Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walgreens shopping

We went to Walgreens this afternoon, looking for the deals. Here's what we got-5 of the Dole fruit crisp bowls, 2 Brut deodorants, 1 Dove deodorants,
3 magic scotch tapes, 1 razor, and 1 small bag of m+m's. I ended up spending about $3 cash OOP for $30 something worth of goodies. I spent $8 in RRs and got $8 in RRs back.


Sunny Simple Life said...

Went to Wags and the only items they had for my coupons was the razor. I fear the show Extreme Couponing is going to make it even worse. I had to go today to get a script anyway but it seems shelves are cleared more often lately. Have you noticed any changes?

jeri said...

Yes! I can't find the proclinical toothpaste this week.
One of my most fav. Wags is now limiting us to 1 RR deal a day-so I go in and do what I can every day if possible. They gave the excuse that customers were complaining that they didn't have the sale items. I beg to differ! I was often able to go in on Friday afternoon and do multiple RRs deals with no problem.
Now the items they are offering BOGO and there is also a BOGO coupon is another story. Those items aren't seen after Sunday I'm afraid.
I have noticed more customers trying to do deals that go bad and the cashier trying to explain about the RRs and not using the RR you received for the same product.