Thursday, July 30, 2009

I heart Super T

I am a Targeteer. I admit it. Super T and I are BFFs. I so love being able to use Target Qs and Man. Qs / Internet Qs. I had a great trip yesterday. I spent $10 OOP for $40 worth of groceries. The only thing I bought that wasn't on sale and I didn't use a coupon for, was the Swiffer Wet Jet liquid. I thought I needed some and when I got home, I realized I still had about 1/2 of a bottle! Oh well, I know that I will use this-just trying to decided if I should return this and hope for a sale soon.
Paper towels for a quarter after Qs
WW smart ones for $ .60 after Qs (great for quick meals on the run)
Free dog food (even my cat likes this canned dog food-she knows it's free)
Pasta for $ .22 after Qs (I've been hanging on to these Qs-this pasta has 3x fiber- I use a ton of spaghetti-for traditional style, chicken spaghetti, and lo mein.)
pop tarts for $ .50 after Qs (taking these to share at work)
Soy sauce for under $1 after Qs (completely out)
Alexia snacks $1.20 after Qs (my splurge-the onion strips are YUMMY)
Swiffer wet jet liquid $3.89-reg. price and NO Qs
My receipt said I saved $36!! I didn't touch my Target GC-want to use when the next great gift card deal comes out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grinding my own beef

I've been grinding my own beef lately. I really like how this is working out. I still have a stockpile of super cheap stew meat from Target. This meat was practically given to me a few months back when Target had a $2 off Q for beef. Since I really wasn't using this beef for anything besides carne guisada, I decided to try to grind it up in my food processor. I don't need a meat grinder at all. It is so super fast and easy. We are getting quality ground beef for pennies.
Darlin Dan wishes our ground beef had more fat in in now!

I feel super frugal when grinding my own meat that I bought for pennies!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Amanda and I made it to CVS bright and early Sunday morning. We snagged every single freebie this week. We are taking advantage of the free after EBs school supplies. Now that my Amanda will be teaching next year, she is really stocking up!! We both plan on donating some of our freebies.

Today I started my wheelin and dealin at WAGS-I plan to get some very cheap Starbucks Frappucccinos, Weight Watchers Candy for me, and Mars candy to give away, sheet protectors at b1g2free, and scotch bubble mailers. If I can find my $2 listerine coupons, I will do that deal also.

New account at Chase

I had read on a blog about a coupon that you can take to Chase Bank and when you open a checking account you get $100................well, I almost did that deal last month until I actually got a letter in the mail from a new Chase Bank in our neighborhood that was offering $125 to open a new account! I just needed to open the account with at least $100 deposit and leave the account open for 6 months. I decided to do this on Friday. This will be my new deal account! In 10 days they will deposit $125 in my new account! I will have $225 in my account for my wheelin and dealin. Don't you love doubling your money-this isn't even a gamble-it's a sure thing. I also plan to deposit my rebate checks in this account. I already have 2 small checks to deposit.
In order not to pay a $6 a month fee for the account, I just need to use the debit card 5 times in a month. That's no problem! Since this my new deal account, I will most likely be using this card several times a week. (When Wags has super duper deals, I usually visit them every day.) The very sweet Banker that helped me, explained about always pressing the credit key when using the debit card and I will receive points towards gift cards. This is right up my alley.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally, A Good WAGS week

I've been able to roll all of my RR's this week-WAGS actually has a couple of deals worth going after!!
They have some:
G2 pens for $1 get $1 RR
Excedrin BOGO this week-so pay $6.99 and get $5RR when you buy 2-so this is especially good- there are some good man. coupons out there and you can use 2!
Tylenol extra strength-$4.99 get $3 RR. There are some good man. coupons and internet printable coupons for this.
Chinet paper plates BOGO this week $2.99 and use 2 $1 man. coupons-makes this $ .50 a pack.
They have some great school supply sales going on-10 pack of pens for $ .19, highlighters $.09. etc.

I realized I had a boat load of coupons for the Quattro razors they have on sale this week-for some reason, I thought I had used all my Qs already-I was confusing the Fusion Qs with the Quattro Qs. So, I've done this deal 4 times!

We haven't gone out to eat at all this week or during the last weekend. We watched DVDs and played computer games for entertainment.

