Friday, June 18, 2010

Where did Thursday go?

OMG- I lost a day! Where did Thursday go? Oh well, I cooked us some good old Tex Mex food and I finally got in the pool!! I guess I got too relaxed and didn't even report on my deals.

Walgreens-I finally found some of those $ .49 Hallmark greeting cards. I bought 5 and got a $4RR back-moneymaker! I was able to use ALL my Nivea Qs and I've bought more groceries with my MM RRs (eggs, cream cheese, bread, more milk). I bought cat food and Listerine with my overage. I now have $67 in RRs.

Something strange happened today. The Neutragena deal using the facial bars did not work! The manager could not explain it, she just printed out an RR  for me! Guess I won't be doing this one again.

CVS-I went to CVS yesterday to try to do the sunglasses deal with a twist. If you buy 2 of the sunglasses straps for $3.99 each you get $10EBs. Well, it didn't work for me and I paid with EBs and wanted to return them, so they gave me the refund on a GC!!
Today, I grabbed the eyecloth protectors and the deal worked!! I found this deal on Common Sense with Money.

Super T- The pampers wipes have gone up to $2.39. They were still marked $1.97 on the shelf so they changed the price for me. I've used all my pampers wipes coupons now.

Now to get ready for next week!!

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Anonymous said...

I had the same issue with the Neutrogena bars. I FINALLY found some in a store...after looking all week...and was going to buy 3 in one transaction and 3 more in the next. But no RR printed on the first transaction; the manager said it was because I used coupons and a Nivea RR, so he rang them up without coupons and Nivea RR and STILL no $10 RR. So he had to have someone else print the $10. So, no second purchase. And what's with managers telling me that if I use a manuf. coupon I won't get a RR. Drives me CRAZY that they don't know their own policies!