Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visiting Walmart on Memorial Day

This was not really the highlight of my day-we spent 2 1/2 hours at Walmart waiting for my oil to be changed! The plus side to this was that I went bargain shopping(imagine that!)-I spent $30 on $66 worth of groceries. Not too bad. I was happy to find some wine tags with coupons for $3 off meat wyb a Bolner's seasoning(I think this is a Texas thing). See my nice briskets? On sale for $1.78 a pound and totalling about $16 each. I paid less than the sum of the 2 briskets for everything!!! I actually did 3 transactions to purchase my goodies so I could use up my $1 off Ivory soap coupons expiring 5/31 and to buy 2 briskets with the $3 off coupons (limit 1 per consumer). I bought the cheapest spices I could find- $0.52(mexican oregano-good in posole!) and $0.72(purchased comino-I use this alot). I used my last moneymaker Similac coupon.

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