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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Walgreens-Sunday 6/6

I had a weird,but good Sunday shopping day....refunds at 1 Walgreens and 2 CVSs.


I did 3 transactions today at 2 stores. I spent $ 3.88 OOP and got back a $3.2something refund for the Bic Soliel in ad Q not taking off $3. So, I guess I spent about $ .60 something cash OOP and I burned some RRs knowing that next week is the money maker Nivea men's bodywash week.

I was able to grab all the deals-except I can't find any Neutragena facial bars or the Jergens natural glow healthy complexion on clearance. I wish I had not bought any pampers wipes at WAGS because Target has them for $1.97, making them free-plus a 3 cent money maker. oh well.....
The Ravina knee highs are my filler of choice this week at  $ .25 each w/in-ad Q.
I bought the Always because they are buy one get one half off. I was able to use 2 free coupons from last weeks extravaganza with each transaction!
All together I bought $141.02 worth of goodies for about $ .60 cash OOP--But, I did burn some RRs.;-}-I have BIG plans of making up some of my RRs!!


coupon challenged said...

Did the J. Frieda with the extra 33% (or whatever) amount generate the RRs. I had read that it did not.

jeri said...

Actually, the RR did NOT print and the manager printed one for me. (Actually I think the RR she printed for me was another RR for the fusion razor). This happened in the same strange and confusing transaction with the BiC soleil! It was all SO strange and I was just happy that the manager was the one ringing me up so she could fix the problems right away. At the time, I did not know the 33% more were not generating RRs. I thought I was getting a great deal!

Kimberly said...

Jeri - I follow parts of your blog - I subscribed through google reader but I never get to everything and clipping too!

Anyway, saw you bought Pampers and paid more (like I did) that what they were at Target (and I read at Walmart)

I try to never go to one of those stores and the other as little as possible. So I consider the .50ea I paid for a few boxes was worth it. Plus the just not having/needing to go to the other stores!

Fun watching your pics most for me! Keep shopping and showing 'em!