Monday, November 29, 2010

Using the $3/15 coupon to buy moneymaker Sinex!

This coupon was still spitting out today when you buy something without using RRs.  I decided to get back my RRs that I burned yesterday on my newspapers.  I first bought a chocolate bar for .50 and my $3/15 coupon spit out. Then I bought 2 sinex, 1 salonpas 5ct, 1 box of puffs tissues and another chocolate bar. I used my $3/15 Q first, then my $4 sinex coupons and then the coupon for the free puffs. I paid with $5 in RRs and change and got back a $5RR for the sinex and a $6RR for the salonpas!! I just made $6 in RRs! I did this 2 times today, so I got back $12 in RRs back from the $13.50 I burned yesterday. I have 8 more of the sinex coupons that are expiring tomorrow. Can you guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? I'm just hoping that the $3/15 coupon is still popping out tomorrow.

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