Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walgreens, We have a problem

My daughter Amanda decided to go with today.  She wanted to get back in to the coupon shopping. She took a break last year because she started teaching 6th grade Math. Our first stop was CVS and it was smooth sailing. No moneymakers or freebies, but good deals to grab. 2nd stop was Walgreens.  This Walgreens is usally a friendly store. We grabbed all the deals we wanted and headed for the cashier. Amanda went first and we tried to get her over $25 after in ad Wags coupons and thought we had. However, she did not get Super Jingle Cash and I just shrugged it off as maybe we didn't get her over $25 before tax. Her next transaction was the same AND the cashier would let her use only 1 Jingle Cash coupon! Of course I questioned this and he was very positive about this NEW policy. Amanda was still pleased with her bargains but I was fuming. We walked over to the cosmetics counter for my 3 transactions. I was just trying to roll my Super Jingle cash into Jingle cash. The BA there told me I could use a Super and a regular together and that the other cashier was mistaken. However, after my 2nd transaction she told me that I could only use 1 super jingle cash per day! I was getting a little flustered. The manager came over and said they had received a memo about this. I then told them to void my purchase and that I would call customer service about this. I was more than a little miffed about this. I went home and called customer service and they didn't know what to say! They were turning it in the highers up and I am supposed to hear from someone within 2 business days.

After I calmed down, I went back out to another friendly Walgreens and had no problems whatsoever-except the in ad coupon for the  Hallmark money holder cards wouldn't work and they price modified them. I did about 6 transactions at this store using Super Jingle Cash and Jingle cash without any hassles. I am sooooo relieved-but I feel bad that my daughter experienced the earlier situation.

I good deal-using $5 Super Jingle cash to pay and get back a $5 jingle cash for Hallmark.
1. 6 $0.99 holiday moneyholder cards=$5.94
2. 2 glade relaxing moments air fresheners=$5.98
3. 1 softsoap hand soap=$2.79
-$1.94 in ad for cards
-$2.99 in ad for air freshener
-$1.80 in ad for hand soap
-$1 man. q for air freshener
-$1 man. q for air freshener
-$0.35 man. q for hand soap
-$5 Super Jingle Cash
=$0.66 +$0.05 tax=$0.71  cash OOP
got back a $5 jingle cash for Hallmark Cards

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Sunny simple life said...

I hear more and more from bloggers of problems at Wags. I don't shop there any longer because they constantly were refusing my coupons or some problem would come up. Bummer. They were great for some good deals before.