Friday, June 4, 2010

I bought some coupons on EBAY!

Another first for me. I bought some coupons on Ebay! I grabbed some more of the $3 Nivea bodywash for men coupons. Walgreens is going to have the bodywash as a RR deal in a couple of weeks and with this coupon you make $3 everytime you do the deal. Well, I used up all my Qs on Sunday and started looking at coupon sites and nobody seemed to have any. I turned to Ebay. I bid a couple of times and never won, but somebody offered me a 2nd chance deal and I took it. I spent $3 for 10 coupons and she threw in some bonus coupons and they arrived within a couple of days!! I'm a happy camper. I'm ready for the next round of free mens body wash.

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