Friday, April 30, 2010

Visiting a 99 cent only store

I decided to visit a 99 cent only store yesterday. I got some good bargains on fresh produce. I spent $8 on my buys. Not bad! I decided to try the ground chicken since it was 99 cents and I couldn't resist the cute garden bag. I'm thinkin of filling it with goodies for a gift bag!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spending extra Register Rewards? Need a filler ? Think of Walgreens as your mini grocery store

My Mom would be so proud. She was a loyal Walgreens customer, even without the deals and coupons. This one is for you Mom.
2 years ago I would have never said this.......Oh how I love Walgreens. This isn't a commercial for WAGS, it's just the truth. I've said before that if I could buy all my groceries at Walgreens I would. I know their grocery aisle is limited, but there are plenty of items there to make a pantry more full. For those that are not familiar with couponing and how to take advantage of the Walgreens deals, this might sound totally absurd. When I have some register rewards that are expiring and there aren't any deals, or I need a filler to make my deal work, I love to buy groceries- the items on sale of course, Walgreens regular priced grocery items tend to be pricey. Then I don't spend the cash (or Target gift card) OOP at the dreaded grocery store. I save my cash for fresh produce and meats.

I've been able to make dinner from my Walgreens stockpile on many occasions. It might not be the most nutritious meal, but it usually isn't too bad. We love tuna salad. Tuna noodle casserole isn't too bad. Walgreen's has canned tuna on sale very often. We love grilled cheese sandwiches. I've been known to buy american cheese, bread, and the butter or margarine at Walgreens. Like chips with your sandwich? No problem. You can find all kinds of chips. Add a can of soup that you can get on sale w/ coupons and you have yourself a nice and fast dinner for 2. Don't forget the crackers for your soup. I've been able to get my share of cheap or free crackers at Walgreens. I often grab a canned ham when it is on sale for grilled hammy melt sandwiches or to put in macaroni salad or even an omelet. Of course you can pick up the macaroni and eggs at Walgreens too. Hormel's corned beef can be found on sale at Walgreens. Corned beef hash-yum! (Have to find a potato somewhere else though.)Then there's the bottled Ragu Spaghetti sauce. We can have pasta 1 time a week if we want with all the Ragu I've grabbed at Walgreens and that I have in my stockpile. I've picked up tons of tomato sauce when it's on sale for a filler. You always need tomato sauce! When the canned veggies go on sale, I stock up, buying one can at a time to use as a filler in my deal. I pick up a can of fruit or mushrooms the week they are on sale for future use-almost always as a filler.
We've even had a bowl of cereal for dinner a time or two-cereal and milk from Walgreens of course. You can always pick up a frozen Red Baron pizza-I've picked them up for $1.99. I always look in the freezer section in case they put something on clearance. I've stocked up on shredded and block cheese, cream cheese,sour cream, heavy whipping cream, lunch meat and bacon when it was on sale-with coupons of course. Coffee creamer sometimes goes on sale and so does Splenda for your coffee. You can grab peanut butter and jelly when it goes on sale for a yummy snack. Want some ice cream? No problemo- sometimes Bluebell goes on sale and most Walgreens carries no sugar added. Would you rather have some nuts to snack on? I always pass by the nut section! They are a grab and go snack on the run!
If you need some basic spices, Walgreens puts them on sale for 2/$1. Pudding and jello, no problem. Juice, tea, soda, water, and now beer and wine-can get it all at Walgreens. I'm not sure if the spirits ever go on sale though. Our Walgreens in San Antonio carries tortillas- flour and corn! Last week, I saw bags of naval oranges near the cashier!
So, here it is. Get your groceries at Walgreens when they are on sale, a little at a time, as a filler or with money maker RRs when the deals are few and far between. You can't go wrong. It makes going to the grocery store so much easier on your pocketbook.

Some Walgreens deals

While surfin the blogs, I discovered that the $5/2 Q for the benedryl deal is working! So buy 2 24 ct. benedryls @ $4.49 each, use the $5/2 Q = $3.98 and get $5RR! It's a moneymaker.

Men's Schick disposable Quattros are spitting out 2 RRs, a $1 and a $3! This is a MM if you have a $4 or a $3 man. Q. They are on sale this week for $5.99. It's a moneymaker.

