate a fast dinner at the River Center Mall food court. We paid a total of $12 for our dinner. It wasn't very romantic, but it was very entertaining.  Lots of people watching.

So our total cash OOP today:
$2.80 bus ride downtown
$5 for the rest of comedy club tickets
$12 dinner
I mentioned to Darlin Dan that we should see how little we could spend this weekend, and he wasn't too thrilled. So I'm compromising. I'm sure we won't break the bank ( he just doesn't want to admit that he's pretty frugal too!).

When we got back to our room after the comedy club, we had a bottle of wine and a plate of snacks waiting. I mentioned it was our anniversary and the front desk promptly ordered us complimentary wine.....priceless!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I found a semi-gift pack of the razor and some Jergens on clearance for $4.59 a bottle. With the $2 man. Q and $5 RR you get back, this made each bottle $ .09!Then I found the real deals!! The sneak preview set and  Jergens Glow facial moisturizers on clearance.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

99 cents only store

I got some good deals today at the 99 cents only store.  I was thrilled to get a small watermelon, a cantaloupe, l 1/2 pounds of peaches, nice bag of spinach, romaine lettuce, and some broccoli for $6.
When I go into this store I never know what I'm going to find. It's always an adventure.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super T Sunday

I decided to shop at Super T on Sunday. I got some great deals.
I did the ice cream $5 GC deal(bought 3 boxes of Drumsticks and 2 containers of Dreyers ice cream), snagged some airwick i motions on sale for $5.99 w/$4 coupons expiring that day, free olay body wash and dirt cheap ivory soap ($4 olay body wash Q from 6/6PG and free up to $3 off of ivory soap wyb olay body wash from 6/6PG), free pampers wipes-$1.97 (use $2 Q from 6/6PG), free first aid bag w/ almost free band aids and free benedrl sticks after Qs. I threw in the $1.99 ground beef, because i had a $1 off coupon from the Target mailer. I finished up w/5 healthy choice frozen entrees so I could use the $2/5 Target Q from sunday's paper and I stacked it with a $5/20 Target catalina for frozen food-(the ice creams and healthy choice added up to a little over $20 before Qs).
I ended up spending $12.03 on my GC after subtracting the $5 GC I got back for $74.03 worth of goodies.
It's not my very best, but I got lots of things we really use and eat!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

CVS sunday 6/6

I got a $5/$15 on my receipt!!
This was my 1st go round at CVS. Just when we were on our last bottle of Windex, guess what pops up? A good windex deal.
I grabbed the windex/cleaning deal and the mylanta/rolaids deal. I grabbed the cheap tampax and off clip on refill.
I left my receipt in the car, but this is the transaction where I got a $3 refund because a $4 coupon was rung up as $1 off.

I was able to get another windex deal with my Darlin Dan's card a couple of the new fusion razors and more mylanta. I picked up some Baby Rays BBQ sauce for $ .50 after coupon just to try it out. CVS shopping was not that exciting this week.....except for the $5/$15. I have to use it by 6/9, so that means another trip to CVS!!

See my laptop? That is my work laptop and I'd been frantically trying to finish my paperwork all weekend.
I'm proud to report that mission was accomplished and everything was turned in today-our last official day of the 2009-2010 school year. Today, I spent the day  filing and clearing out, organizing and packing. Oh the joys of the last day! We'll blink our eyes a couple of times and it will be August and the 1st day back of the 2010-2011 school year.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Totals

I thought I would post my total purchases for today.
1. Walgreens  $141.02
2. Super T      $ 74.53
3. CVS           $91.79
GRAND TOTAL.....$307.34

What I spent after Qs, RRs, EBs:
1. Walgreens  $  .60 cash
2. Super T      $12.03 gift card
3. CVS           $5.73 gift card
So I spent $  .60cash OOP and $17.76 in gift cards for $307.34 worth of goodies!

Walgreens-Sunday 6/6

I had a weird,but good Sunday shopping day....refunds at 1 Walgreens and 2 CVSs.


I did 3 transactions today at 2 stores. I spent $ 3.88 OOP and got back a $3.2something refund for the Bic Soliel in ad Q not taking off $3. So, I guess I spent about $ .60 something cash OOP and I burned some RRs knowing that next week is the money maker Nivea men's bodywash week.

