Friday, August 27, 2010

Hot Pockets at WAGS

Hot Pockets!
This has been a super crazy week. Darlin Dan needs knee surgery after his fall on Sunday. He isn't driving , so we've been to Drs. and to his job a couple of times to turn in some paperwork.  I've been awhirling dervish this week, trying to get everything done.

One thing I did, was stop at Walgreens for some Hot Pockets.  Wild For Wags posted this deal and it works. I did it yesterday. Buy 7 boxes of Hot Pockets, use the in-ad Q. Total should be $10.50 and get a $5RR back. I used 2 of the  $4RRs  from the Crest deal and paid $2.50 cash OOP and got my $5RR back.  I burned $3 in RRs, but we'll have a heap of fast and easy meals here. (I'm thinking soup/salad and a hot pocket for lunch or supper!)

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