Both of these deals work, I tried them!

What didn't work for me was the Hallmark card deal. I bought 8 of the small $ .60 cards and did not get a RR so I returned them. I don't really like to return things, but this deal ate up a $5 RR and I would rather get the $ .99 birthday cards anyway.
I bought the cheaper cards because I read that you could get a $5 RR wyb them and that would make them FREE. oh well.............

With some of my MM RRs this week, I've stocked up on Kraft american cheese, on sale this week for $2.50 and I've scored another bag of natural Almonds (w/20% more) for $4.99. We use lots of american cheese, cuz we love grilled cheese sandwiches. I use the almonds in my low carb cooking. I grind them up and make my own almond flour.

I've found some little lunch sized Lays potato chips/doritos/cheetos- 3 bags for a $1 that are good for fillers. I'm always looking around for something cheap to make my coupon count and item count match. Darlin Dan loves potato chips with his tuna sandwiches :-).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freezer cooking with some chicken

HEB has had bone-in chicken breast on sale this week for $ .99 a pound. I bought 3 packages and I've been getting my list of recipes together in order to make some make ahead and freeze meals. I have all the necessary ingredients in my cupboard/stockpile. Here are some recipes I have in mind:

1. King Ranch Chicken
2. Crockpot taco chicken (can be used for various quick meals)
3. Chicken noodle casserole
4. Impossibly easy italian chicken pie or quiche in a bag
5. Southest Asian curry

Now I'm hoping for a deal on ground beef so that I can do the same thing with ground beef. I would like to be able to eat from the freezer during the week. Darlin Dan loves sandwiches for dinner, but sometimes lunch is on the go and I'm wanting more than a sandwich for dinner.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Shopping at CVS

I didn't do too much damage at CVS today. I got some free body washes (after Qs and EBs), $ .99 razor (after Q and EBs), and a dollar bag of chips! Not very much to brag about.

Sunday Shopping

While Darlin Dan was golfin, I was shopping at WAGS.....I bought $130.39 worth for $12.50 cash OOP! I started out with $60 in RRs and now have $65. I used $29.50 in man. coupons and flipped $89 worth of RRs. The personal hair trimmers were the hardest items to find today. I ended up "visiting" 7 Wags today. All of these are located pretty close to home. Not only did I get the deals, freebies, and money makers, I was able to buy 3 Sunday papers, 7 cans of cat food, 4 boxes of my Darlin's favorite Arnold Palmer tea mixes, 3 packs of AA batteries, 2 containers of smart balance butter spread, 1 mazola olive oil, 1 can chicken broth, and 2 rolls of aluminum foil. Just these "extras" add up to over $30 and I spent $12.50 in cash.

By the way, most of the Stayfree pads are being donated to Darlin's work. He works at a non profit organization for challenged adults. The young adult women that attend the "Day Hab" need these items and it is an honor and a privilege to pack them up for Darlin Dan to take with him. I plan to stockpile the trimmers, skintimates, and plackers for gift baskets. Isabel, the cat will eat the cat food ;). We will use the batteries in our Wii remotes. Darlin Dan will drink the tea mix every day! We always need the butter spread, olive oil and chicken broth for the pantry. With summer coming up, you can never have enough aluminum foil for the grill!! We all know what the extra Sunday papers are for-more coupons.

I don't usually get to have marathon shopping trips and this today really tired me out. I'm boiling some chicken breasts I picked up on sale at HEB for $1 a pound. I'm making chicken spaghetti for dinner and I'm planning to freeze a couple of chicken dishes for the future.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Walgreens Scenarios

I'm heading out early Sunday. Darlin Dan is in a golf tournament, so I'm off on my quest bright and early. I have a heap of $5 RRs from the Vitamin D deal, so I plan to use them to do one of these. Things usually don't go my way, so of course I will have to be flexible and adjust my scenarios if needed.

