Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovin my Walgreens & CVS

This week has been great at Walgreens.  I've gotten lots of moneymaker items (Tena and Almay)  and now I'm  spending some of my RRs on things we need/want/can use around the house. I bought some paper plates -not on sale...gasp!! I also got a bag of fresh mandarin oranges and they are delicious. I started grabbing some of the very cheap Kettle chips-3/$4 this week and I'm using 3 of $1 coupons from 3/20 inserts! Although we didn't get this great coupon in my hometown, my coupon insert supplier did. I'm stocking up on some very cheap chips. I also snagged some very cheap wine! My fav Wags   had clearanced lots of  wine, some down to $0.62!. I hate to admit this, but I stocked up on this item also.

I bought some Eucerin facewash and lotion on clearance. I normally would not buy $4  face wash and $7 facial lotion, but  I was recently diagnosed with Rosacea  and I'm wanting to pamper my poor face! Have you ever looked  up Rosacea? It can look pretty bad, sad, and down right ugly.  After several bouts of strange facial rashes,  I finally made my way to the Dermatologist. This last bout was the worst, went from one ear to the other, but at my jaw line and was extremely itchy.

CVS has been kind  this week. Not as good as Walgreens, but all in all, very nice. I've gone everyday  on my way home from work and done a deal or two.On Sunday, I grabbed the freebies.  Then,  I've done the cleaning supplies and the Suave deal. Not free, but still a good deal.

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