Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Supper Swap

Sunday Supper Swap 8/29/10
I am so excited to share this idea that has become a reality for my 2 daughters and me. We are participating in a Sunday Supper Swap. This is actually week #4 for Jessica and me and week #1 for Amanda. Jessica and I liked it so much that we thought Amanda would like it too. We each make  1 casserole enough for 3 couples, then we swap. This is my share of the food for the week.  Danny and I have enough food here for our dinner all week. As you can see, we ate part of the enchilada casserole tonight. There is enough left over for another dinner!
Here is the menu this week. I made Paula Deen's Goulash. Jessica made a smoked poblano pepper cream enchilada casserole, and Amanda made an Italian sausage pasta dish x2 for each of us. I made a big pot of pinto beans, a hoe cake, and a peach cobbler  that I shared and Jessica made some rice to go with her casserole.
We each made our casseroles sometime over the weekend and we swapped Sunday afternoon. This all came about when Jessica commented that she was going to try to cook her food for the week on the weekend because she is going to school at night and it was so hard to get dinner made. I suggested we try a swap. I had read a couple of articles on the internet about this and I thought it was worth a try.
This is what we've done so far-
Week 1
Country Captain Chicken
Cheesy pasta with italian sausage in a white sauce
Week 2
King Ranch Chicken
Week 3
Slow Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice
Chili with Mexican Cornbread

It is SO wonderful to come home and have your dinner ready to be warmed up after a long day at work. It leaves so much more time for other important things-swimming, watching my reality shows, blogging, couponing, etc!!!

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