1.Stayfree maxi pads $2.99
2. plackers dental floss $2
3. Skintimate $2.99
= $7.98
- man. Q $2 Stayfree, $ .50 plackers
=$5.48 + tax
use my $5RR from vitamin D
pay whatever is left
get back $3RR, $2RR, $3RR

1. Clio body trim $4.99
2. Walgreens foil $ .59 in ad Q-not sure of reg. price
= $5 .58+ tax after in ad q
-$5 RR
= pay whatever is left
get back $5RR

I plan to use some MM RRs to get some energizer batteries ($2.99 w/ in ad and use $1 Q from 3/28ss), Smart balance butter spread ($3.29-BOGO this week and use $1/2 Q from 3/21rp and some Pepsi-depending on the deal.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Next weeks deals starting 4/25/10

Thanks to Wild for Wags
Get $3 RR WYB Stayfree Maxi Pads $2.99 (Money Maker!)
-$2/1 Stayfree product, any – 03-28-10 RP
-$1/1 Stayfree product, any – 04-25 SS

Get $2 RR WYB Plackers Dental Flossers 90ct $2 (Money Maker!)
-$.50/1 Plackers Dental Flossers, 60ct – 04-18-10 RP

Get $3 RR WYB Skinmate Saving Cream, 6oz $2.99 FREE

Get $4.99 RR WYB Cilo Beauty Personal Hair Trimmer $4.99 (FREE!)

Get $3 RR WYB Tone Body Wash $3.99 (FREE!)
-$1/1 Tone Body Wash PRINT

Get $3 RR WYB (3) 12pk Pepsi Products $3/11 (I'm planning on buying my diet pepsi's with some MM RRs!)

Get $5 RR WYB 2 or more participating products (Possibly FREE or Money Maker!)
*Don’t use the $5/2 until we can confirm this RR is NOT coded like the coupon!
Sudafed, 18 to 24ct PE, Nasal Mist, .5oz or Liquid 4oz $4.99
-$5/2 Zyrtec, Benadryl, Sudafed PE, or Tylenol Sinus Products, Any (No Trial)- 04-11-10 RP
-$4/1 or $2/1 Sudafed OM, Any 0.5 Fl. Oz. – 03-14-10 RP
(Benadryl 20-24 ct FREE after 4/11 RP cpn and Cold/Allergy Register Rewards Offer)
(Sudafed PE 18-24 ct or 4 oz FREE with 4/11 RP cpn and Cold/Allergy Register Rewards Offer)


Oral B White Advantage Toothbrush–FREE– after $1 Extra Bucks Reward and 4/4 PG coupon (cpn expires 4/30)–limit 2 Crest/Oral B rewards

Schick Intuition Womens Razor or Cartridges 3-4ct–$.99– after $4 Extra Bucks Reward and 4/25 S cpn—limit 1 Schick/Intuition/Quattro reward
Hersheys Bliss Candy Bar Singles 1.3–$.04– after buy 2 get 1 free sale and 3 4/25 S coupons

Irish Spring Body Wash 15-18 oz–$.49– after $2 Extra Bucks Reward and 4/15S cpn OR
$2EBs wyb Softsoap $2.99 Limit 2-
Use $1 off Z from CVS Reinventing Beauty

Met Rx single bar–$.20– (est price of $1.60) after buy one get one 50% off sale and 3/28 RP coupon

Colgate Pro Clinical Toothpaste 4 oz–$.99– after $2 Extra Bucks Reward and 4/11 S coupon–limit 2 rewards

Crest 3D White Vivid 4 oz toothpaste–$.99– after $1 Extra Bucks Reward and 4/4 pG cpn (cpn expires 4/30)–limit 2 Crest/Oral B rewards

General Mills Cereal 10.6-16.2 oz–$1.69– after 4/18 S or 3/28 S2 Coupon

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not all Starbucks are created equal

This last Sunday, Darlin Dan and I went to Super T to pick up a few odds and ends for the week. This Super Target has a Starbucks inside. I offered to buy my Darlin a Starbucks with my Starbucks gift card. Little did I know, Starbucks stores that are inside another store, do not go by the same "rules" as free standing Starbucks. I have a registered Starbucks gift card and I get points and perks for using this card (why else would I use a gift card?). This Starbucks did not honor the perks. I don't know if I got a point for using it. I'm not holdimg my breath. I did not get my sugar-free flavoring for free and was told that "at least I was able to use my Starbucks gift card". I was not able to get a stamp towards my free pound of coffee either. Same reason.
Well, I've already sent my comments about this off to Starbucks. I'll let you know if I get a reply. I'm going to free standing Starbucks only from now on!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

$1 Printer Ink Refill at Walgreens on Thursday

I really need ink for my printers! I'll be at Walgreens on Thursday for sure. (At Walgreens it looks free Skintimate, Clio hair trimmer, plackers dental flossers, and Stayfree next week......stay tuned. You could have a MM if you have any Bayer glucose monitor Qs left)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Did you get your free reusable bag from Target?