I was able to grab all the deals-except I can't find any Neutragena facial bars or the Jergens natural glow healthy complexion on clearance. I wish I had not bought any pampers wipes at WAGS because Target has them for $1.97, making them free-plus a 3 cent money maker. oh well.....
The Ravina knee highs are my filler of choice this week at  $ .25 each w/in-ad Q.
I bought the Always because they are buy one get one half off. I was able to use 2 free coupons from last weeks extravaganza with each transaction!
All together I bought $141.02 worth of goodies for about $ .60 cash OOP--But, I did burn some RRs.;-}-I have BIG plans of making up some of my RRs!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

CVS week of 6/6

6/6  CVS

Mylanta Chewables (24 ct) or Liquid (12 oz) or Rolaids (100-150 ct) or Softchews (24-36 ct) $3.99, buy two and use $4 off 2 coupon (6/6 RP) and get back $4 EB (WYB 2, Limit 1) = FREE/$0.01 profit

Gillette ProGlide Power or Manual Razor $9.97, use $4 coupon (6/6 P&G) and get back $5 EB (Limit 1) = $0.97

Powerbar (Pure & Simple, Cranberry Oatmeal and Peanut Butter Flavor) $1, get back $1 EB (Limit 3) = FREE (monthly deal)

Tampax Pearl Tampons $2.97

-$2/1 Tampax Pearl coupon from the 6/6 PG
Final Price: $.97

Windex 26 oz–$.25– after $5 Extra Bucks Reward when you buy 4 and 4 5/9 SS cpns –limit 1 (Glade/household cleaner reward)

WALGREENS week of 6/6

 Here's what I'm grabbing this week at WAGS:

1.John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo/conditioner 
get $5RR wyb 3/$15
use $3/1 Q from 6/6/10SS
final 3 for $1 after Qs and $5RR!

2. Gillette fusion Proglide manual or power razor system $9.89
get $5RR
use $4/1 Q from 6/6/10PG
final  $.89 after Q and $5RR!

3. Bic 3-8pk disp. razors, hybrid advance disposable razor systerm $3.49 w/in-ad Q
use $3/1 Q for bic soliel disp. razor 5/2/10SS
    or $3/1 for bic hybrid advance shaver 5/2/10sS
final $ .49 each

4. Pampers wipes $2.50
use $2 Q from 6/6/10PG
final $ .50

5. Neutrogena  deal get $10RR wyb 3 products
 buy 3 facial soaps from $2.69-$2.99
 pay $8.07-$8.97 get $10RR

6. Bayer Aspirin 24-36 ct FREE with 3/21SS Q and In Ad Coupon
(not sure if I have any more Qs)

Wild for WAGS has some great scenarios you can use!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I bought some coupons on EBAY!

Another first for me. I bought some coupons on Ebay! I grabbed some more of the $3 Nivea bodywash for men coupons. Walgreens is going to have the bodywash as a RR deal in a couple of weeks and with this coupon you make $3 everytime you do the deal. Well, I used up all my Qs on Sunday and started looking at coupon sites and nobody seemed to have any. I turned to Ebay. I bid a couple of times and never won, but somebody offered me a 2nd chance deal and I took it. I spent $3 for 10 coupons and she threw in some bonus coupons and they arrived within a couple of days!! I'm a happy camper. I'm ready for the next round of free mens body wash.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Proof of what spending a little to save alot can do!

Memorial Day weekend, we decided to spend a little ($40) to save alot ($300-$600). We got a couple of quotes on how much it would cost for someone else to drain and clean our pool. After hearing how much we would have to fork over, we decided $40 to rent a pump for 24 hours sounded a lot more frugal. I wish I could say I was a major contributer of the labor this year. I was totally there for the moral support!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My favorite WAGS did not disappoint me!

I found the clearance 6 roll Charmin for $1.29 a pack. Used some of the moneymaker Ecotrin RRs!

Then, I found some of the single bars of Neutragena. These are $2.99 each because they are the acne ones. Buy 3 and get $10RR. I got my $10RR so this was still a $1 money maker.

My favorite Walgreens still has a good stock of Ecotrin! This store is by my work across town. By yesterday afternoon, I could not find any Ecotrin at any of the Walgeens near my house.