Sunday, June 20, 2010

Walgreens 6/20

I did some speed shopping today. Since today is Father's Day, I didn't want to spend very much time shopping. I bought all of this in 6 transactions. I spent $5.40 cash OOP for $116.62 worth of goodies. I started my day with $64 in RRs 6 $10 Neutrogena RRs and 1 $6 Nivea Body wash. I now have $56.50 in RRs. I burned $7.50 in RRs...not bad considering I bought 5 deodorants ( one is missing from the picture, my daughter's sign. other needed some), 3 men's body washes, 1 Ajax dishwashing liquid, 5 Herbal essense shampoos, 5 Renu, 2 jars of peanuts, 1 can of cashews, 1 can ham, 1 highlighter, and 5 newspapers (not in picture-still in my car!)

I have a ton more shopping to do-but tomorrow is another day!!

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