Friday, October 30, 2009

Delicious stockpile dinner

If you like casseroles with noodles, I found a nice recipe on Southern Plate called Crunchy Beef Casserole.
I had everything in my cupboard and freezer! It was very quick and easy and got 2 thumbs up!
2 Cups Corkscrew Macaroni (Rotini) I used Dreamfield's-low carb!
1 can cream of mushroom soup
3/4 C Shredded Cheddar Cheese
3/4 tsp Seasoned Salt
1 lb Ground Beef
1 can (14 oz) whole or diced tomatoes
3/4 C Green Pepper (optional – I leave it out for the kids)
1 can french fried onions
Check it out at Southern Plate!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Got some cheap Southwest Airline tickets!!

Darlin Dan and I had a sit down discussion about taking advantage of the Southwest Airline 72 hour ticket sale. We decided after much discussion to go to Las Vegas. We were able to get 2 round trip nonstop tickets to Vegas for a total of $442. and change. Merry Christmas to us!! We will be staying at a beautiful place -thanks to our timeshare.

Walgreens Deals

Anybody been able to get moneymaker oatmeal this week? I've been able to do it 1 time. It's hard to find 4 containers of oatmeal at 1 store!!

My sis left on Wednesday. We had a great visit! Now, it's back to frugaling. I've gotten all my free WAGS items for this week. I've used some of my MM RRs on Halloween candy and diet root beer-on sale for $2.50 a 12 pack this week.

I haven't made it to CVS this week. I didn't see anything worth the trip.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Shopping Today-but did some cooking!

My sis is in town and we didn't go "frugaling" today. My daughter, Jessica , was hosting a Cowboys football game cookout and I offered to make the pinto beans and potato salad. I also threw in a banana pudding! We had a great time and the Cowboys won!! Hopefully there will be plenty of time during the week to grab those great deals. Darlin Dan and I were able to run out early this morning and grab my newspapers

I was able to do the Zantac and Theraflu moneymakers yesterday afternoon. I ran to WAGS and found the Zantacs with the $2 coupon on the front! I had to take advantage of that. I picked up some trashbags on sale. some m & m's for Darlin Dan, and some more canned pinto beans on clearance.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Good way to get cheap Pepsi at Walgreens

Darlin Dan is almost out of Diet Pepsi-He is very picky about his diet soda. In order for him to drink a diet drink-it must be diet pepsi or diet rootbeer. I was able to get my diet coke pretty cheap this week burning some EBs at CVS. Walgreens has Pepsi 3/$11 this week or $3.67 a 12 pack. It dawned on me that I could use some Zantac $9 RRs to pay while doing a moneymaker Theraflu deal and it worked!! I also used one of my pesky $1 Halls RRs to make the deal great. I bought 1 12 pack of diet pepsi $3.67, 3 theraflu boxes, $4.99 each, and a Robitussion DM 2go 2pack at $2.49. I used my $3 off Theraflu Q and a $1.50 Q from last sunday's paper plus the WAGS Q that gives you $2 off EACH box and my $9 Zantac RR and my $1 Halls refresh RR. I paid $ .63 OOP and got back an $8 RR for Thera flu and $2.50 RR for Robitussin DM 2go! I didn't even need fillers!! This deal cost me $ .13 cuz I made money on my RRs.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Expired CVS EBs!

Oh, that's just great! I was going through my CVS EBs and receipts and found 2 expired EBs ($4.99 and $2) tucked into my receipts. Luckily, they expired on 10/13, so I knew MY neibhborhood CVS would still accept them if I got there pronto. I took the CVS flu quiz online so I could use a $5/$25 coupon and got to CVS about 6:00 last night. I was aiming for the coke deal and more sense and sprays (almost free with Qs). These items added up to $23, so I wandered around for a while until I remembered I had printed out a couple of $ .75 Qs for the Trident layers gum and CVS has them on sale for $1 each this week. Bingo- $25 total, now I can check out. The great manager was there last night and had some great coke coupons that made this deal even better! I think these coupons are $2 off 2 12 packs. Anyway, after all Qs - I owed $7.35ish. Wow, I couldn't believe it. After she scanned my EBs, she said something like, you're in the negative 40 something cents. So we threw in a pack of CVS tissues and I then owed 1 cent.
Then, I got $3 EBs back for buying the coke deal. I was sooooo happy. Thank you CVS! Thank you great manager! By the way, this is the 2nd time in 2 days that I owed CVS 1 cent for a transaction!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

CVS, Walgreens and Target, Oh my!

It was wonderful frugal day for the Martinez Family.

It actually started early this morning. Darlin Dan and I were up and out of the house by 7 AM. He needed to gas up his truck and get gas for the lawn mover. I needed to get my newspapers. There are some coupons in todays inserts that are needed for some of the great deals this week.

