Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My favorite WAGS did not disappoint me!

I found the clearance 6 roll Charmin for $1.29 a pack. Used some of the moneymaker Ecotrin RRs!

Then, I found some of the single bars of Neutragena. These are $2.99 each because they are the acne ones. Buy 3 and get $10RR. I got my $10RR so this was still a $1 money maker.

My favorite Walgreens still has a good stock of Ecotrin! This store is by my work across town. By yesterday afternoon, I could not find any Ecotrin at any of the Walgeens near my house.


coupon challenged said...

I'm jealous you've gotten some great deals this week. I have only been out once to shop as I have been so busy with my kiddos and finishing up the school year. Thanks for your posts. You always have easy to understand scenarious.

jeri said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! You made my day.
I hope you get to go get some deals!
Today was especially stressful for me. Too many meetings and too little time!