Monday, April 25, 2011


We didn't go shopping yesterday. Too much "Eastering" to do! I was able to grab this deal early this morning before work:
I spent $0.33 cash OOP for this. I used $7 in RRs and got back $7 in RRs. Splenda and Stayfree are both MMs when using man. coupons and I used my overage to buy coffee, bleach and ice pops for Darlin Dan.

I bought
 3 splenda packages @ $2.99 each= $8.97
1 stayfree package $2.99
1 folgers coffee $2.79
1 bottle of W bleach $0.99 (this store has them on special for $0.99!)
1 box of ice pops $0.59
-$3 man. Q for Splenda
-$3 man. Q for Splenda
-$1 IP Q for Splenda
-$1 man. Q for Stayfree
-$1 man. Q for Folgers coffee
-$7 in RRs
=$0.33 cash OOP
got back a $3RR for Stayfree and a $4RR for Splenda

I love it when I get to pay with coins out of my little coin purse. ;}

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