Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Money Making Loreal Lip Gloss at Walgreens

Wild for Wags wrote about this deal today! (Click on it to see the deal) This blogger has the deal written out perfectly.
I actually found some of the marked down Loreal Lip gloss! This is a very good deal! So good, I did it twice. I paid $ .22 cash OOP after all my Qs for each transaction!! What is SO amazing is that on each of my receipts, it says I saved $40.95!! So, I'm thinkin I just paid $ .44 cash OOP for $81.90 worth of goodies. I grabbed the Dawn on sale for $ .99 to cover the overage and used The $ .25 man. Q from the recent P&G insert.
OMG-perfect deal!!

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coupon challenged said...

With all that Lip Gloss you should have some great lookin' lips.