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Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/12 Sunday at Walgreens

Today I spent $ .21 cash OOP for these goodies at Walgreens!I bought these  in 2 transactions. I started with a $4 RR and ended with $6 in RRs. So, Walgreens paid me to buy these items today!
Transaction #1
1. 3 Dulcolax at $6..99 each = $20.97
2. 1 Improv $4.99
3. 1 Colgate
4.1 Splenda $2.99(in-ad)
5. foil $ .69 (in ad)
6. Halloween candy $ .39 (in ad)
Then I used
2 $8 IP Qs for Dulcolax
1 $3 Dulcolax
1 $2 IP Q for Improv
1 $1 man. Q for Colgate
Then I used
$2 Q in Sept. coupon booklet
- $4RR from last week
= $ .03
got back a $4RR for Improve & $2RR for Colgate

Transaction #2
1. 1 Improv $4.99
2.1 foil $ .69 (in ad)
3. tea $ .50 not in pic. I drank it!(in ad)
then I used $2 IP for Improv
then I used 2 $2RRs from last week
=$ .18
I got back $4RR for Improv

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