Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday at Walgreens 6/13

This was my first Walgreens run. I was in a rush because we were expecting company and I needed to get home. I did the Nivea deal while they were ringing up BOGO, I found the Neutragena lip gloss deal! I grabbed some moneymaker toothbrushes.
After our company left, this is what I bought with my moneymaker RRs:

I decided to "spend" some RRs this week instead of using my gift card to buy my Sunday papers. I'm making money everytime I buy the Nivea bodywash, so I thought I would use $18 in RRs for my papers-that's just 3 Nivea deals!!

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coupon challenged said...

Looks like some good buys. I am hoping to get out early tomorrow.