Monday, June 21, 2010

More Walgreening

Sorry about the picture. Kinda blurry. I had some extra time to shop today and I had to go grab the Cheap Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. I don't know if the $1RR will print all week and this is such a great deal $ .25 a bottle.
Today's cash OOP $3.02
for about $97.75 worth of goodies
I started with $56.50 in RRs and now have $57 in RRs.
Missing in the picture 2 diet Walgreens sodas and 1 small bag of fritos (lunch)  ;-}

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coupon challenged said...

Wow you are really stockin up. I am trying not to shop except for necessities until Friday when we will have a very nice payday for my hubby. It is hard to not get out there. I will go in Friday morning and hope some of the buys are left. Good for you! I am doing stuff with the kids though with so much free time. Off to the beach tomorrow.