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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday @ WAGS

I spent $0.43 cash OOP for this transaction!! I forgot to put my bottle of Aleve in this picture. I got a $6.99 bottle of  50 caplets for $1.99 after in ad Q and $2 man. Q.  Anyway, my total before Qs for all of this was $51.68! 
I used $16 in RRs and got back $5. I should've received a $2 RR for the Pup-eroni but didn't. I didn't have time to investigate this at the store. After looking at my receipt, I can't complain because an extra mysterious $2 coupon was used. I only had a $2 coupon for this transaction (Aleve)and so I figure that makes up for not getting my $2RR. I bought my first 2 boxes of cereal for my gas rebate. I'll be grabbing 2 boxes at a time until I get my first 10. I'll burn about $14 in RRs and get back a $10 gift card for gas. $4 for 10 boxes of cereal iisn't bad.
Here's the transaction
3 bottles of Purex@ $5.99ea.=$17.97
3 Pup-eroni @  $1.99ea-$5.97
2 Neutra air @$2.50ea=$5.00
2 boxes of Kelloggs cereal @ $1.88ea= $3.76
4 pencils=$2.00
1 Colgate=$2.99
2 Aussie products @$3.50each=$7.00
1 Aleve@ $6.99
-$2 Q for Aleve
-1 Q for Purex
-$1 Q for Purex
-$1 Q for Purex
-$1.50 Q for Neutra Air
-$1.50 Q for Neutra Air
-$1 Q for Puperoni
-$1 Q for Puperoni
-$1 Q for Puperoni
-$1/2 Q for cereal
-$3.50 BOGO q for Aussie
-$0.75 Q for Colgate
-$2 mysterious Q
-$1 April Q book Q for Neutra Air
-$3 in ad Q for Aleve
-$12 in ad Q for Purex
-$1 in ad Q for pencils
-$16 in RRs
=$0.43 cash OOP
got back $5 in RRs

Today  I spent just under $1 cash OOP for my goodies from CVS & Walgreens totaling $103.56!


Kim P said...

Nice! Looks very similar to my trip. LOL

Happy Saving!

http://www.timeoutdubai.org said...

Yeah. Highlight is they provide some interesting coupons for each bill.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 said...

Yeah. Highlight is they provide some interesting coupons for each bill.