Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday shopping at CVS

Thanks to Hermine, it was raining cats & dogs all day. I was driving home from a long day at work and saw a CVS. Since the rain had stopped (I thought), I ran in and was surprised to get a couple of good Qs from the coupon spitter outer. Wouldn't you know the Qs were good for only 1 day. I managed to find a decent deal and came home with 4 boxes of cereal  (2 fruit loops and 2 frosted mini wheats), 2 Sobe drinks, 2 Wisk detergents, package of the energy chews, and a As seen on TV  sure clip toe nail clipper set, all totally to about  $34.  I paid $6.35 cash OOP with my Qs and $1.99 in EBs. I got a $1.99 EB back for the energy chews.
My receipt said I saved $37.84 today. I think I figured out how they came up with that amount.  I added up what my total would have been without any items being on sale and my total was $43.90 minus what I paid before tax $6.06 and that equals $37.84.

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