Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Wags shop

We did a quick shop this afternoon. Amanda had some RRs expiring! I got all this (about $16 worth) for $1.78 cash OOP and I used $9.50 in RRs and my manufacturer's coupons and got back $9 in RRs.

We also stopped at CVS and my picture turned out soooo bad. Darlin Dan already put up my goodies-isn't he the best? So anyway, there won't be a picture on my Sunday CVS shop. Maybe I'll have one later in the week.


Angela said...

Hi Jeri Kay! I found you by googling San Antonio, Walgreens and couponing. I have a question: are you having problems with price off for 2 product coupons, at Walgreens, since the 1st of November? I tried to use a $1/2 coupon with a register reward and they told me it was too many coupons. Thought it might be the type of RR so I tried a different one, still wouldn't take. I finally left the cereal there. I have been reading that Walgreens is now attaching coupons to 2 products if they are for say $1/2, or attaching to three products if they are a dollar off three. I did go to the Austin Highway store,which has never been good for me, but I was curious what you know! Thanks!!!

jeri said...

Hi Angela-Thanks for stopping by! I haven't used a $1/2 coupon at Walgreens this week. I've heard that sometimes, if you hand over the RR first, then the man. Q you don't need a filler-maybe this would be a good time to test out that theory. You never know with Walgreens-I usually have a very cheap filler on standby-I think the halloween pencils are now $0.12.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeri!! Good idea!