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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Super T Time


I had a great time at Super T today. I've been getting my Qs ready after I read Coupon Challenge's post about the great Shout deal. I read Totally Target for all the Target Q deals and other great deals and I set out at 8 a.m.  The items in the picture above was bought in 2 transactions. I spent $8.54 and $21.58 on my GC-which is history! I have $10 in GC left from the 2 GC deals I did today. I bought $91 worth of goodies for $30.12. I saved $60.70 in man. & Target Qs, GC deals, and special Target deals!!
I bought
6 bottles of Shout
4 cans of multi surface Pledge
4 Air wick air fresheners
2 Pledge fabric cleaners
2 cans of chef boyardee ravioli
2 boxes of Quaker chewy bars
4 containers of crystal light
1 box of crystal light fitness
1 iceberg lettuce
1 container of cinnamon rolls
2 cans of cat food
1 cat treat
2 deli deluxe kraft cheese
3 loaves of bread
1 bag of carrots
1 lb bag of large shrimp
1 container of chicken salad
1 4 pack of activia yogurt

Then, this afternoon I went back for this..............
I spent $7.00 cash OOP for for $14.36 worth of goodies. I grabbed some free ravioli, corn on the cob, italian bread, and cheap ice cream ($1.50 after Target Q), apples ( $ .34 after Target Q), 1/2 lb. of deli ham
($2.14 after Target Q), Simply Raspberry Lemonade ($1.04 after Target Q) and Croissants ($1.99 after Target Q).

All together I spent $37.12 ($30 on GC and $7 cash) for about $105 worth of goodies!


Jennifer @ The Thrifty Military Wife said...

Great job on your shopping trip! Follow my blog if you like!

coupon challenged said...

They are remodeling our Target into a Super T right now. I am so excited.