Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Jeri Special at Wags

As I've mentioned before, I love to buy groceries at Walgreens with my moneymaker RRs. I usually go after grocery items that are on sale, a deal, or just something I need. This saves me from spending cold hard cash at a grocery store.
Okay, I went crazy at Walgreens today. I visited 3 Walgreens and bought $78.85 worth of goodies for $4.40 cash OOP. I decided to try to get some groceries I wanted with RRs. As I am able to grab a moneymaker deal, I also grab some groceries that are either on sale, or that I need. I did the PF Changs, Bertolli, Helman's deal (burned some RRs, but wanted to try the frozen entrees). I bought some Oscar Mayer lunch meat with a manu. coupon and RR, while buying the moneymaker Men's Nivea bodywash.  I also bought some milk with the neutrogena soaps and schick razor, paying with $12 in RRs and the $5 man. Q for razor, and $ .27, and got back a $10RR and a $4RR.

I plan to get eggs, cream cheese, and bread later this week (all with my RRs from the Nivea bodywash deal!)

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