Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday shopping

While Darlin Dan is playing a round of golf, guess how I spent my time? Shopping, of course! This is what I've done so far today-I've been to 2 Walgreens, 2 CVS's, 3 HEBs, and  1 Walmart.
I purchased about $120 worth of goodies and spent a total of $17 cash OOP after all coupons and RRs and EBs. I think that is pretty good!!
I was so happy to get 2 sundresses at CVS for $4 each! They were marked down from $9.99.
Here's a quick rundown-
4 barilla pasta sauces
4 boxes of pasta
1 12 pk of diet soda
1 loaf of bread
4 cups of cat food
1 avocado
total OOP after Qs=$9.80
8 cups of cat food
total OOP after Qs=$ 1.99
2 sundresses
9 cards
1 small crest scope toothpaste
2 cartons of ice cream
total OOP after Qs and EBs=$3.80
6 CG eye shadows
2 12 pks of cottonelle tp
2 Halls cough drops
4 Jergen's lotions
2 W razors
1 nestle pumpkin candy
1 hersheys candy
total OOP after Qs and RRs=$1.20
Aren't these just too cool! Such a blast from my past. I used to live in these sundresses!!

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Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

You are such a good shopper. Do you want to come shop for me please??