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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wonderful Weekend


We started our Saturday by having a light breakfast at Shipley's donuts-$4 cash OOP.
Then we went to the Riverwalk. We had a great time on the Riverwalk boat ride. It was so informative and the scenery was beautiful. The boat ride was $8 a person. I paid for this using the gift card my Darlin had given to me a few weeks ago. $0 cash OOP.
The we had lunch at Rita's on the River. We used another Restaurants.com gift certificate. Out of pocket $14 plus $6 tip=$20 cash OOP for a $40 lunch.......this was way too much food!!
After lunch, we went to a matinee movie at River Center Mall, $6 each, paid with Gift Card. $0cash OOP.
While at the movies, Darlin took a tumble! He missed a step and fell. His knee started bothering him, so we decided to rest the remainder of the evening. We did finally get hungry again about 8pm and had some delicious hamburgers and onion rings at the hotel. We spent $30 cash OOP. I couldn't have my Darlin hurt his knee any more than it already was.YUM! We were offered free dessert for our anniversary!!
Saturday cash OOP $54.

Look what we passed on our walks downtown:

Story to be continued..............approached downtown to go see a timeshare presentation for a $75 American Express gift card.........

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