We also stopped at a neighborhood mexican bakery and picked up a couple of yummy sweet bread to go with our oatmeal and coffee.

After breakfast, it was off to pick up Amanda and get to CVS. We both got our Glade reed diffusers and sense and sprays! We had great coupons and EBs and paid out of our coin purses for our OOP. Thanks to I HEART CVS for the heads up on the best deals. Thanks to CVS, I now have all my items for the Johnson rebates!
I spent pennies today at CVS and rolled my EBs.

Next, we stopped at the nearest Walgreens for the best deals. We both got our Zantac, Theraflu, and Pert Plus. These deals are great this week at WAGS. I even found 3 clearance items for Christmas presents for $2 each. I used these as my fillers this week to even out my coupon and RR count and I still made money in RRs. Again, we paid our OOP out of our coin purse. Thanks to I heart WAGS for the head up on the best deals.

I dropped off Amanda and I was off to Target. I had received a 10% off coupon in the mail that w2as expiring today and I had decided to stock up on a few groceries. I did alot of research and got all my coupons together. I printed out Target coupons and Internet printable coupons. I read Attention Target Shoppers and Hot Coupon World. I was freaked when my total was $80. After 10% off and all coupons, I paid $26 OOP. My receipt said I saved $81- I guess that includes all the sales items I got. After I got home and showed Darlin Dan, we decided I would make another trip since the 10% coupon was good for the whole day. I printed out a couple more Target coupons and spent $7 OOP for over $50 worth of goodies. My receipt said I saved $75.

So, my Targeting for today- I spent $33 for $131 worth of groceries. It is really hard here in San Antonio to do much better..............we don't have any stores that do double coupons.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I had a great WAGS week!

I can't believe I spent $6.99 cash OOP this week at Walgreens........................for $!74.21 worth of Ragu, Mayo, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Chewy Bars, Renuzit, Campbells Cream Soups, Band Aids,l Halloween cups, peroxide, boxes of pwdered diet tea packets, vasoline lotion, chapstick, emergen C, Robi 2 go, Halls refresh, etc.

I ended up burning $10 of my RR stash, so I'm down to $42 in RRs. Tomorrow starts another great week of moneymakers at Wags!! I should be back up to over $50 in RRs by tomorrow afternoon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free Band Aids at Walgreens

I was able to do the free Band aid deal at Walgreens!
Thanks to Common Sense with money:
She blogged about the deal and it works! I gave the Walgreens activity book coupon first w/ other man. coupons and then showed the in ad coupon. I got 3 boxes of FREE character band aids.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dollar General Deal

I stopped by Dollar General and spotted the liquid Snuggle fabric softener for $3!
They also had the Purina Friskies Natural Sensations cat treats! I can use my Qs for free cat treats.

So I got 1 bottle of Chili powder (completely out!), 1 baby card(needed this), 1 snuggle, and 1 cat treat for ......$1.04.

I'm a happy camper!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We did it

We finally did it. We cancelled that darn gym membership that we never use and we've been paying for every month. Yea!

Got my cheap RAGU and Hellman's at WALGREENS

I was able to do the deal! I had to ask a manager if they had more Ragu in the back! They had plenty..........
Here's what I did
7 Ragu
1 Hellman's
1 Refresh Hall's hard candy drops
1 $ .29 peroxide
used $1/2 Ragu (home mailer)
2 $ .30 off 1 Ragu (had more Qs decided not use use them so I could use more RRs w/o fillers) RP 9/13
1 $1 of 1 Hellman's (home mailer, can find more Qs at RP 8/2
1 $ .75 off Refresh
used $5 RR from ben gay and 3 $2 RR's from P & G producet
=1.11 OOP
and I got back $8 RR for Ragu deal and $1 for Refresh
so what if I burned $2 in RR's....remember the moneymaker Thera flu a couple of weeks ago? This is a great opportunity to get 7 Ragus and 1 Hellmans for very close to free!
Thanks Walgreens!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great Friend

I have a great friend. She saves me all her inserts!!!!!! I saw her on Friday and she gave me a whole heap!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday shopping!

Today I went to 3 Walgreens, 1 Big Lots, and 1 Family Dollar. I spent $10 oop-$7.90 at Big Lots. I got some great deals!
At Big Lots I bought 1 $3 calendar, 1 $5.50 bottle of S.F. caramel syrup, and 1 bottle of $1.20 almond flavoring. I used another 20% off Q.
At Family Dollar I spent $ .43 on 1 $3 box of snuggle laundry dryer sheets and 1 bottle of $1.40 Dawn renewel dish soap. I had a $3 Q for the snuggle and $1 family dollar Q for the Dawn!
I did 5 transactions at 3 different Walgreens. I still didn't use all my Qs for ben gay, playtex gloves, purell, or visine........I wasn't able to shop as much as I like this week....too busy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Lots 20% off Coupon

I finally got around to Big Lots. I found some good buys. I got a big 2010 calendar planner for work-regular $3, a small planner reg. $2, 3 bottles of sugar free flavored syrups for coffee and baking reg. $5.50 each (usually $6.99 at World Market), and a Tiger Woods Golf Game for the Wii reg. $18.88. I paid $33 out of pocket (with tax) and saved $8 and some change w/the 20% off. Not too bad! They had several Wii games to choose from-this one is for Darlin Dan, the golfin man!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FREE Snuggle fabric softener dryer sheets at Family Dollar!!


