Friday, November 5, 2010

This week at Target

I took advantage of the Super T deals and grabbed $50 worth of Olay facial washes for the $20 rebate and getting my $5 GC for every 2 I bought.
The Air Wick candles (certain scents) are on sale for $2.99 -$2 man. Q
TGIF frozen suppers! GDA B2G1free $5.99 each use 2 $2/1 man. Q and 1 $4/2 Target IP Q
free cat food after man. q
free Afrin spay after Target catalina
$0.99 ice cream after Target catalina
Skippy peanut butter $2.04 each use 2 $0.50 IP Q and 1 $0.75/2 Target IPQ
Boneless shoulder roast $1.99 lb - $1 beef Target IPQ
$1.99 donut holes -$1 bakery Target IPQ
$1.49 french bread -$1 bakery Target IPQ
free liquid coffee mate clearance $1.21 used IPQ
cheap knorr boullion $0.97 -$0.50 Target IPQ
bliss candy bars $0.99 - $0.55 man Q
maxwell house international coffees clearance $2.20 -$1 manq and $2/2 Target IP
I ended up spending $45.00 on my GCs! (no cash OOP) However, I am getting back a $20 rebate for the Olay.
The total for all of this before Qs and GCs=$172.70.
12 airwick candles
14 bottles of olay cleansers
6 bags of TGIF suppers
5 containers of cat food
5 bliss candy bars
4 cans of international coffee
2 jars of peanut butter
2 boneless shoulder roasts
1 container of ice cream

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Precious said...

Wow! What a great shopping trip you had.