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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finding those deals at Walgreens

I finally found the little trial size men's body washes! The problem is, this store only had 3 of the regular size body washes. Oh well.
I received my $2 renu coupons in the mail today and I was itching to use some. The Renu is getting hard to find, so I'm playing scavenger hunt. The Neut. facial bars have restocked in some of the stores and are generating RRs. I was able to do the candy deal!! I found 8 of the king size packages of candies-4 Reeses and 4 kit kats. I used the in-ad coupon, paid $7.02(with RRs of course)  and got a $5RR back.I'm so excited that I was able to continue buying my groceries at Walgreens with my money maker RRs! It is also fantastic that Walgreens now carries Kiolbassa sausage and Chorizo. Darlin Dan loves Chorizo and Egg tacos, so I also added a package of flour tortillas for our breakfast tacos.
Oh no, I spent $5.26 cash OOP today for about $95 worth of goodies.  I goofed on one of my transactions -the cash OOP was $2.32 and I didn't have another RR that I could use to lower my OOP-all my RRs were for the items I was purchasing, so instead of putting something back, I just paid more cash OOP.
I started the day with $57 in RRs and now have $57.50. I used all my money maker RRs on $15.46 in groceries.


coupon challenged said...

My hubby would love all those Reeses. His favorite. Did you get your computer fixed?

jeri said...

My son in law is still looking at it. He thinks it might be either the power cord or the battery. I'm still depressed!! Thanks for asking about it!