There's a great coupon for Snuggle fabric softener out right now. In the 10/4 Red Plum insert there's a $3 man. Q! At Family Dollar, they sale Snuggle dryer sheets for $3!!Can you say free? The fabric softener liquid is $3.75. Look what I bought for $ .81!
I stopped at another Family Dollar and they would let me use just 1 man. coupon for the Snuggle, but this store had the small bottle of Dawn hand renewal soap for $1.40 and they have a store Q for $1 off. Look at what I bought for $ .43!! I try not to argue w/cashiers about the number of Qs I can use, I just say I don't want the other item. This cashier was really nice and got a kick out of my big purchase. I just took my great bargains and smiled all the way to my car! You know tomorrow is another day. I try to get 10 newspapers every Sunday when there are inserts - so I still have 5 snuggle qs to use.

Free or nearly free Visine at Walgreens

Visine is cheap this week at Walgreens! Visine starts at $3.99 each.
There is a $2 off in ad Q this week and there are $2 off any Visine Qs in 8/2S2, 4/26RP, and 9/27S.
I've done the deal 2x and I'm getting free Visine!
Make sure you give the Man. Q first! Some Wags will not let you use man. q if you give the in ad Q first.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Free magazine subscription at Walgreens

Sunday, this coupon popped out of the magic coupon machine at WAGS-it says I get 1 year of Marie Claire magazine free! I purchased 2 Rimmell mascaras yesterday-although I didn't pay a penny for them, I got this great Q! I'm filling it out and mailing it manana!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

WAGS and CVS great deals!

This is trip #1 to CVS and Walgreens.
I spent $ .02 OOP at CVS and used my $3/$15 Q I got in my email and did the Colgate Total Toothpaste deal, the Nestle products deal -buy $10 and get $5 EBs(3 lean cuisines and 1 Ozarka Water), and the tone soap deal, 1Sunday paper and 4 of Crystal Light on the go singles and use the $2/2 man. Q.
I spent $2.10 at WAGs. I used $12.50 in RRs and got $13 back along with a coupon for a FREE 1 year subscription to Marie Claire! I bought 2 bengays, 1 MVP fusion razor, 1 purell, 1 disposable playtex gloves, 2 rimmell mascara(got both free! They are BOGO this week at WAGS and I had BOGO Q from All You!), 1 chicken noodle soup and 2 sale Hersheys chocolate bars............

Trip #2 to CVS. My husband has a CVS card and he also got a $3/$15 Q that HAD to be used. I did another Nestles deal, this time getting 3 sugar free vanilla ice creams!, 1 tone soap, 1 colgate toothpaste, and 4 Crystal light on the go. I paid $3 OOP and rolled my EBs. I'm a happy camper. We got our ice cream!

I'll be scouting out Big Lots this week-20% off coupon, good all week .
Go here to print your coupon!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1 great hour at WAGS

I set out this morning to get the rest of my shampoo, toothbrushes, coffee, and almonds, thinking this was going to take me a couple of hours going from WAGS to WAGs. Well, I was wrong.
Wow- I spent $2.22 OOP in 7 transactions for $95 worth of this weeks deals!! I was able to do this at 1 store in 1 hour...................
I got my coffee and smoky almonds w/Qs and RRs. I used all my Herbal Essence and Oral B toothbrush Qs. This was a very successful trip, even though I burned $8 in RRs. It was totally worth it. I was able to pick up a couple of clearance items for Christmas! I even got Darlin Dan some golf balls! You can get just about everything at WAGS!

Friday, October 2, 2009

WAGS for week of 10/4

Great deals:
1.playtex gloves $.99 w/ in-ad coupon-$1 Playtex disposable gloves on any SS 6/28/09
2.BenGay Cream 4 oz or Patches 4-5 ct get $5 RR wyb 2/$10-$2 Bengay, any rp 10/04/09
3.Purell Hand Sanitizer 8 oz (with or without aloe vera) $2.99 get $2 RR-$.50 Purell Product, any except 1 oz SS 8/2/09
4.Campbell’s chicken noodle or tomato soup 2/$1 w/ in-ad Q
Along w/the monthly RR deals

WAGS readerboard

I was able to get some cheap Maxwell House Coffee today. Readerboard adv. $2.49-sure enough it is! I'm using an internet printable and some RRs that I got w/mm deals this week to get me some super cheap coffee!