Saturday, March 12, 2011

Update on Walmart Shopping

I thought I should offer some advice to those wanting to shop at Walmart with coupons. Take the current coupon policy and if the cashier is leary of a coupon giving overage, ask for the manager. This happened to me.  The cashier  talked to the manager and then took off the total coupon ($3 off for the Gain dryer sheets-cost $1.87).  She didn't seem happy with this, but she did it.

Watch the register like a hawk-I'm sure I got on the cashier's last nerve,  but often the coupon amount wasn't taken off and I had to interupt her and tell her I didn't see the amount come up on the display. I feel it is better to say something right away rather than wait til the end and hold up the line even longer because the cashier is counting coupons and figuring out which one didn't scan.

I wasn't able to use a catalina coupon for  free 3 ct. VIA coffee (from HEB). This was a big test to me.  I thought I would try this catalina before trying to use RRs. When the cashier  refused this coupon, I just asked her to take the item off my transaction. I bumped into the manager on my way out ;) and asked her about Walmart accepting catalina coupons and competitor's coupons. At first she said no. I showed her a copy of the new coupon policy (which she had not seen) and she said she would bring this up at the next "meeting". I left her a copy of the Walmart policy.

I'm thinking it will be pretty touch and go for a while. I was pleased with the deals I got. I was hoping the dog food was a little cheaper. I'm going to check at Super T today!

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Sunny Simple Life said...

You know you'd think that when Walmart releases a new policy they would circulate to the stores for management to see. Seems logical. Thanks for the info.