Sunday, December 5, 2010

CVS 12/05

We had a long day today. Anthony & Jessica moved into their new house and we helped-ouch my aching back! Congrats to Anthony & Jess!! I did just a little bit of shopping late this afternoon. I wanted to try to get the Zhu Zhu pet deal and it worked!  Each one of these furry little things cost $9.88 and will make nice little stocking stuffers for some munchkins.  I bought 4 of those cute critters, 3-12 packs of diet coke (2 are still in the car- my back hurts!), and the Azo itch relief cream and spent $17.06 on my Gift Card. I used $8 in EBs and got $8 back in EBs. My receipt says I saved $47.09 today!
Here's how it went down-
3-12 packs of diet coke $10
2 Zhu Zhu pets $ 19.76
2 Zhu Zhu pets $19.76
1 Azo itch relief $ 6.99
- $19.76-2 free zhu zhu pets
-$1/3 12 packs coke peelie Q
-$2 Azo itch IP Q
-$9.88 IP CVS Q for buy 2 get 1 Zhu Zhu pet free
-$7.98 in EBs
+ $1.17 in tax

I could've burned some EBs to reduce my OOP, but decided to save some for other deals!

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