Darlin Dan and I went to Super T this morning for a few essentials. We got this cute, free reusable bag. We spent $8 on my GC for bread, a steak for dinner, american cheese, bologna, and silk almond milk. The steak was on sale!! It had been remarked from over $4 to $1.73 because it went on sale today. Since it was almost a pound of boneless steak, Darlin Dan and I split it for dinner.


I had a small problem at a "foreign" Walgreens today. (We stopped at this store coming home from our son's house.) They would not allow me to use a manu. coupon and an IVC from the little coupon book that comes out every month. My pat answer when I have some issue with an item or the cashier is being a little ignorant, is just take off the item. Darlin Dan was with me today and he is always amazed how I keep my cool and continue on with my purchase. When we got in the car I told my darlin that tomorrow was another day and my FAVORITE Walgreens stores are waiting for me! I have plenty of coupons and I'm not afraid to use them!
This is the first time I've had a problem with using a man. coupon and a Walgreen's coupon for an item. I looked up Walgreens policy that "I HEART WAGS" has posted on her website and sure enough, this is allowed. I will print out this policy for future problems that might arise!
By the way, I was trying to buy the BIC hybrid razor system. I bought one earlier today at one of my regular Sunday Walgreens stops and I used the $3 man. coupon and the $1 IVC from the booklet, making the razor $ .99. It's a nice looking razor with refill blades included.
Okay, my rant is over......

Saturday, April 17, 2010

4/18/10 DEALS

I've checked all my favorite sources and these are the deals I'm going after this week.


Bayer Low Dose $2.99, Earn a $3 RR when you buy two (unadvertised monthly deal)
Use two $1/1 Bayer Aspirin or Heart Health 3/21/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/30/2010)
Use one $3/1 in ad coupon (will deduct $6 at once)
FREE plus $5 moneymaker (Thanks Wild for Wags)

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D $5, Earn $5 RR when you buy one
-$1/1 Nature’s Bounty – or 03-14-10 RP (I don't have these)
-$1/1 Nature’s Bounty – 01-24-10 RP (expires 4/18)

Walgreens Reusable Shopping bag 3/$1 after in ad coupon

Kotex U Pads, Liners or Tampons 14-60 ct FREE with 4/18 S cpn and Buy 1 Get $2.50 Register Rewards

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee 11.3 oz 2 for $5
Get $1 RR on two
$ .25 (3/28 RP)
Final Price: $1.75 each

Bic Hybrid Advanced $4.99
$3/1 Select Bic Shavers 04/18 SS AND $1/1 Bic Hybrid Advance Disposable Razors (Walgreens, Apr)
= $.99 after both coupons

Printer Cartridge Refill only $1 after in ad coupon (Good 4/22 ONLY)


CVS Green bag tag $0.99, Earn $0.99 ECBs when you buy one (limit 1)

Buy one Halle orchid or Halle, Get $5 ECBs (psa $4.99)
As low as free after ECBs

Cover Girl Volume Exact or Lash Exact Mascara $5.99, Earn $4 ECbs (limit 1)
Use $1/1 Cover Girl Product 4/4/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)
Pay $0.99 each after coupon and ECBs

Thermacare Heatwrap $2.49, Earn $2.49 ECBs (limit 1)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I got my free starbucks. Did you?

Free No Nonsense Knee Highs at Walgreens

This deal works. I did it today! I found the little packets of No Nonsense knee highs in the cosmetics department in a display of the knee highs. Price - $ .59 each or 2/$1.

2 No Nonsense Knee Highs 2/$1
-$1/2 No Nonsense 03-21-10 SS
= FREE Knee Highs

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free coffee tomorrow at Starbucks!

