Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great Deal on Tennis Shoes

Darlin Dan and I needed some new tennis shoes and I had a plan. We had not bought tennis shoes since August of 2010. These shoes are now looking pretty sad. We wore them out.  At that time, we spent $55 for two pair.  This year we did even better! My plan was to do pretty much all of our Christmas shopping at Kohl's with 30% off plus receiving Kohl's cash and then use the Kohl's cash for our new tennies.  I was hoping that the tennies would go on sale and they did.  So we had $60 in Kohl's cash expiring on Jan. 2. We were able to buy 2 pair of tennies for $20 after Kohl's cash and 15% off the balance (an internet coupon)!! Our receipt said we saved over $100. Now I plan to pay off the credit card balance this month and will avoid extra finance charges. This was one of our more frugal Christmases.

Now how sad is this? At this moment, I'm spending the money I saved yesterday on a new car battery. BooHoo!


Free!~ said...

Nice kicks! I love Kohls and the amazing deals to be had. The best is when they send out a free $10 coupon and I can go in and find an item for $10 and walk out paying tax only on a new shirt or pants.

Precious said...

Nice tennis shoes and that was a great way to get them. Sorry about the battery.

jeri said...

Thanks Free & Precious!Wish I didn't have to get a new battery, but the old one up and died on me Tuesday mornng-no time to shop around for the best deal-I hate it when that happens!