Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Walgreens shopping

Cable, internet and phone were out at the casa last night.  Here's a quick look of what I bought at Walgreens:
This is what I did-
1 Scunci pack $2.00
1 Bayer asp $3.49
1 Tone BW $3.99
1 Pure Silk Shave Cream $1.99
1 Proglide Razor $9.89
1 wyler  8 pk peach tea $0.59
-$1 Bayer coupon
-$4 proglide coupon
-$2 in ad q for Bayer
-$1 Q book q for Bayer
-$13 in RRs ($4,$3,$3,$3)
=$0.95 + $0.12 tax
=$1.07 cash OOP
and got back $5RR for proglide, $2RR for scunci, $1.50 for pure silk, $3 for Tone BW.

This store didn't have any complete or Reach crystal toothbrushes.


Sunny Simple Life said...

Heading out today to Wags and Target. Does it seem like it is harder to find the items in the stores? Maybe more people are couponing. Darn that show. I have one Wags nearby where I can tell someone is hiding the weekly freebies. I find them stashed behind things every week. Like they are hiding them and waiting to come back. Strange. Unless and employee is maybe doing it.

jeri said...

Yes, I run into the "hiding" too! Good luck with finding the deals!
What do you have planned for Target-I haven't been recently-been busy trying to do deals at a local grocery store!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Target was good this week. Before coupons 69.07 and after 17.97. $15 was giftcards from last week. I did the Olay Reg. Facial wash and the Bengay for hubby and the Arrowhead water. I had some coupons for Head & shoulders too that needed using. The Kraft slices was a great deal too. I will do a post on it later. Just stuff we needed.