Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday shopping- Moral of the story-always looks around the entire store!

At first, we weren't having very much luck getting the deals at Walgreens. We tried to do a quick Almay deal at the beauty counter and were shot down trying to use the 2 Q combination. (Later, I realized that it's still a moneymaker when buying the cheaper products using 1 of the $2 Qs). The toothbrushes were nowhere to be found. We found the Celadrin pills and Plackers, but needed the Tena pads to make our scenarios work. They weren't in the normal place and I was getting so disappointed. We decided to take a stroll around the store and low and behold-in the clearance aisle-Tena pads on CLEARANCE for $6.49! Bingo-great moneymaker, $6.49 -$2.50 IP Q= $3.99 and get a $10RR back!!

Other great deals-Airwick i-motion -the compact-BOGO $7.99-I used a $4q and a $3Q w/no problems and have read that even 2 $4qs are not causing a problem. I was happy with 2 compact Airwick I-motions for $0.99 with no beeps!

Osteo Bi-Flex deal -$9.99 get $1RR. For some reason, these are ringing up BOGO!! Using 2 $6 man. Qs, (Walgreens usually lets you use 2 coupons on a BOGO deal) this is a MM. I tried it and it worked for me!! We take this stuff, we need this stuff and we love it when we can get it for better than free!

Then of course the ALMAY deal. I did try the deal and was happy with this: 1 eye make up remover $4.19-$2 beauty book Q=$2.19 and get a $5RR back!

Back to the moral of the story-don't forget to walk the entire store! We are always sniffing around. It's like a scavenger hunt and the prize is finding the very best deal.

Here's some of  what I did-
Trans #1
1 tena $6.49 clearance
2 airwicks $7.99+$7.99=$15.98
1 plackers $2
2 hilighters $0.58 (fillers)
-$2.50 IP tena Q
-$3 airwick Q
-$3 airwick Q
-$7.99 bogo airwick
-6.50 in RRs {$3, $2, $1.50}
=$2.06+$0.17tax=$2.23 cash OOP
got back $10RR and $2RR

Trans #2
1 Celadrin $10
-$10RR for Tena
=$0 cash OOP
got back $10RR
***********************left and went back later***********************

Trans #3
2 Osteo Bi Flex $9.99= $19.98
2 Airwick mini $7.99=$15.98
1 Plackers $2
1 Tena $6.49
-$6 Osteo Q
-$6 Osteo Q
-$4 Airwick Q
-$3 Airwick Q
-$2.50 IP Tena Q
-$9.99 BOGO Osteo
-$7.99 Airwick
-$2RR-here's where I messed up and used a $2RR for plackers
=$2.97 +$0.40 tax
=$3.37 cash OOP
got back $10RR and a $1 RR

Trans #4
Tena $6.49
plackers $2
almay remover pads $4.19
2 wags peanuts bag $0.49 clearance=$0.98
-$2 almay beauty book Q
-$1.50 Tena man. Q
-$10RR from Celadrin
=$0.16 cash OOP
got back $10RR for Tena, $5RR for Almay and $2RR for Plackers

These 4 transactions add up to $93.16. I paid $5.76 cash OOP.  I started with $6.50 in RRs and ended with $28 in RRs.  I gained $21.50 in RRs in these 4 transactions.  WALGREEN'S PAID ME TO SHOP THERE TODAY!


Maria said...

Great job at Walgreens! I always have to worst luck there trying to find the products in stock. Also, there is always a problem with using my coupons.

Anonymous said...

Were the clearance Tena pads the ultra thin ones? That's what the $2.50 coupon is for.

jeri said...

To Maria-Thanks! Yes, Walgreens shopping can be very challenging, but so worth it when getting the perfect deal!

To Anon-yes, the clearance Tena pads were the exact pads for the deal and the $2.50 coupon was the correct coupon!