Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday at CVS

It's another slow week at CVS. I will be on the look out this week for deals on the internet!! This picture is what I bought with my CVS card and Darlin's CVS card. Not much, huh. 4 newspapers not included in the picture, still in car. I got my free toothpaste after man. Q and EBs, and my $ .99 CVS brand pain reliever after EBs.

The most exciting thing that happened at CVS was that the coupon spitter outer gifted me a $4/$20 coupon. I promptly used that to pay for my 4 newspapers, 2 toothpastes, 1 pain reliever, and 3 clearance baby items. Darlin Dan needed a baby gift for work and I had been doing my usual frugal prep. This turned out great!

I'm not upset that CVS is having a light week. I'm all about grabbing the best deal, so when the getting is good at one store and not the other, it just gives me more time to concentrate on what is the BEST deal that week. I hope that makes sense. It can be mind boggling and exhausting when Walgreens, CVS, and Super T are all having great deals.

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