Monday, November 22, 2010

Walgreens 11/22

This transaction was not exactly how I wanted it to come out.. I also wanted the King's Hawaiin rolls, but this Walgreens didn't have any. I ended up spending $2.21 cash OOP and I didn't use any RRs 'cuz all I have are $5RRs from the Sinex. I got back a $3RR, $2.50JC(jingle cash), and a $1JC. So I made some money on this deal!!
Here's what I did
1. 6 Kleenex tissues $1.39 each = $8.54
2. 2 Secret small size $0.99 each= $1.98
3. 2 olay bar 2 pac $2.00each = $4.00
4. 1 Colgate pro clinical tpaste $3.49
-$0.50 Q for kleenex
-$0.50 Q for kleenex
-$5 Q for secret/olay
-$5 Q for secret/olay
-$1 Q Colgate from Diabetes mag.
-$3.60 in ad Q for Kleenex
=$2.21 cash OOP
Got back a $3RR for Kleenex, $2.50jingle cash for toothpaste, $1jingle cash for Olay bars

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