I love Starbucks! Tomorrow, April 15, 2010, bring a reusable travel mug to your local Starbucks and get a FREE brewed coffee.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another confession

I confess, I went back to Target and spent my Walgreen's refund on 4 more GC deals. I now have 5 more boxes of Special K granola cereal, 4 more razors, 1 big spray bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner, and 2 cans of Scrubbing Bubbles for.... $5.13 cash OOP and $20 in GCs and got back $20 in GCs. My receipt said I saved $60! I think I put my refund to good use.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I got a refund at Walgreens!

Okay, I confess. I wanted to try returning a Biore deal that I did 2 weeks ago before it went on sale. This bag of Biore product had been hitching a ride in my car ever since I mistakenly bought the more expensive pore strips. I kept forgetting to stop by that particular WAGS for the return. Now, fast forward 2 weeks to today. I thought, what the heck, what do I have to lose? Well, I got a refund of Over $4! No problems, no questions. The strips are now on sale for $5.99, 2 weeks ago this same box was $9.99. Thank you Walgreens!

Ultimate Blog Party has a Twitter party

Tonight, we're having a Twitter party! My 1st. Lots of action, questions and answers.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Target GC deals

Target great gift card deals this week:

Gillette Fusion Manual Razor–$.49each after FREE $5 Target Gift Card when you buy two select Fusion/Embrace Razors or Cartridges and 4/04 PG coupon

$5 Target Gift Card with the purchase of 5 select Kelloggs Items–Kelloggs Special K Cereal & Snacks
Kelloggs Special K Lowfat Granola–$.39– after FREE $5 Target Gift Card with the purchase of 5 select Kelloggs Special K items and 5 3/28 cpns

Buy three Scrubbing Bubbles Products $2.49 each
Use three $0.75/1 in 03/21 SS (I used $2/2 peelie)
Use FREE $5.00 Target Gift Card wyb Scrubbing Bubbles in 04/11 SS
as low as $.22 for 3 after gift card and coupons (I MADE MONEY!)

These work! I did them today.

Sunday shopping at Walgreens and CVS

I needed to get my 10 Sunday papers so I ran to CVS and Walgreens late in the afternoon. I spent about $20 OOP for my papers and everything else was paid for with coupons, EBs, and RRs!

My favs for this week

Ban deodorant $0.99 after in-ad coupon
Use $0.75/1 Ban Deodorant 3/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 4/17/2010)
Pay $0.24 each after coupons

Schick Hydro Shave Gel $2.99, Earn $2.99 RR when you buy one
FREE after register reward

Buy two Biore products, Earn $5 RR
Use B1G1 Free WYB any Biore Strips 3/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/31/2010)
Pay $0.99 for two after coupon and RR

Dial Nutriskin $5.49 Earn 4.50 ECBs Limit 1
Use $1/1 Dial Nutriskin printable (IE) or printable (FF)
FREE after coupon and ECBs

Dove Shampoo or Conditioner 12 oz. $4.49 Earn 4.49 ECBs Limit 1
Use $1.50/1 Conditioner or $2.50/2 from the 3/28 RP insert
FREE plus up to $1.50 in overage after coupon and ECBs

Simply Asia Bowls $1.99 Buy One Get One Free
Use $0.50/1 Simply Asia Product, exp. 4-30-10 (RP 2/7/10)
Pay $0.49 cents each after coupons

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers 6.95-7.95 oz–$1– after Buy one get on free sale and two 3/28 S2 coupons

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Biore Deal another good deal at Wags this week starting 4/11

I went to Walgreens this evening and next weeks deals were working. I didn't have all my Qs ready, but I had my Biore BOGO Q with me and I knew this was one of the monthly RR deals, so it should still print the RR. It worked perfectly.

The Biore products shown are on sale this week for $5.99 each.Use the BOGO Q(3/7SS) and buy these 2 for $5.99 and get $5RR back. Total of $ .99 for 2 or about $ .50 each. Not free, but a good deal.

St Ives deal at WAGS

Walgreens has St Ives body wash BOGO for $3.29. Use 2 $1 off Q for any St Ives Body Product 3/21SS, and get 2 body washes for $1.29 or about $ .65 each. Not free, but a good deal!

What has been in Jeri's mailbox

Okay, I've been getting some of my rebates! I deposted $26.49 into my account! I received my $100 GC from Target last week for wearing my pedometer at all times! Think of all the damage I can do with that puppy!

