Monday, June 7, 2010

CVS sunday 6/6

I got a $5/$15 on my receipt!!
This was my 1st go round at CVS. Just when we were on our last bottle of Windex, guess what pops up? A good windex deal.
I grabbed the windex/cleaning deal and the mylanta/rolaids deal. I grabbed the cheap tampax and off clip on refill.
I left my receipt in the car, but this is the transaction where I got a $3 refund because a $4 coupon was rung up as $1 off.

I was able to get another windex deal with my Darlin Dan's card a couple of the new fusion razors and more mylanta. I picked up some Baby Rays BBQ sauce for $ .50 after coupon just to try it out. CVS shopping was not that exciting this week.....except for the $5/$15. I have to use it by 6/9, so that means another trip to CVS!!

See my laptop? That is my work laptop and I'd been frantically trying to finish my paperwork all weekend.
I'm proud to report that mission was accomplished and everything was turned in today-our last official day of the 2009-2010 school year. Today, I spent the day  filing and clearing out, organizing and packing. Oh the joys of the last day! We'll blink our eyes a couple of times and it will be August and the 1st day back of the 2010-2011 school year.

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coupon challenged said...

I'm hoping to get some of the Windex deal today too. Hope they have some left. Glad your year is done. How nice to have the summer off.