Thursday, September 16, 2010

OMG-HEB has a deal for me!

Are you ready for this? HEB has another great deal.....They are offering a $5 OYNO and 70 Boxtops when you buy 10 items that qualify for this deal. Thanks to Katy's Couponer's help, I went to HEB with a plan. I did this deal first.........
I bought 10 packs of Bisquick pancake mix for $ .71 each. I made sure each package had the boxtops seal on it.
Total =$7.10 cash OOP-then I got back these.........
Then I bought these items...............
4 Fruit gushers at $2 each, 4 Juicy Juice at $1.97 each, 1 bisquick pancake mix 4 .71, and 1 Delights mini's $1.66.  All of these are qualifying items for THE deal. HEB is offering a coupon deal for this week- buy a fruit gusher and get a juicy juice free! This deal is pretty sweet.
4 gushers $2 ea = $8
4 juices at $1.97=$7.88
1Bis. pancake mix=$ .71
1Delights mini-$1.66
-.50/2 q for the gushers
-.50/2 q for the gushers
- .75 q for the delights min
-$7.88 in qs for the juicy juice
-$5 OYNO Q
=$3.62 cash OOP (for $18.25 worth of goodies)
and then I got another...........
So today I spent $10.72 cash OOP for $25.35 worth of goodies and still have a $5OYNO Q (not to mention the box tops qs) I will be doing several more deals because this offer is good until October!
Thanks to Katy's Couponer's and Slick Deals! I'm working on some more great deal combinations. I just wish I would've known about this when it started!

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