Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank you CVS!!

I visited CVS this afternoon with only $11.50 in EBs and stopped at the coupon spitter outer. I received my winter bonus of $1.50 (2% of my spending) and a $4 EB for my toothbrushes from last week! I was so happy to see that EB-I called CVS last Monday and explained the situation, but did not know if I was going to get my EBs. I brought my toothbrushes just in case. If I didn't get my Ebs, I was going to return them. Getting those  EBs enabled me to get my CVS deals  worth $51.88 for $0.56 cash OOP!!

1st transaction is on the right:
2 gas-x prevention @$6.49ea=$12.98
1 benefiber chewables=$7.29
1 Crest rinse =$3.49
1Glide floss=$3.49
-$2 Q for the benefiber
-$4 Q for gas-x prevention
-$4 Q for gas-x prevention
-$1 Q for the Crest rinse
-$0.75 Q for the floss
-$15 in EBs
=$0.50 + $0.06tax=$0.56 cash OOP
got back $10 EB for benefiber/gas-x deal and $5EB for the 2 Crest/glide deal and a $1 EB for my green tag

Transaction #2 is on the left:
1 Complete contact solution= $8.99
2 Rt Gd Body wash @$3.88ea=$7.76
1 Gold Bond Body wash=$5.88
1 Gum Ez flossers=$2
-$1 Q for complete
-$3.88 Q for Rt. Gd. Body Wash
-$2 Q for Gold Bond Body Wash
-$17.75 in EBs
=$0 cash OOP
got back a total of $17.99 in EBs!!

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