Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Sunday Shopping

CVS 01/01/2012
I bought moneymaker nivea lip care 4/$10 used 2 $3/2 coupons and got back $5EB
cheap ivory soap(free w/ a Q I had from enclosed coupons from paper towels) and oral b battery toothbrushes (($5.99each-$3 Q and get $2EB=$0.99 each).
I bought the Special K bars for 4/$/5 after coupons and EBs.
I burned my $5 EB that spit out for spending $50 in beauty products plus $1EB from my regular EBs. I spent about $1 on my CVS gift card! No cash OOP!

WAGS 01/01/2012
Darlin Dan needed some Mucinex "stat" and I noticed that Walgreens had a deal on them. Not free, but this stuff is expensive!! Anyway I had $16 in RRs expiring on 1/2/12 and wanted to spend them. This seemed pretty good-
2 mucinex $10each(I grabbed the 20 count-reg. $16.99each!)=$20 (-2 of the $1 MQ), 2 childrens Triaminc fever reducer 2/$10 (-2 of the $3 MQ) and 5 clearance Christmas candies $0.14 each(needed fillers for my RR count). My total was $30.90-$8 in MQs=$22.60-$16 in RRs=$6.60  on my WAGS GC I got from my Healthmiles! I got back a $5RR for the Triaminic and a $6RR for the mucinex. No cash OOP!!

So I bought about $64 worth of goodies yesterday for no cash OOP and a total of $7.70 on my gift cards. I did burn a few EBs and RRs.



Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I was so glad to read your niece is doing better. What an ordeal for your family. I so need to get my CVS shopping in gear.

Precious said...

I agree with Elaine about your niece. Nice shopping day for you.

jeri said...

Thank you Ladies. She continues to need prayers. I have been so worried and concerned for my poor sis. (Thank God she is in good health because this has taken a big toll on both her and my brother-in-law, not to mention Lisa's husband and her 3 children).
As my sis says-We are truly blessed because Lisa is still with us.