Friday at Family Dollar

Family Dollar has Snuggle Dryer Sheets for $3 and it's free using the $3 Q from 3/21SS.
The international creamer is $1 and it's $ .45 after $ .55 Q from 3/7SS
The Taster's Choice is $1 and it's $ .50 after $ .50 Q from 2/28SS.

I went to 2 stores and did 1 transaction at each store. Spent $ .95 at each store!

Some Saturday Shopping

I actually went to Walmart to grab a couple of good deals. We were going to be very close to one and so we made a quick pit stop. I was able to get some cheap Hidden Valley Salad Dressing, Mighty Dog can food, some frozen steamfresh birdseye veggies, some dried pinto beans and lentils,1 Banquet family style frozen entree, and fresh strawberries. My total was about $19 and after coupons, I paid $7.38. Not too bad!

Hidden Valley Farmhous Originals Salad dressing $2.58 - ($2 Q from 3/14ss) = $ .58 each
Mighty Dog can food $ .50 x 5 = $2.50 - ($3 off 5 Q from 3/28ss1) MM at Walmart?
Steamfresh birdseye veggies $ .98 - ($ .35 Q from 3/21ss) = $ .63 each (we like these frozen mixed veggies!)
Frozen Banquest family entree $2.28- ($1.50 Q from Apr. All you and submit for rebate!)MM!
Fresh strawberries $1.50
dried pinto/lentils $ .67 each

I'll probably get to Target tomorrow!

Friday, April 9, 2010

2010 Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

It's time for the 2010 Blog party. I'm new to this and don't know what to expect. From what I've read, it is a super great experience! I'm ready to meet new people and make friends!

My name is Jeri and I've become very addicted to hounding for deals. It all started about 3 years ago when I stumbled upon 4 Hats and Frugal. I have another blog about Low Carb lifestyle called Jeri Kay's World and I would often check out a blog about cooking in a crockpot. I had seen a comment left by 4 Hats and was curious about this nice poster, so I visited her blog. I was so amazed when I read about her "stockpile" and saw the pictures of items she had bought on sale for free. I just had to find out how she did this. I started investigating all of the coupon loving blogs I could find and figured out that I could do the same thing. I'm almost 2 years into heavy couponing and going after the deals. My husband is totally onboard. We've had very successful yard sales, selling nothing but my deals. We've given away tons of my deals and "steals" to family and friends. I give away gift bags and baskets full of items that I get for pennies or free.

Besides being a couponer and low-carber, I am a Speech Therapist in the public schools and rehab setting. My husband and I have 5 grown children between us. Currently there are 6 grandchildren. We love to travel, especially cruising! We have been on 6 cruises.

Enough about me. Let's get this party started! I will be sharing some my Low Carb party foods!!

As far as a prize, I just can't decide!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Dog Food and Snuggle

I ended up with free dog food from Dollar General and free Snuggle from Family Dollar. The dog food coupon did not work at Family Dollar (?).
I used the $3/5 Q for Mighty Dog food and the $3/1 Snuggle Q.

2010 Ultimate Blog Party

After reading 4 Hats and Frugal, I decided to check out 5 minutes for Mom. I'm game! Let's see how this works! Want to join me? We can figure this out together!
Read the directions here for the 2010 Ultimate Blog Party.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My buys at WAGS

Not much at Walgreens. 3 packs of pens and 1 box of U Kotex. Pens are $ .19 a pack after $1Q in April Savings Book and Kotex is free after $1 All you Q and $2.50RR. I bought 3 packs of the pens and now can send in the rebate for $4.50 back when you buy 3!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Walgreens and CVS best deals for week of 4/4/10


Buy3 Oral B Cross Action Pro-Health Toothbrushes $9
Use 3-$2/1 Oral-B pulsar, Cross Action, advantage or (2) indicator toothbrushes 4/4PG
Total $3, Get Back $3 RR

Buy 1 U by Kotex $3.49
14-18pk Maxi Pads, 50 or 60ct Pantiliners, 18pk Tampons
-$1/1 U by Kotex product, any – All You, April 2010Total $2.49, Get Back $2.50RR
= FREE after RR

Pilot Erasable Frixion 3pk Highlighters or 2pk Gel Pens $1.19
-$1/1 Pilot Frixion Highlighter 3 pk or Black Gel Pen 2pk Wags Q, April IVC Coupon Book
=$ .19