Friday, July 17, 2009

CVS only this week

I had a fantastic week at cvs. I haven't even stepped inside a Walgreens.
I spent $.09 on 2 separate transactions at CVS and got tons of stuff. Aren't coupons great?

I'm thinking about going to Target-depends on my mood. I've had the crude for over a week and I'm doing good just to go to work and back home. The crude has limited my hounding and scrounging (?) for perfect deals.

I am also a BIG fan of Big Brother-it's taking up alot of my time! I've been a crocheting fool lately. It is very soothing........My part time job has turned into a almost full time job this summer and it keeps me hopping.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Wow-what a week! TGIF!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
WAGs has been torture this week. I'm burning most of my hard earned RRs because they just don't have very many great deals this week. I'm very sad about this. CVS has been great!

Our electricity bill arrived today and it is SMOKING high-good thing I'm on a plan where our bill is one set amount for a whole year. I have about 1K saved up on this plan to cover the highest bills. This is only July and the bill is sky high-We've had 20 days over 100 degrees so far this summer. That's horrible.

Our water bill arrived and it is double its usual amount. I'm okay with that because we had to refill the pool last month and we missed stage 2 water retriction by a hair. Now stage 3 is being threatened-that means watering your grass every 2 weeks!!

My part time job has become an almost full time job this summer. I'm not complaining too much because the pay is great. I'm hoping to put some away for some big bills-although something usually comes up and we need the money for one reason or another.

I haven't been to Target since before our vacation. I keep checking blogs and can't really see anything that makes me want to go out in this heat and run to Target.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I did this deal yesterday and spent pennies! I did use $10 in EBs and got back $13.47 in EBs!!

CVS TONIGHT DARLIN DAN and I went shopping-our cable and internet services went down after a much needed rain storm.

This is a perfect deal! I bought 8 febreze noticables and 1 pack of drinking water on sale for $2.99. I used 8 $4 man. coupons and $14 in EBs. My cash OOP was $1.02 and I got back $25 in EBs!! CVS paid me to shop!! I was hoping I could do this deal. I had been to 3 other CVS's before going back to the closest to home.

WAGs is a pain this week. I am trying to figure out how to spend my remaining RRs. I have been able to do 2 RR deals so far- the dove deal and the Listerine/reach toothbrush/floss deal. I am taking advantage of the great Starbucks ice cream deal. I have plenty of $2 man. coupons for this deal. The ice cream is really good! I eat a small spoonful and then feel very guilty.

Tonight I made my own ground beef! I used a package of my dirt cheap Target meat and cut it up before putting in my mini food processor. I did a few small batches-I didn't want to overwork my mini. It came out great!! I know this was cheaper than buying hamburger meat in the store. (I bought a ton of Target meat when they had the $2 coupon for their steaks and roasts. )

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're back home and CVS was great today!

The Martinez on the Beach at Padre Island

We're back home from a great vacation. It was wonderful to be relaxing for 7 days on the coast of Texas! We have already reserved us a condo for next year! We fished, swam, played games, read, watched movies, crocheted, cooked, ate, drank, slept late and stayed up late. We had from 10 to 15 people with us the whole time.

My vacation stockpile was put to very good use!! It saved us soooo much money this way. We gave most of the leftovers to my step daughter who lives in Corpus Christi. I did bring my sodas, coffee, creamer, and a few unopened boxes of cereal home.

Now I'm back to couponing and saving my pennies. CVS had some great deals today. I spent $ .16 on all of this.......

What a welcome back to town!
I bought 2 Dawn dishwashing liquid $1 each(used 2 .25 Qs and got $1EB back)
2 head and shoulders shampoo $4.99 each (used BOGO Q and got $4EB back)
3 invisible tapes $1.49 each (got $4.47 EB back)
3 packs of pencils $ .99 each (got $2.97 EB back)
2 febreze noticables $6.50 each (used 2 $4 Qs and got $5EB back)
1 CVS pantiliners $ .89 (got $ .89 EB back)
1 .33 caramel (filler)

I used my 5/25 coupon I received in an email earlier this week. I used $14 EBs and got back about $18 EBs-so this was actually a perfect deal! Since the limits are higher this week for the febreze noticable deal and the head and shoulders deal, I plan to do them again after I buy more Sunday papers tomorrow!

I will be hitting Walgreens very hard this week. I have over $30 in RRs expiring this week!