Saturday, August 27, 2011

On a quest for Ocean Spray at HEB--Saturday shopping at HEB & Walgreens

Since I have a pretty great stockpile, when I go to HEB, it is just for the best deals. This morning I was on a quest to get the almost free  32 ounce Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail. I went to three HEBs before I found them.
Here's the Ocean Spray deal:
Buy 2 Ocean Spray 32 ounce at $0.88 each =$1.76 - $1.50 for 2 =$0.26 for 2 or $0.13 each after coupon!!
After visiting 3 HEB's,  I bought $107.10 worth of groceries and spent $26.82 cash OOP.  I saved $80.28 by using coupons!!
Then I was off to Walgreens....................................

Walgreens..........I visited Walgreens this morning for the Saturdate. I picked up lots of very cheap Revlon eye makeup and Crest toothpaste. This afternoon I went to another Walgreens to grab some of the big packs of Huggies Wipes (they turn next weeks sale price Saturday evening).

I also picked up some Conexion Newspapers with some inserts included!!

I had lots of fun shopping while Darlin Dan was playing a round of golf. Now it's time to plan for next week!

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Precious said...

Your shopping was awesome.