Dawn Dish Soap 10.3 oz $.49 with 4/4 PG and In Ad Coupon

Monthly deals

Biore deal -1 – Biore Deep Pore Cleansing Nose Strips, 6pk, $7.49
1 – Biore Revitalize 4-in-1 cleanser, 6.7oz $7.49
-Get Biore Cleanser Free WYB (1) Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, Any – 03-07-10 SS
Total $7.49, Get Back $5 RR
= $2.49 or $1.25 each

Buy 4 Velveeta Shells & Cheese
Use 2 IP – B1G1 FREE Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups (Up to $1.30)
Total $2, Get Back $1.50 RR
= $.50 for 4 or less than $.13 each!

John Frieda get $5 rr wyb 3/$15
-$3 John Frieda Hair Care shampoo or conditioner 3/7 ss
-$2 John Frieda Hair Care styler or tr. 3/7 ss


Clairol Natural Instincts or Loving Care Hair Color $5.99; Earn 2 EBs Limit 1
Use $3/1 Natural Instincts or Loving Care 4/4 PG
Pay $0.99 after coupon and EBs

Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Toothpaste $2.99; Earn 2 EBs Limit 1
Use $1/1 Colgate Total Apr 2010 All You Magazine or
Use $0.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste 4 oz+ 3/28/2010 SS #2 Insert
FREE or pay $0 .24 cents after coupon and EBs

Complete Multi-Purpose Contact Solution $8.99; Earn 8.99 EBs Limit 1
FREE after EBs

Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler $2.99; Earn 1 EBs Limit 3
Use $3/2 Pantene Hair Products 3/7 PG or
Use $2/1 Pantene coupons mailed out by Vocalpoint
Free or $0.98 for two after coupons and EBs

Schick Hydro Razor $8.97 Earn 6 EBs Limit 1 (available April 9th)
Use $3/1 Schick Disposable 3/21 SS
FREE after coupons and EBs

Stride Shift Gum $0.99; Earn $0.99 EBs Limit 1
FREE after EBs

Dr Pepper 12 pk, 12 oz cans selected varieties. 3/$11, get 3 EBs Limit 1
Skintimate moist. cream shave 6 oz, $3.99 get 3 ECB. Limit 1
Nescafe Tasters Choice $1 use ,50/1 2/28SS total $ .50

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Lovin Walgreens This Week

The deals are many this week at Walgreens......we still have Friday and Saturday to take advantage of these deals!

Free Halls cough drops w/in ad coupon and $1 man. q (3/28/10SS)

Free Just for men Shampoo after RR

Free Walgreens Vitamins after RR

Free + MM Dulcolax (use $3man. q 12/13/09 ss for MM) after RR w/bonus of bottled water if you have the Q-hangtag Q works better

Free + MM Dove shampoo or conditioner(use $1.50Q 3/28 RP for MM)after RR

Free + MM Simply Saline allergy (use $1 Q 11/15 or 1/24/10SS for MM) after RR

Free Dentek roll comfort clean floss after RR


Get $2 RR WYB Gimmie Hair Clips $2.99 = $.99

Campbell’s Soup Cream of Mushroom or Chicken $.79 (w/in ad Q) can use a $1/2 IP

Biore deal -1 – Biore Deep Pore Cleansing Nose Strips, 6pk, $7.49
1 – Biore Revitalize 4-in-1 cleanser, 6.7oz $7.49
-Get Biore Cleanser Free WYB (1) Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, Any – 03-07-10 SS

Total $7.49, Get Back $5 RR
= $2.49 or $1.25 each

Buy 4 Velveeta Shells & Cheese
Use 2 IP – B1G1 FREE Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups (Up to $1.30)
Total $2, Get Back $1.50 RR
= $.50 for 4 or less than $.13 each!

Buy 6 Purina Mighty Dog Cans, $0.99 (they ring up .99, .99, .99, .99, .04, .80 = $4.80
Use 1 - $3/5 Purina Mighty Dog Canned Dog Food, (SS 03/28/10)
Use 1 -free Purina Mighty Dog Canned Dog Food, (my cashier took off .99)
Get 6 cans for $ .81!