Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My trip to Walmart

I challenged myself today. I wanted to see what I could "buy" with my free $5 Walmart gift card we got in the mail. Can you believe we were sent a free $5 Walmart gift card because the closest Super Walmart was remodeled? Well, I bought $28.65 worth of goodies and spent my $5 gift card and $0.21 cash OOP! I know I could've used several extra free or moneymaker coupons on this deal, but I didn't want to alert the Walmart police!  I'm not crazy about Walmart, but wanted to use my free $5 gift card!
I looked at Coupon Mom's Walmart deals and also looked at some coupon forums-Slickdeals and Hot Coupon World and had an idea what were the best buys at Walmart.
The best coupon deals at Walmart
1.Yakisoba noodles $0.48 use the $0.50 coupon 10/10SS
2.Mt. Olive sweet relish $0.98 use the $1.00 coupon 10/31SS
3.Shick disposible razors $1.97 use the $2.00 coupon 12/5SS
4.Wheat Thin Stix $1.99 used the free coupon I got in the mail
5. Pictureka $5.24 use the $5 coupon 12/5SS
6. Duck Packing tape $1.08 use the $1 coupon 11/21SS
7. Suave deodorant $0.97 use the $0.75 coupon 11/14RP
8. Fleishman's yeast $0.98 use the $0.40 coupon 12/5SS
9.Scope $3.39 use the $2 coupon 11/7 RP
10 All You magazine $2.25 NO Q!


Sunny simple life said...

Wow that was great and at Walmart too! You are right, they are jerks about coupons sometimes.

jeri said...

Thanks ;)
I'm wanting to go back for more-especially the Pictureka game!

Love your blog!